How to create a beautiful curls with a diffuser within 5 minutes?

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Every girl loves change: today – straight and smooth hair, and tomorrow – light and elastic curls. It’s good that new styling tools and special attachments come to our rescue. Which ones are we talking about? All the secrets are already in the article.

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The diffuser is one of the main attachments to a hairdryer, which is often included in the kit. Many, unknowingly, throw it away as an unnecessary thing. It is in vain because this detail can help in creating natural “beach” waves or WOW-volume for fine hair.

If you do not have such a nozzle, we have prepared a review of hair styling products, with which you do not need a hair dryer or an iron.

How does it work?

Diffuser distributes air through all hair. As you may have noticed, there are small teeth on the roundness of the nozzle. When we dry our heads, curls pass through them, which gives additional volume and careless waves. Step-by-step mechanics are simple. First, you need to wash your hair using your favorite shampoo, then – lightly dry it with a towel. The next item is drying with a diffuser in combination with round brushing (round comb). Secure the styling varnish. In fact, you can not use a comb, and help fingers, as if ruffling.

Styling products to create curls

Is it possible to make beautiful careless curls without using a hair dryer or ironing? Of course. The first thing to do is to choose the right shampoo. Please note: nourishing and moisturizing beauty products will smooth the structure.

Curl Protecting shampoo

Shampoo Curl Protecting Shampoo

Shampoo from the brand Beaver has a soft formula that gives curls of elasticity and elasticity. It will emphasize curls and prevent dry hair. It is necessary to apply means twice.

After applying the shampoo, you need to “give your hair time.” Lightly dry them with a towel and do not brush them. After 10-15 minutes, apply a special spray.

Syoss Air Dry Curl

Syoss Air Dry Curl

The spray does not weigh down thin hair at all and helps to emphasize natural curls. Apply at full length and allow to dry (the hair dryer cannot be used). Does not leave a sticky finish.

In addition to the spray, you can use mousse or cream, but there is a small minus. Such products can strongly nourish and moisturize hair, especially thin and damaged. Thus, they become heavier, but we do not need it.

Ready to try? Please comment down your opinions.

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