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Good night
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If it’s getting dark outside, and you and your girlfriend are separated by a distance, wish her good night with a text message, thereby expressing to her your warm and sincere feelings.

When a long night comes to visit your friend, taking with her a feeling of loneliness as a gift, the girl will be glad to accept this simple and very romantic gesture from you, and you will be the first person she thinks about when the new day begins.

These are the 110 Good night wishes examples

From a date to a relationship with a girl

#1. Let your dreams be as sweet as your tender kiss, which I now remember. Good night, my Princess.

#2. Keep your pillow soft, your blanket warm, and your mind filled with thoughts of how much I love you. Good night, my love.

#3. Good night, beautiful. I wish that the soft twilight, wrapping your beautiful body in its arms, helped you get into the beautiful world of dreams.

#4. The stars in the night sky are the melody of the Universe, who has chosen to play for you a lullaby. Good night, my love.

#5. I Just wanted you to know that you are in my thoughts at night, during the day, always. Good night, honey, and sweet dreams.

#6. Good night, Queen of my life. I hug you hard and kiss you passionately.

#7. I imagine your beautiful eyes reading this message right now, and your delicate skin reflecting the muted light of your phone’s display that accidentally touches your silky hair. I’d like to be there for you. Good night.”

#8. soon the sunlight will mark the beginning of a new day, and I will be able to see you again. I can’t wait for this moment.

#9. The beauty of an impenetrable night can’t compare with the beauty of your dark eyes. Sweet dreams, beautiful.

#10. All I can think about tonight is the meeting I’m going to have with you. I miss you and kiss you.

#11. While the stars light up the night sky, my love for you fills me with happiness. Good night, the best girl in the world, and enjoy your dreams.

#12. How lucky I am to have such an incredible girl like you! Good night, my precious angel.

#13. Good night, my love. I’d really like to hug you now.

#14. Good night, honey. Love for you will make me fall asleep very quickly in order to wake up as soon as possible and see you again.

#15. I’ve been thinking about you all day today. Good night and pleasant dreams.

#16. I can’t sleep tonight without the memory of your gentle arms and sweet kisses. Good night, my true source of joy.

#17. Good night and a fantastic new day. Love.

#18. it’s hard to be away from you, and it’s impossible not to be bored. I wish you good night, and also ask you to accept my strong virtual hugs and hot air kiss.

#19. This evening has been wonderful, and you are very beautiful. Good night.”

#20. My bed misses you, and I miss you even more. Good night.

#21. My hands yearn to touch your body. Good night, my love.

#22. Now I remember our first night together, and I don’t even know if I’ll be able to sleep.

#23. it’s lonely Without you. Good night, the girl of my dreams.

#24. When I Wake up, my first thoughts are of you. And when I fall asleep, the last thing I think about is you. Let only beautiful romantic dreams visit you this night.

#25. The darkness of the night can’t hide my true feelings for you, and the brightness of daylight can’t obscure how much I want to be with you. Good night, my love.

#26. I was just fantasizing about you and me. Good night, patroness of my dreams.

#27. You are more beautiful than the most beautiful flowers, and your smile shines brighter than the brightest stars in the night sky. Good night, beautiful.

#28. It would be wonderful if you and I were in the same dream today. Sweet dreams, beautiful.

#29. Your perfume does not leave my mind. Good night.”

#30. Do you know what I did last night? I’ve been looking at your photos. You’re very beautiful. Good night.

#31. Now for me the most important thing is that your tonight is calm. Kisses.

#32. You are my motivation, a remedy for any adversity, and the most important reason to Wake up in the morning. Good night, honey.

#33. When I think of you, I smile. Good night, my love.

#34. When I close my eyes, I see our happy future together. Sweet dreams, honey.”

#35. Good night.” I wish I could touch you now.

#36. I can’t sleep without wishing you magical dreams. Good night, gorgeous girl.

#37. Without the darkness, we would not have seen the stars. Without the distance between us, I wouldn’t have been able to fully understand how much I miss you. Good night, my love.

#38. All I have to do to avoid bad dreams is to think about you. Good night.

#39. No matter that we are not together now, you are still there, because you are in my heart. Good night, my love.

#40. Today was a beautiful day, and the best part of it was you. Good night, the sunshine of my life.

#41. It’s so good that I have you, and it’s so bad that you’re not here right now. Good night, the heroine of my love story.

#42. Sleeping without feeling like you’re there is a real challenge for me. Good night.”

#43. the Brilliance of the stars in the night sky is nothing compared to the brilliance of your beautiful eyes. Sweet dreams, my angel.

#44. I can’t wait for the moment when I will again be able to put my hands on your shoulders. Good night.” I miss you.

#45. It is cold and lonely without you, but I am warmed by the memory of your unearthly beauty. Good night, beautiful.

#46. If I had a remote from life with a rewind button, I would rewind all the moments when you are not near me. Good night, I’ll see you soon.”

#47. Just the memory of holding your hand is enough to make me feel happy. Good night.

#48. Happy journey to the dream world, my love.

#49. My day today has been very difficult, and my only escape from difficult everyday life will be the approaching dream, in which I hope to see you. Good night, mistress of my dreams.

#50. I look forward to seeing your shining smile tomorrow because it’s the only thing that calms my soul. Good night, honey.

#51. Every day with you is an incredible adventure. Good night.

#52. Good night, the girl who drives me crazy.

#53. If I can’t sleep for a long time, I just imagine looking into your eyes, and I feel very good. Remembering you is my best remedy for anxiety. Good night, my Savior.

#54. My wildest dreams pale in comparison to the happy moments you give me when you and I are together. I miss you very much. Good night.”

#55. Let the night relieve you from all restless thoughts and give you the opportunity to see beautiful dreams. Good night.

#56. Good night, the only star of my life.

#57. I know it’s hard for you to sleep without me. Let this be the biggest trouble of your life. Good night.”

#58. Without you, the night seems empty. I miss our conversations before dawn. Good night.

#59. Being able to send you a message before going to bed warms my soul. Good night, honey.

#60. Every day you give me more reasons to fall in love with you. Sweet dreams, my love.

#61. I’m sure you’re beautiful when you sleep. Good night, the girl of mesmerizing beauty.

#62. This message is an official invitation for you to join me in my dreams. Good night, I look forward to seeing you soon.

#63. I can’t sleep without telling you how much I love you and miss you. Good night, my love.

#64. no distance can stop me from loving you! Good night and pleasant dreams.

#65. The best man wishes a good night to the best girl. Kisses.

#66. without food, a person can live for several weeks, and without you, it is difficult for me to live even one night. Beautiful dreams, my love.

#67. Good night. Let the journey to the Kingdom of dreams be fabulously pleasant.

#68. I wish I could turn into your pillow to touch your tender cheeks. Good night.

#69. I know that you are now sleeping in a room bathed in moonlight. I wish I could hold you and never let you go. Beautiful dreams for you.

#70. Even when I’m alone right now, thanks to you, I feel like I’m living my life to the fullest. Good night, my dear.

#71. My life freezes when you go to bed, and in the morning it is reborn again when you once again please me with your smile. Good night, my dear.

#72. Sweet dreams, beautiful Mademoiselle. Let the night’s silence be broken only by your measured breathing.

#73. I can’t stop thinking about you. Good night.”

#74. I can’t tell you how it feels to know that we are together, even when there is a distance between us. Good night, my love.

#75. The best moment in my life is when you’re around. Good night.”

#76. Millions of stars twinkle in the sky, but you are the only star shining in my heart. Good night.”

#77. As night falls, I miss you more and more. Enjoy your sleep and sweet dreams, my beauty.

#78. I am sending this message to encourage you to visit your beautiful dreams. Good night, kiss and love.

#79. As I gaze up into the dark night sky, lit by the seductive glare of the stars and the romantic glow of the moon, I think only of you. Good night.” Love.

#80. This text message is a guarantee letter, thanks to which you will have wonderful dreams, and you will Wake up with a smile on your face. All claims and wishes please send to your loving man accompanied by tender kisses and warm hugs. Good night, my love.

#81. In the morning you are my sun, which warms me with its warm rays, and at night you are the moon, which illuminates my dreams. Good night.”

#82. The dark night sky is the canvas on which I draw my dreams, imagining us together. Sweet dreams, beautiful.

#83. I would like to be the moon so that I can stand at your window and watch you all night. Good night, honey.

#84. When I think of what we did yesterday, my heart is filled with passion. And even if not today, we will definitely do it again. Good night.”

#85. My feelings for you are like a bright light that illuminates my path in the middle of the darkest night. Good night, my love.

#86. When things go from bad to worse in my life, I just remember that you are in it, and everything is fine again. Good night, the source of my happiness.

#87. I am not afraid of the dark, because thinking of you makes my night delightful and full of light. Sweet dreams, my sparkling superstar.

#88. I just wanted to remind you that there are places where a man in love with you is getting ready for bed. Good night, the treasure of my life.

#89. When you lay your head on the pillow, let my love cover you like a soft blanket. Good night, my love.

#90. I feel so good with you that when I Wake up, I can’t help but wonder if I’m still sleeping in this beautiful dream. Good night, the pearl of my heart.

#91. I’m sending you a message to make your night even more enjoyable. Sweet dreams, my precious.

#92. You are the Queen of my world, the bright star in the night sky of my life and the sunshine in my destiny. Love you. Good night.”

#93. Soon the sunlight will Wake up a new day, and we will be together again. I can’t wait. Good night.

#94. If a troubled dream tries to visit you, it will be mesmerized by your beauty, so don’t worry. Sleep well, beautiful.”

#95. There is no distance that prevents me from saying good night to you. Sweet dreams and a great mood in the morning.

#96. The person I think about before going to bed is the girl who is currently reading this text. I miss you very much, wish you a good night and bright dreams.

#97. You are so beautiful that even the sun, stars and moon envy you. Good night, beautiful.

#98. The Sun misses you, and the moon kisses you with its romantic light. Good night, honey. I love you during the day, and also from dusk to dawn.

#99. If love for you were outlawed, I would be the most dangerous criminal. Good night, my beloved.

#100. In this world, only three things are permanent: the sun, the moon, and my love for you. Good night, my Muse and my inspiration.

#101. The only weapon I need to overcome all the hardships of life is our love. Good night, my love.

#102. The most beautiful thing in this world is your eyes. Good night, fantastic girl.

#103. The radiance of your beauty outshines the stars in the night sky. Sweet dreams, decoration of my life.

#104. Do you know who’s reading this right now? The most beautiful, sweetest, most tender, smartest, best girl in the world. Good night, kiss and hug.

#105. You are beautiful, charming and unique. I can’t get enough of you even in my dreams. Good night, my love.

#106. Your voice fills me with energy, your beauty ignites a spark of passion in me, and your mind awakens my creative qualities. Good night, my main reason for getting up in the morning.

#107. Feelings can be controlled, but they can’t be stopped, even when you’re not around. Good night, hot babe.

#108. When I close my eyes, I see your beautiful face and your gorgeous figure. Sweet dreams, my love.

#109. I miss your sweet smile, the warmth of your body, your gentle voice. Good night, my soul mate.

#110. Every new day is the best day of my life because you are there. Good night, my love.

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