Visit to Rome: Top 10 mistakes of a tourist

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1. Accept gifts from strangers

Accept Gifts From Strangers

There are many unscrupulous people in Rome who will hand you “gifts for luck”. Afterward, they will demand money for this, and if you refuse to give them, you will hardly be able to avoid troubles.

2. Pay for everything

Pay For Everything

In some museums, there is a need to pay. But here also full of free attractions like the Vatican Museum and the Pantheon. A bad tone here is the desire to pay for the entrance everywhere.

3. Throw garbage on the street

Throw Garbage On The Street

If you do not have an urn near you, hold garbage in your hands until you see it. Local residents can easily quarrel with you and even threaten the police if you throw garbage on the ground.

4. To go to church in too frank clothes


If you are going to Rome, take with you some scarf or strict clothes. In many museums, churches and cultural places in the country, there is a dress code. In shorts or a top with an open navel, you will not be allowed to enter there.

5. Be inattentive

Be Inattentive

Always remember that there are many pocket thieves in Rome, especially in public transport. When traveling, in queues and crowded places, always keep a backpack in your hands, otherwise, they will pull out of it the last shirt.

6. To eat the tourist menu

To Eat The Tourist Menu

This menu is specially designed for visiting tourists. If you want to taste the real taste of Italian cuisine, then find some place where local people sit mostly.

7. Bathe in the fountains

Bathe In The Fountains

The inhabitants of Rome know perfectly well that you can not swim in fountains, even lower your legs. This is prohibited by law, and local people believe that a visitor will insult the country if it is bathed in a fountain.

8. Keep money in an easily accessible place

Keep Money In An Easily Accessible Place

Small Roman thieves are very fond of stealing a wallet in the back pocket of a backpack, where it is very often put by trusting tourists. Documents and money must be carefully hidden so as not to lose everything.

9. Buy a ticket for one trip

Buy A Ticket For One Trip

One ticket gives an opportunity once to pass in the underground or 75 minutes – by the bus. A three-day or seven-day ticket, in this case, is much more convenient since it helps to economically see the whole city.

10. Throw coins in all fountains

Throw Coins In All Fountains

Local residents argue that throwing a coin is needed only in the Trevi Fountain, which fulfills the desire. They do not understand why visitors throw coins into all the fountains in a row.

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