7 types of women who give a man only a headache

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No matter what age a man decides to settle down, the success of a marriage largely depends on the type of woman he will connect the further life.

The right woman will bring peace of mind and allow man to flourish, but wrong will bring a lot of pain and grief.

If you’re a man, you should know, long-term relationships with any girls should avoid.

The one which is constantly sour puss on her face

This type of woman is just the epitome of negativity. She is constantly upset about something and she doesn’t like it.

She always finds the negative things in your life and how the black-black cloud, somehow makes your life gray and dull.

Narcissistic woman

These women never pay attention to someone’s desires or needs. She is incredibly selfish and cares only about himself.

It will not bother your mood and overall health in any time of your life together. And if she ever show any concern, it is most likely due to the fact that she’s afraid that you’ll be less work and less money.

Materialistic woman

Materialistic woman

This type of woman will make you do very expensive and lavish gifts. She is one of those women who don’t pay the man much attention until he begins to spend a lot of money.

The bitter truth about women like this is that you’d rather go bankrupt trying to impress than cater to the whims of such person. So you need to be careful.


Though most of the flirting in the beginning and innocent and don’t mean something criminal, but somehow they always end exactly what wasn’t intended in the beginning.

Average Flirty talks with men as though she wants to know them. Do you think you can handle this? Personally, I probably would have exploded from jealousy.

The one that’s afraid of commitment

Of course, any need a wife who will take on certain obligations to her husband. The obligation is what actually is a marriage. So you need to make sure that the woman you going to marry truly ready to work with you on a relationship for a long time.

The girl

The girl

Many people like to go to parties, it’s fun.

But at some point, you’ll have to grow up and say goodbye to constant parties and hikes, and the reason for this is very simple. It will be necessary to stay at home more often in order to plan further life and adhere to these plans.

After all, the time will come and you will need to take care of the children. And when mom disappears at parties, who will do it?

A woman with excessive queries

This type of woman will require you to throw the whole world at her feet, and even if you manage to do this, then this will not be enough.

This is one of those women who think that she should not move her finger for what she wants. She believes that everything should be served to her on a silver platter.

Remember the grandmother from the tale of the goldfish? Do you understand where life with such a woman will lead?

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