What to give a girl? Amazing Tips of 2019

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What To Give A Girl

Each guy is interested in knowing what to give a girl.

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Perhaps your friend’s birthday is approaching, March 8, Valentine’s day, the anniversary of your life together, or maybe the girl is so cool that you don’t need a reason.

Sometimes when men begin to think about what to give to a girl, their head may resemble an empty room that is not upholstered with felt.

In this article, we are going to discuss various ideas on how to make the girl a great gift, and the celebration stunning and memorable.

1. What to give a girl



A classic of all time, which will always be relevant.

Do not forget that in case of a serious celebration, flowers are just an addition to the main gift.

Candy bouquet

Candy Bouquet

Such a gift will become not only beautiful and pleasant for your girl, but also surprisingly tasty.

Gift basket

Gift Basket

A gift basket is a great option if you are not sure what to give a girl. It is actually a basket containing many different gifts. The girl will be pleased to receive a gift basket for her birthday or for any other event.

There are two approaches to making a gift basket. Firstly, you can do it yourself, and secondly, you have the opportunity to just buy it in a store, which is best for those who do not have enough imagination or excess time.



Women’s accessories include jewelry (various bracelets, necklaces, beads, rings, earrings, brooches and hairpins), scarves, bags.

Any girl on this planet loves accessories. If you doubt it, go to a place full of women and scream, “I will present a diamond ring to the girl who comes first to me.” As a result, a crowd of girls will simply jump on you.

Moreover, every time your girlfriend wears one of the accessories that you donated, she will definitely think about you.

Women just go crazy with accessories, so such a gift to a girl would be a great choice.

Clothes and shoes

Clothes And Shoes

A beautiful woman should wear beautiful clothes.

If you don’t have enough time left to figure out what to give the girl, buy something from clothes (for example, a beautiful dress) or shoes because your girlfriend will definitely like it.

In this case, of course, you should be sure that your gift to the girl will sit and look good on her.

Remedies for skincare

Remedies For Skin Care

The vast majority of girls take care of their skin. I think that your girlfriend is no exception. If so, why not give her skincare products.

In addition, such a gift can be issued in the form of a kit for skincare or a gift basket.



Girls can not imagine their life without makeup. If you ask any girl to open her purse, you will surely guess what is in it, if you assume that there is makeup there.

If you are wondering what to give a girl, cosmetics are a hit in the top ten.

There is one caveat. If you do not know about the preferences of your girlfriend, a gift in the form of cosmetics may not suit her.

Toilet water

Toilet Water

Toilet water will be a not only pleasant but also very useful gift for any girl.



Perhaps not the most romantic gift, however, the watch will certainly become a useful and beautiful addition to the appearance of your girl.

Feminine style gadgets

Feminine Style Gadgets

Today, women love various gadgets as well as men.

Are available in a variety of expressive and colorful smartphones, cases for smartphones (for example, a case with a mirror that turns the smartphone into a pocket mirror), headphones, electronic gadgets for fitness and much more.

If your girlfriend is a gadget lover, you know what to give a girl.

Handbag or clutch bag

Handbag Or Clutch Bag

Unlike guys, girls usually don’t have pockets that can contain everything that should be at hand.

Any girl who leaves the house will carry a purse or clutch bag. Girls carry a lot of things with them, so such a gift will certainly come in handy.

In addition, a good gift for girls will be the purse, which probably your girlfriend will use every day.

Gift certificate

Gift Certificate

If you don’t know what to give a girl, think about the gift certificate.

You can find a lot of gift certificates that will fit your budget. Having a gift certificate, the girl will be able to choose what is more suitable.

You can give a certificate to a shopping center, beauty salon or spa.

2. Creative gifts for a girl

Every man is interested in a unique gift for a girl. Why not make a note in which you write why you want to wish your girlfriend a better birthday.

You can write romantically or with humor, for example:

  1. I want to wish you the best birthday because every year makes you beautiful.
  2. Because I noticed that with every year you become more romantic.
  3. Because you are the one with whom I can spend my entire monthly salary for your smile.

This way you can come up with your own reasons. Just sit down, armed with a pen and paper, and write down every reason that comes to mind for an hour.

Time spent in a special place

Time Spent In A Special Place

Do you remember where you met in the beginning of your relationship? On the beach, in the theater or in the wild? Take a minute and think about it, because it’s a good idea to spend time with a girl in a special place where you first met.

Believe me, it will be a memorable surprise for your girlfriend. She will be very touched and happy to spend the day in a place that is associated with so many memories.

Romantic trip

Romantic Trip

Give the girl time with you away from worldly fuss. The trip will give the girl the opportunity to relax from the daily monotony and spend time with you in a more relaxed atmosphere.

This can be a train ride, a weekend spent in a cottage or abroad. The idea is to just run away together.

Week of birth

Week Of Birth

Down with the stereotypes. What is a birthday? We declare it the Week of Birth.

Each of the six days before the birthday girl you will devote to different subjects. Chocolate day, hug day, a day of kisses, sports day, etc. Each of those days you can accompany surprises and gifts.

The girl will be very happy and believe me, she will never forget this week for the rest of her life.

Romantic surprise

Romantic Surprise

What to give a girl? Leave in the morning with a bouquet of flowers at the door, or send flowers, chocolates and a card in the mail.

This is very nice and the girl will be incredibly happy.

Creative gift

Creative Gift

You can give the girl many different gifts, but not all of them will remain in her memory forever.

To break out of the chains of mediocrity, devote a song or dance in your own performance to your girlfriend. You can come up with many other original ideas. With this gift, you will greatly impress the girl.

A room full of balloons

A Room Full Of Balloons

You can impress a girl if, returning home, she sees her room in a new look, because she will be packed full of balloons to failure.

3. Customized Gifts

A collage of photos

A Collage Of Photos

This is the easiest gift you can give to a girl, making it with the least effort. But believe me, this gift is one of the most memorable.

To create a collage you will need pictures of the girl, her close friends, relatives and of course you. Download all photos from a page your friend on social network photos of her friends and family members.

Men by nature are lazy, so let’s go to the trick. Go to the Print Studio and order a photo collage that can be made during the day.

Printed Coffee Mug

Coffee Mug With Printing

Such a gift is also very easy to make. To do this, you need only a few photos and congratulatory quotes.

Be creative, witty, and romantic when ordering prints on a coffee mug.

Exclusive card

Exclusive Card

Similar to the above gifts, you can make a card for your girlfriend with a unique design and congratulation. Being attentive in details is always very pleasant.

T-shirt with her photo

T-Shirt With Her Photo

It can be not only her photo, but you can also place your photo on a T-shirt.

Instead of a photograph, you can order a print of some statement, for example, “The best girl in the world”.

Oscar Figurine

Oscar Figurine

Do you want to present the girl with a well-deserved award with the inscription “Beloved girl“? What is stopping you? Do it.

Give the girl the feeling that she is the best event in your life.

Now you know exactly what to give a girl.

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