Beauty dictionary: what is primer?

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A primer is a tool that prepares the skin for the application of decorative tools. It performs several functions at once. All the secrets are already in the article!

Primer is one of the beauty products that provide good adhesion of all other cosmetics. Makeup better “keeps” and does not roll. Manufacturers are constantly updating the formula and add various valuable components that care for the skin and not only.

It is used for the skin of the face, for eyelids, lips, eyelashes and even the preparation of the nail plate. Disassemble all the nuances?

Face primer

It is for the face smoothes the skin’s relief, hides imperfections and regulates the sebaceous glands. All tools have a different texture. Matte (light) is perfect for combination and oily skin, and moisturizing (cream) will nourish dry. It may contain additional components that will affect certain problems. For example, mask redness or dark circles.

Use a primer under or on the texture of your favorite cream!

The composition may be pearl Shimmer, which gives a shiny finish. Such a beauty product can replace the window of a light texture. Please note that these products may make your makeup a little heavier. Study the composition, because some components can harm the skin. For example, alcohol.

Editors’ Choice – Gosh Primer Plus +

Gosh Primer Plus+

Foundation under makeup, which evens the skin relief and makes fine wrinkles less noticeable (works like a filler). Apply under or on the texture of your favorite cream.

Lips primer

It is a foundation that helps smooth the surface and make applying lipstick or gloss more comfortable. In addition, the color becomes bright, and the contour is visually puffier.

NYX Professional Makeup Cosmetics Lips Primer

Nyx Professional Makeup Cosmetics Lip Primer

The neutral color allows you to quietly correct the contour line of your lips. This tool will make the texture resistant throughout the day.

Eyelash primer

Expressive eyelashes with one beauty tool. Apply for a few minutes and then use mascara. Some formulas contain nutrients that care for hair and promote growth.

The basis for eyelashes from GOSH

The Basis For The Eyelashes From Gosh

The basis for eyelashes gives volume and density to eyelashes. In addition, mascara is well distributed and does not leave lumps.

Eye Primer

This is a must-have tool in any girl’s cosmetics bag. It captures the texture and adds intensity to the pigment. Shadows keep much better and do not roll into lumps.

Shadow by Mary Kay

Shadow From Mary Kay

The product has a waterproof formula. Suitable for all skin types. The foundation for your eyelids will make your eye makeup perfect.

Nail primer

This tool, which decreases, protects the nail plate, fills irregularities (does not allow chemical components to penetrate inside) and improves the pigment adhesion. Apply the product on natural nails, then use the base. It has a very liquid texture (like water).

Primer For Nails

Are you using any of this? Please comment down.

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