How to break up with a girl? 20 tips

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Break Up

Break up with a girl: As you know, the separation of a man and a woman is always given hard, even for someone who decided to put an end to the relationship. This is one of the few times when we consciously say something that makes another one go crazy. That’s just terrible.

Such a situation seems inhuman. How to get around such unpleasant scenes? How to part with a girl who treats you with trepidation and love without hurting her? The answer is quite simple: make her break up with you.

Relieve yourself of responsibility to get rid of guilt. Turn yourself into a victim, albeit imaginary, leave her pride not hurt resentment. With the help of some tricks, you can easily push the girl to her own sink.

How can this be achieved? You probably think that something really terrible needs to be done to make the girl leave you – to deceive her or break her heart.

This is not true. Do not waste effort on something that may not work.

Women are strange, and love is stubborn. Undermined trust and ruined self-esteem may not stop a girl in love with you. Having broken the girl’s heart, you risk that she will be unhappy for a very long time. Do you need it?

Take a different approach to throw the girl. The surest way to part with a girl is to start annoying her.

How to break up with a girl?

1. Become disgusting

Although differences in gender behavior are somewhat aligned, there are many things that women cannot tolerate. These include some tools that you can take into service, for example, blow your nose or engage in burping in the presence of a girl.

Why not scratch your ass and then gently stroke your companion’s hair?

She will never want to be with you again. A further break will occur spontaneously.

2. Verbal repeated nonsense

Ask the girl once: “Do I use the word“ cool ”too often? Then repeat the word “cool” all the time, in each sentence, dozens of times a day.

Soon she will not be able to spend a single minute in your company.

3. Become a tyrant

To break up with a girl, stop trying to be flexible and start chatting with a friend, like the head of a subordinate. Be tough, demanding and unbearable.

By the way, as a bonus, you will get a lot of explosive emotions in the first couple. Then, one day, the girl will wake up and run away from your life.

4. Use her parents

When, for example, you have dinner with her parents, wait until the girl speaks, and then catch her mother’s eyes and, rolling her eyes, ask, “Is she always like that?” Then start laughing.

When you and the girl will go in the car, tell her: “you so fat (ugly, strange, bad) mother. I hope with it you won’t be.”

At the next traffic light, you are pushed out of the car.

5. Dance enthusiastically when no one is dancing

At parties, shout “Hey you all, let’s dance!”

Be the first to get to the wedding dance floor ahead of the bride and groom.

Organize the dance train at the bar. It’ll be fun the first time. Well then…

Then you will dance alone away from the girl.

6. Cry after a passionate night together

Even better if you cry during physical intimacy. Enter into a state of powerful unceasing sobbing.

For the first time, the girl is likely to calm you down with loving words.

The second time, she nervously asks: “Are you all right?”.

The third time you wake up, and there will be no one near.

7. Become greedy

It’s a stunningly effective way to break up with a girl, making herself unattractive in her eyes.

Buy gifts for birthday at a petrol station.

Don’t spend more than $ 50 during a joint with the girl vacation.

Of course, if you have little money, this method will not work.

Start saving money on a girl, while buying expensive designer clothes and lots of computer games. The girl herself decides to part with you.

8. Don’t listen to the girl

When she talks about something important, get thee to himself. Answer improperly to show that you’re not paying attention: “Hmm, what a pity” when she shares the good news and “Oh well” when the girl had trouble.

Don’t be afraid to leave the room in the middle of a conversation, as if you think a friend has been talking.

If she cries, hug the girl while checking the results of football matches on your smartphone.

Such behavior will soon push her into the arms of a more friendly and attentive person.

9. Establish communication with her friends

If you think that you can break up with a girl, throwing anger at her friends, you are mistaken. She hates her friends. The ruder you are to them, the more the girl will adore you.

Speak favorably about her friends, tell the girl that her friend Lenka beautiful. Your companion will Express disapproval or even anger.

Get in touch with her friends, get their contacts, send them a cheerful message.

If a girl leaves for a weekend, hang out with her friends. Tell her how cool you had a great time.

The girl will tell you that she’s very excited about it. Then she will dump you and tell friends that they’ll never communicate.

10. Be boring in the companies

If you want to know how to break up with a girl, you become boring in the joint companies.

Do not have to be a wallflower, because such behavior may seem to your girlfriend attractive.

No, say it as often and much as possible. Tell unfunny jokes, tell stories about people that nobody knows.

Soon, the girl realizes that in companies with her you are superfluous.

11. Be boring, being with the girl alone

The key to this is the statement of known facts, but it seems like your understanding of these problems is new and special. In short, become a captain-obvious.

Don’t forget to say that the weather is always bad during the holidays, and the world is too dependent on technology.

To Express such a phrase is not during communication with the girl, and, for example, when she watches a favorite television program or reading a book.

Such behavior is quickly enough to convince her that she desperately needs you, or rather your lack of it.

12. Start by taking a long bath with a fluffy foam

A man taking a long bath with foam must guard the girl.

Stop watching Boxing and football. Instead, fill the tub with bubbles, put around candles, put on some stupid slow songs.

Early in the mud, later your water quirks get to her subconscious.

13. Drinking alcoholic beverages, get drunk in the trash

Drink alcohol, not stopping, until it becomes difficult to move.

In bed feel her up good and put belching at crucial moments. Then fall asleep during making love and start to snore loudly.

The girl will soon leave you to get your liver in shape.

14. Be picky with food

How to break up with a girl? Tell her constantly that she doesn’t cook well.

Tell her that you became a vegetarian. Then insist that you don’t eat carrots, mushrooms or any salad prepared by her because you don’t like him.

Ask her why she put on the table bread if the last time you have a rye Allergy.

Soon you will eat bread because the girl will disappear from your life.

15. Show interest in her diet

When a girl makes herself a sandwich, bite off half of it.

If you’re in a restaurant, eat some goodies from her plate.

Be the jerk that infuriates her.

16. Come up with her stupid nickname

Begin to call the girl “my darling cow” or “pretty granny.”.

Call girl false names when speaking to her.

Soon you will become great friends. Friends who despise each other.

17. Criticize her clothes and appearance

What a stupid dress on your friend and how bad it is for her. And you’re right if you want to break up with a girl.

What happened to her hair and why she is so similar to the ruffled lion?

What a terrible nail Polish, just beyond words.

You will not forgive any woman.

18. Surprise a girl with cultural tastes

Immerse yourself in the work of Justin Bieber. Paste posters of this notorious singer in your room.

Start reading novels by authors from Jordan.

A little later, when the girl decides that you are a harmless nerd for her life, take an interest in Vitali Klitschko’s memoirs.

19. Classic

To break up with a girl, stop wasting your time on it. Be constantly busy with other, more important things. Tell her that you’ve got plenty of more important things.

Enough to help the girl and solve her problems. When something happened to her, say that you are tired and you need to sleep.

Stop answering all phone calls and forget to call back.

Let me know what I can’t come to her birthday party because you have planned a trip to another city.

Know only yourself and forget about the girl. It will not be long before another candidate takes an empty place in the heart of your girlfriend.

20. Last option

Sit nearby. Tell the girl with respect and calm that she is wonderful, but you will not succeed in developing a relationship with her. Talk with your friend as long as she wants it.

Hug her if she cries. Answer honestly all her questions. Promise if possible to be near if she needs you. Behave like a man. Perhaps this is the best way to part with a girl.

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