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No wonder they say that health depends on teeth. If they’re not suffering the stomach and even the heart. Proper dental care begins with hygiene. You need to clean them 2 times a day, after eating rinse your mouth. Less sugar and starch is another important recommendation to caries arise less frequently. And again, for the teeth are very harmful snacking. Because, as a rule, between the food, we buy all sorts of harm like bars, not vegetables and fruits. Replace the chocolate on the bananas, apples and cucumbers for afternoon tea suitable kefir or yogurt.

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What can I do about sensitive teeth? The secret is in choosing the right toothpaste

Teeth become more sensitive with age. If you come across this, then choose a special paste to remove sensitivity. But do not forget that hyperesthesia (that’s what doctors call it) can be a sign of caries or nerve inflammation. If you often have caries, ask your dentist to use sealants to chew the surface of your teeth. They will close the fissures – natural grooves in which plaque accumulates and caries forms faster. We recommend sealing the fissures for children in baby teeth.

Sensitive Teeth

How to eat to keep our teeth healthy?

When we eat a lot of sweets, plaque forms on the teeth, which leads to the destruction of enamel. All because of the bacteria – the cause of caries. Add more calcium to the menu, do not give up dairy products. In addition to milk, calcium is plentiful in sesame, greens and sardines. Carrots and apples, if you eat them without cutting, but biting with your teeth, will be very useful for strengthening the gums.

Teeth don’t like:

  • sweets;
  •  cakes;
  •  crackers;
  •  chips;
  •  raisins.

After you treat yourself sweet, rinse your mouth or brush your teeth. Council A soft brush does not fit, just like a rough one: the first one doesn’t scrub, the second one scratches enamel. The ideal toothbrush medium hardness. It is necessary to change a toothbrush 1 time in 2 months and after each ORVI.

Gum Care

It is useful to train yourself 4 times a week to rinse your mouth with the decoction of herbs. They restore inflamed gum areas well. Also, this rinse disinfects teeth and prevents the occurrence of caries.

Take 1 tbsp spoon of sage leaves, chamomile flowers, peppermint and pour 0.5 liters of boiling water in a thermos. After 15 minutes, pour into a jar or mug and let cool to room temperature, strain and rinse your mouth.

To rinse your mouth after eating, to prevent gum disease, your mouth is rinsed with a solution that resembles sea water. To usual warm water (150-200 ml) add usual salt (1 tsp), iodine (2-3 drops), and a little baking soda – on a tip of a teaspoon, all agitate – the solution is ready.

You can rinse your mouth with parsley leaves (1 tablespoon a glass of water). They need to pour boiling water and let it brew. Rinse your mouth with olive, eucalyptus and tea tree oil. They all fight bacteria.


What to do with periodontitis?

Once you noticed that the gums began to bleed and an unpleasant smell came from your mouth? This is periodontitis.

Common causes of gum disease:

  1. Poor hygiene;
  2. Heredity;
  3. Diabetes mellitus;
  4. Taking anti-depressants (reduces salivation, teeth faster-formed plaque and Tartar).

If you have bleeding gums or gum pockets, the dentist will advise you to do a professional tooth cleaning with ultrasound and prescribe local antibiotics in the form of gels and ointments. If you have diabetes, get referral to an endocrinologist and monitor blood sugar levels.

Do not forget about dental floss

A good helper in cleansing the oral cavity is dental floss. Use floss as follows: pull out about 50 cm of floss from the cassette. Wind the end of the thread on the middle finger, leaving a length of 2.5 cm left free. Start brushing the upper teeth, then move to the lower ones. Swipe the floss several times up and down the side of the tooth. Clean all gaps between teeth.

If you are not sure that you can brush your teeth with high quality, get an electric toothbrush. To keep your teeth from getting sick, pay attention to the antibacterial activity of the toothpaste you are using. In addition, use rinse – they will clean the teeth there, where the toothbrush can not get. If you wear braces, use an irrigator and a brush. The irrigator is good because it has a therapeutic massage effect, preventing gum disease.

Don'T Forget To Floss

And yet: do not abuse the teeth whitening, it weakens the enamel. Paradoxically, the darker the enamel of the teeth, the stronger. You can do the bleaching procedure on the eve of an important event. In most cases, everyday brushing and flossing are enough for the beauty of the teeth.

Be attentive to yourself – gum disease has 70% of the world’s population, and in developed countries more people with periodontal disease. This is explained by the fact that in the diet, for example, African people have more plant food. The poor ecology of the metropolis weakens the immune system, the bacteria in the mouth begin to multiply rapidly. Not only sweet but also too soft food has a bad effect on the gums. Teeth care is just as important as hair, clothes and shoes.

Watch your pearls, do not bite through your teeth caramel, strings, nuts. Otherwise, even a crown of a perfectly healthy tooth may break.

Do I need to clean the tongue?

Leading Expert at Colgate Sensitive Pro-Relief, Dentist, Ph.D. Tikhon Akimov, assures that when brushing your teeth you should not forget about the language. It is there that the largest number of bacteria accumulates. Buy a brush that has a special tongue cleaner on the back side.

What if I have a fear of dentists?

This condition is familiar to many, in medicine, it is called dentophobia. It happens that people suffering from toothache try to treat the teeth themselves with herbs and even fill them. Their fear is panic in nature, maybe even loss of consciousness. This is very different than most people who are just a little worried before dental treatment. Dentophobia cannot control their fear, they even claim that the pain has already passed. If caries is not treated, it can lead to tooth loss.

Causes of Dentophobia:

  • Low pain threshold;
  • The negative experience of visiting the dentist in the past.

Need to work with a psychologist, especially if there was an unsuccessful visit to the dentist in childhood. It happens that the reason for fear of dental treatment is shame: a person has too much of his health and is embarrassed. In women, it is less common, yet we go to many things for the sake of beauty, but there are exceptions to this rule.

If you want to completely get rid of fear on your own, then ask a friend or relative to be present during dental treatment. You are not alone in your problem. Approximately every 6 people are very anxious when visiting a dentist. Yes, this behavior is very difficult to explain logically. However, control of fear does not work. As a result, the heart, throat, and stomach suffer. A diseased tooth is a source of chronic infection.

The most serious violations in the neglected state of the teeth arise from the immune system. Perhaps the appearance of autoimmune reactions. Bring your toothbrush and floss to work. If you have braces installed, visit a regular dental hygienist for professional oral cleaning. It is made by soda, ultrasound or a combination of both.

Brush Teeth

How to help your child not to be afraid to treat the teeth?

It is even more difficult with children because they do not understand how dangerous it is not to treat the teeth on time. The first contact with the dentist is very important. Go responsibly to the choice of a dentist, give preference to a specialist in pediatric dentistry. It is better to distract the child during the inspection. Well, if the clinic has toys or the opportunity to see a cartoon.

For dentists with a problem of dentistry, dentists suggest performing any dental procedures under sedation. This method allows the patient to calm down completely. You can reduce the likelihood of caries in a child by giving him less sweets and sour fruits and berries. But still, visit the dentist 2-3 times a year. Let the child’s menu will always be dairy products, beans (not only very young children), eggs and apples.

A snow-white smile is associated with health, youth, and wealth. In the old days, the endurance and strength of a person, his ability to become a worthy successor of the family were determined by teeth. If you do not pay proper attention to the oral cavity, you can get sick. And you can hardly guess what caused caries. A dental visit for prophylaxis is a good annual habit. In many clinics, inspection is free.

The importance of the first visit to the dentist

For the first time visit, a pediatric dentist should be as early as 9 months. Just by this moment, the first tooth was already cut. And quite often you can observe at this age such an unpleasant phenomenon as bottle caries. After the first visit, you can schedule a second visit at 2.5 years of age. Then the dentist is visited every six months, but if you see that the teeth deteriorate, you need to see a doctor more often. At the age of 4, it is important not to miss bite disorders, they are treated much better when there are no permanent teeth yet.

At 2.5, the child is already clearly aware of what is happening in the chair, so it is important to prepare the baby. Find the animated film I Have Clean Teeth. You can’t say phrases like: “They won’t do anything with you.” The child will no longer trust you. Take your favorite toy to the clinic. It will relax and distract the child. Or take with you a warm blanket or blanket.

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