These 4 crystals help amazingly in insomnia

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If you have trouble sleeping, you are hard asleep and you are constantly waking up, you have certainly already tested a lot of methods of dealing with insomnia. They did not help? In that case, try lithotherapy, i.e. stone therapy.

To get their beneficial power in the treatment of insomnia, keep the crystals listed below with you. You can put them under a pillow or mattress, put on a bedside table or window sill in the bedroom, and also wear in the form of jewelry during the day.

These are the crystals which help in insomnia:

1. A mountain crystal

This transparent quartz has the strength to calm the mind and stop the race of thought that makes it difficult to fall asleep at night. If your sleep problems arise from anxiety, stress or over-analysis, the mountain crystal is the perfect choice for you.

2. Smoky quartz

It’s a crystal whose main property is protected against negative energy. If your problems arise from the fact that you are in conflict with someone, you feel threatened or uncertain tomorrow, you have to fight with some opponents, his power will affect you like a shield. Smoky quartz reflects all attacks, making you safe and calm.

3. Amethyst

This beautiful purple stone works like an amulet, no matter what kind of problems you are plagued with. Amethyst can protect a person possessing it from negative energy, relieve pain, reduce health problems. It is recommended for people suffering from anxiety and depression, helping to get rid of debilitating addictions. It calms, calms down and allows the body to regenerate.

4. Moonstone

Moonstone is considered one of the most powerful crystals associated with energy purification. When you carry it with you, you can count on your fears, worries, unpleasant thoughts and fears to dissolve. This stone cleanses the mind and allows you to look at everything from a distance.

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