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Online dating: features. Part 2


What are the features of online dating?

Social relationships, like any process, are a complex phenomenon that, for ease of assimilation and understanding, must be maximally simplified. Everything ingenious is simple.

Many materials relating to the topic of achieving success in women, among other things, are a source of knowledge on personal development. That’s why he is a success. This is overcoming one’s fears, this is work on oneself, this is the achievement of the goal, which is very, very beautiful.

At the same time, the orientation of such educational materials is determined by the psychological impact on the personality, which sometimes resembles persuading, receiving “yes”, when the girl initially sounds “no”, if more figuratively, sometimes it looks like a girl’s inclination to forced intimacy. Often the problem at the very beginning of communication is the inability to speak beautifully or even the fear of having a dialogue with a girl.

Any overcoming of ourselves causes pain in us, and human nature always strives for pleasure, bypassing what hurts us. All our fears arise from the unknown, due to lack of experience. Overcoming all this makes us better, more self-confident, more experienced, smarter, in the end. But is there a way for girls to succeed without hurting themselves, is it possible to achieve a result, gain experience, self-confidence without overcoming oneself? There is such a method, and it will be disclosed in this article because the main principles laid down as the basis for writing the article are simplicity and maximum efficiency.

The development of a relationship between a man and a woman resembles running with obstacles, and the more there are at the start, the more obstacles will arise closer to the finish line. However, dear reader, you will be offered an approach according to which, after the start is announced, you, having reached the finish line, are surprised to realize that you have not felt any barriers, you will finally understand how simple it is.

The proposed methodology for dating through the Internet is a system for selecting girls who are ready to communicate with a specific person at a particular point in time, from those who either do not want to communicate at all, do not want to communicate with a specific person, are not inclined to communicate at a given time or wish to communicate, but without the development of relationships (communication for the sake of communication).

You don’t have to persuade anyone, have a psychological impact, work with objections or use eloquence. By selecting these girls and taking them through the stages of Internet seduction, you will definitely get what you want. And to help us comes to the greatest achievement of the humanity of the 20th century on the Internet.

Online Dating Advantages

  1. Profitability and convenience. In order to get acquainted on the Internet, you do not need to waste money and time on visiting restaurants, clubs, you do not even have to go out, which is especially true in the winter. Having received a rejection from the girl, you immediately switch to another without getting up from your chair.
  2. Anonymity. You do not have to meet a girl and take her phone number, as is the case for example in a club, to hide from her when meeting and communicating with other girls in the same institution on the same evening. Why give an extra reason for jealousy and limit yourself to anything if there is no such desire.
  3. Efficiency. Simultaneous communication with a large number of girls increases your chances of success. Moreover, communicating with girls on the Internet, you can simultaneously do some kind of business, listen to your favorite music, go and have tea.
  4. Reducing the process of seduction. When you first meet a girl after you meet her on the Internet and make an appointment, it will not be your acquaintance in real life, it will be nothing more than a first date.
  5. The development of the level of communication. Having become a professional in the field of Internet seduction, it will be much easier for you to meet any girls anywhere, for example, on the street.

Online Dating Cons

  • The girls in the pictures are not quite the same as in life. The phrase “not exactly” means “almost the same”, and in the Bank, my personal experience coins strong frustration don’t exist.
  • Personally, I do not recommend taking this way of getting acquainted seriously, because there are a lot of easily accessible girls on such dating sites who, unfortunately, don’t indicate such quality in the profile. However, if everything is fine with the filters of perception, and you can clear the chaff from the grains, then why not.

In the next article, read about an online dating system.

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