Mocha hair color: amazing options for staining

Mocha hair color

Mocha hair color: Spring is the time when you want to change something. Start with fashionable hair dye!

Hair color can transform your appearance: hide some points and focus on certain areas. Therefore, it is important to choose a shade that will harmonize with your image. Combine coloring with a fashionable haircut and other trends of the season.

Mocha hair color – different options for staining:

We decided to tell you about the important details that will help determine the color of the hair.

Mocha is one of the popular types of coffee (arabica type).

Mocha is a shade of brown color. It differs from others in softness and depth. This hair color may be lighter or darker. The secret moment: add highlights or highlights. This will make the coloring more interesting!

Mocha is one of the popular varieties of coffee

Mocha is one of the popular varieties of coffee

Mocha is one of the popular varieties of coffee

Bright mocha resembles milk chocolate. This color will suit many. It all depends on a warm or cold subtone. For example, classic, nutty, golden, bronze tint.

Light mocha

How to choose your undertone? Consider the features of your color type (skin and eye color). For example, girls with brown eyes and dark skin – a dark shade of hair with amber (warm) glow. It is quite simple to choose paint because brands “give” hints even in names. One option is chocolate or golden mocha.



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