10 ways to help homeless animals

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Many people thoughtlessly get animals. A small kitten or puppy causes emotion, it seems that the animal will always be so cute. When the animal grows up, it becomes unnecessary. Hundreds of abandoned animals end up on the street at the mercy of people.

They multiply, there are more and more of them every day. Most of them die of starvation and disease, some are hit by cars, some fall into the hands of knackers. The “lucky ones” continue to wander around the city in search of food.

Of course, all this is very sad, but anyone can change the situation. Many will shrug it off and say, ” You can’t help everyone.” Maybe, but every life saved is priceless. Think that you can change someone’s world, let it be the world of a small kitten or an old dog.

Helping animals is not easy, and volunteers face suffering and grief every day. But there is also enough joy in their lives. If you are at the very beginning of your journey and want to help, but don’t know how? then this article will help you.

These are the 10 ways to help homeless animals

1. Exhibitions of homeless animals

Exhibitions Of Homeless Animals

You can help at animal shows. People are always needed there, too. If you have any talents, you can offer your services. At such events, they usually organize charity concerts, fairs, draw cartoons, take photos, and do makeup. All proceeds are transferred to the volunteer organization.

If you don’t know how to do anything, you can still help. Animals need to be delivered to the exhibition, taken back. If you want to help, please contact the volunteers who organize the exhibition, you will not be left without work. Do not be afraid of work, think about the joy you will experience when the animal you helped goes to its new home.

2. Help survive a harsh period

Help Survive A Harsh Period

It is especially hard for animals in winter. If you can’t help (or don’t want to), at least help the animal survive the harsh period. If there are severe frosts outside, feed the animal and let it enter the entrance. However, there is a high risk that it will soon be expelled. It will be better if you let it spend the night on a rug in the hallway of your apartment.

In the summer, animals often die of dehydration, but people do not even think about it, throw them bread and think “not hungry”. Carry a bottle of water in your bag and some kind of jar, a plate in which you can pour water. It won’t take you much time and effort, but it will save someone’s life.

3. Assist shelters

Provide Assistance To Shelters

Visiting orphanages is a good way to help. There’s always enough work to do there. You can walk with dogs, clean cages, feed, help with the transportation of sick animals. Of course, this job is not for the squeamish, usually, such people do not come here. By the way, this is a great idea to spend the weekend. If you have children, you can take them with you, they will be happy to walk with the dogs. You can invite your friends, and the time will be well spent.

4. Become a volunteer

Become A Volunteer

If you want to get serious about helping homeless animals, welcome to our volunteer organization. These people help animals selflessly, they negotiate with clinics, pay for treatment, organize fees, charity events, post information about animals on the web and in print publications. You can contact them with any questions.

This is a big responsibility. As noted above, this is very difficult. Not all animals can be helped. There are not many such people, but they are there and we can say that “everything is based on them”.

5. Find a new home

Find A New Home

If the search for the old owner was not successful, then you need to start looking for a new one. Do the same as when searching for the previous owner. Beautiful photos will increase the chances, you can quickly attach the animal. Still, do not give the animal to the first people you see. It happens that animals are taken for certain purposes: for baiting, Satanic rituals.

There are more than enough mentally disturbed people in every city. Talk to the person, find out where the animal will live, with whom. Usually, after some time, volunteers check whether everything is in order with the animal, whether the new owners provide it with proper care.

6. Find the old owner

Find The Old Owner

Before looking for a new owner for an animal, you should try to find the old one. It happens that dogs run away from a walk, cats jump out of windows, many animals disappear when moving. People hope that the pet will return, they are looking for it. If the animal looks good, most likely it is a pet and has recently been lost, shelter it. Take a picture of the animal, place ads on the Internet.

Be sure to print out and post ads in the area where the animal was found. Not all people use the Internet. Even if the animal has been wandering for a long time, there is still a chance to find an old owner. There is always a place for miracles in life, some animals are found in a year, two, three-when the owners lose their last hope.

7. Take an animal from a shelter

Take An Animal From A Shelter

If you want to help homeless animals, take a friend from a shelter. This is the easiest way to change someone’s life for the better. Recently, it has become fashionable to get purebred dogs and cats, people buy them, spend a lot of money, and unnecessary mongrels die on the street. Is an ordinary cat worse than a Scottish fold?

Will a pet terrier love you less than a husky? In shelters, you can meet not only ordinary cats and dogs but also pedigreed ones. People are willing to take them, but most often these animals have serious health problems, not for nothing that they were abandoned. By the way, it has long been known that mongrel cats and dogs have better health than purebred ones.

8. Sterilization


Another effective method. Every owner must sterilize their pet, this does not apply to stray animals, no one deals with them. So they multiply, they become more and more. There is a way out: animals picked up from the street must be spayed or neutered. It doesn’t matter if there is a master for it, the important thing is that the animal can no longer have offspring.

Volunteer organizations often practice return sterilization. The animal is taken from the street, sterilized, and placed for overexposure. If the owner is not present for a certain time, or the animal has problems with socialization, it is returned to the street. It may be cruel, but the number of stray animals will decrease.

9. Take the animal to the doctor

Take The Animal To The Doctor

Each animal needs to be examined by a doctor. Remember this before taking someone off the street, especially if you already have four-legged friends at home. They can have health problems, be contagious to your animals. If you see that the animal is not in good health, the animal is lying down, does not get up, does not react to food, it has visible signs of illness or injury, it must be taken to a doctor.

Many clinics cooperate with volunteer organizations, and they can pay for part of the treatment. But be prepared for the fact that you may not be accepted there. Still, do not leave the beast in trouble, take it to the clinic. If possible, pay for part of the treatment. Some people do this, they can not take the animal to themselves, but visit it, help, and look for its owner.

10. Take it or attach it for overexposure

Take It Or Attach It For Overexposure

To find a home for a stray animal, first of all, you need to find an overexposure temporary home. If the animal lives on the street, the chances of finding the owner are minimal. It has an unattractive appearance, health problems, it is not known whether the animal is friends with the tray, whether it tolerates walking.

Animals that are overexposed have much better chances. As a rule, this is a healthy animal, clean, treated for fleas and worms. If you see a stray animal, take it for overexposure. If this is not possible for several reasons, find someone who can. In any city, there are volunteer organizations that help animals. If there are more than enough animals in need of overexposure, take at least one.

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