Perfume: best gift for Valentine’s Day

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Valentine'S Day

Perfume is one of my favorite beauty products every girl. Don’t know what to give for Valentine’s Day? We are ready to help!

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Everyone has a favorite perfume that emphasizes the individuality and adds “flavor”. Brands produce new fragrances with different combination of perfume notes.

How to decide? There are some basic rules when selecting perfume for a gift, which we now talk!

Decide on the type of flavor

Before you choose the notes — decide on the type of flavor. We have made a beauty cheat sheet:

  • Parfum (contain high concentration of components, about 20-40% perfume oil in 90% alcohol).
  •  Eau de Parfum (contains 10-15 % perfume substances 80% alcohol).
  •  Eau de Toilette (has a low concentration of the main notes).
  •  Refreshing water (1-3% aromatic substances).

Define with the base notes of the perfume

The general concept of the fragrance depends on the basic perfume notes (how it will be revealed). Among the main ones: citrus, floral, fruit, woody, chypre, oriental and others. For example, fruit and flower perfume will be sweeter, and woody – “warm.”

Individual approach

In the selection of perfume for a gift, you need to consider the individual characteristics of each person. For example, a focus on the zodiac sign or the style of life and character. If a girl loves sweet smells, spends a lot of time out of the office, then you should pay attention to the fruit and floral aromas. For daily excursions are more recent notes and evening wear — floral with notes of nutmeg and sandalwood

TOP 7 universal fragrances for gift

Many brands produce an interesting perfume bottle, which will be a beautiful accessory and will complement your interior. We have compiled a list of universal flavors. It remains only to choose!

Mon Guerlain

Mon Guerlain

This fragrance is a perfect gift for any girl. It combines the freshness (bergamot notes), sweetness (vanilla) and floral accord (lavender, Jasmine, rose). Price from 52 USD.

Chanel Chance Eau Tendre

Chanel Chance Eau Tendre

A fresh scent for the regular office day and those special nights. Floral toilet water is the resistant and light floral train. Price from 74 USD.

Gritti perfume prive LU

Gritti Perfume Prive Lu

This fragrance is perfect for a young girl who loves to dream and to learn something new. Bulgarian rose, Jasmine and sweet vanilla combined with the tart accord of musk and amber. Interesting composition on every day! Price from 148 USD.

Jo Malone Blackberry & Bay

Jo Malone Blackberry &Amp; Bay

A universal scent that will complement your daily outfits. Berry-fruity notes and white cedar. The range of this brand you can find different perfumes for every taste. Price from 52 USD.

Thinking of Love Mary Kay

Thinking Of Love Mary Kay

Delicate bottle with a nice pendant of the heart will appeal to many girls. Among the main notes: the flowers of Mandarin, rose, sweet vanilla and sandalwood. A fresh scent for every day! Price from 26 USD.

Nina Ricci Luna

Nina Ricci Luna

A great gift for girls who love an unusual combination of perfume notes. Gentle sweetness “suppresses” fragrant sandal, and emphasizes the everlasting. In this bottle, it’s impossible not to fall in love. Price from 30 USD.

Scandal from Jean Paul Gaultier

Scandal From Jean Paul Gaultier

The design of this mesmerizing aroma. Just want to add it to your perfume Arsenal. It will emphasize the femininity of any girl. Keynotes: sweet honey, caramel, Jasmine, blood orange and patchouli. Price from 74 USD.

Escada Cherry in the air

Escada Cherry In The Air

Toilet water perfect for Flirty girls that love to be the center of attention. Sweet and sour fruity notes and fresh floral accords. Completes the composition sensual sandalwood. The price starts from 37 USD.

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