How to find a good wife: 30 important recommendations

good wife

Good wife: When you are happy, in good health, doing what you love, and in a relationship with the woman you love, life can seem like a short-lived fairy tale.

If you are trapped in an unhappy relationship, your life can become an endless torment.

If your other half turns out to be a good wife, you can overcome any adversity. But who is a good wife? The one you feel good with. Therefore, the presence of an incompatible woman next to you will turn life’s obstacles into insurmountable barriers.

Plus, a good wife is not just suitable for a man and loves him, but also shows love for her children and takes care of the household. It is a light and warmth that warms your home, as well as feeds it with love and understanding, a source of calm, mutual respect and happiness.

To find a good wife, you should make the right choice from the number of girls with whom you communicate.

Next, we will consider important nuances that should be paid attention to when interacting with the nominees for the role of your spouse. Answers to questions on how to meet a girl, you will find in the following articles:

  1. How to meet a girl and where to do it.
  2. How to please a girl.

Possible reasons for choosing the wrong woman

Possible reasons for choosing the wrong woman

1. Do you think that the girl will change after the wedding

Classic mistake. It is not worth marrying the owner of a potential opportunity.

Don’t get married if you can’t be happy with the person you are now. People can really change after the wedding, but usually for the worse.

So when it comes to the other person’s intellectual and cultural level, character, personal hygiene, communication skills, and habits, make sure that you can accept them all.

2. Your choice is based solely on emotions

Physical attraction tends to cloud the mind, and in this state, the mind is not inclined to make objective and balanced decisions.

The chemistry of love, expressed through the expression of emotions, ignites the fire of passion, but the personality of the girl, her character that meets your needs, allows you to maintain the flame that has arisen.

Here are some character traits that you might want to check out:

#1. Humility, adequacy, and integrity

Does a girl think that commitment to a relationship is more important than personal momentary comfort?

#2. Kindness

How does a girl treat other people? Does she enjoy helping and supporting them?

#3. Responsibility

Can you be sure that the girl will fulfill what she promises or is going to do?

#4. Internal satisfaction

Does the girl like herself? If she receives any pleasure from life? Is she emotionally stable?

#5. Ask yourself questions

Do you want to be like this person in some way? Do you want to have children with her? Do you want your daughter to be like her?

3. Lack of common goals and values

Conditionally the factors of attraction between a man and a woman can be divided into 3 levels:

  1. Physical attraction and compatibility of character.
  2. Common interest.
  3. Shared strategic life goals and values.

Make sure that you share a deeper level of relationships based on shared life goals, as well as values, i.e. ways to achieve them and views on life.

After marriage, you will either become one with your wife in some sense, one team, or you will break up. In order to avoid the latter option, you should find out in advance, before you get married, what you are living for and what is important in your life, and then find a woman who has similar guidelines.

4. Lack of a deeper emotional connection

To identify the presence of a deeper emotional connection, ask yourself: do you respect and admire this woman and her personal qualities? Do you trust her, can you rely on her?

5. Lack of a sense of security and emotional calm

Do you feel calm, peaceful and relaxed with this girl? Can you be yourself with her and Express your personality, your feelings, opinions, and actions completely honestly? Are you happy with her?

In addition, do you not feel that the girl is trying to control you?

There is a big difference between controlling and making suggestions, so be careful if they are constantly trying to control or change you because this effort is not directed in your favor.

6. Lack of trustful dialogue

Everything that bothers you and the girl in the relationship should be put out for discussion, and you should not be afraid of it.

The ability to correct fundamental points and smooth out the resulting roughness is an indicator of productive communication and effective interaction.

7. For you, relationships are a way to avoid personal problems

If you are unhappy alone, you are more likely to be unhappy even when you find a good wife.

Marriage does not solve personal, psychological, or emotional problems, but it can make them worse.

If you are dissatisfied with yourself and your life, take responsibility to correct this situation while you are alone.

8. You choose a woman who has various kinds of addiction

This burden can manifest itself depending on Work, Money, Hobbies, Bad habits and Addictions, Parents or Past Relationships.

The girl, in this case, will not be completely emotionally available to you, and you will not become the number one priority in her life.

Signs of a harmonious relationship and the quality of a good wife

Signs of a harmonious relationship and the quality of a good wife

A good wife is a woman who is not some socially recognized standard, but who is right for you. Only in this case can we talk about a harmonious relationship.

1. You spend time together doing something that both of you enjoy

If we don’t touch on the most important and fundamental points, then relations without compromises are impossible.

Sometimes you do what you like, sometimes your girlfriend likes, and that’s part of any healthy relationship.

However, you should also spend time together doing something that both of you enjoy, such as visiting an institution or event, watching an interesting movie, working together, and so on.

This is an important indicator that you are near a suitable girl who can become a good wife.

2. You can spend time apart

Although you enjoy spending time together, it is unlikely that you will be able to painlessly deprive yourself of personal space in full.

Going to the gym or a football match with friends without involving your companion is completely normal if you don’t abuse it all, which also works in the direction of your beloved.

Marriage does not mean spending time together 24/7 and not having your own interests and Hobbies.

3. She is attentive and caring towards you

The woman next to you who notices what you need at a given time, providing help and support, is the guarantor of a happy life together.

Family relations will be even better if you are also not deprived of sensitivity and attention.

4. She will be the first to learn about the most important events in your life

And this is not just about good news and pleasant events, such as a promotion or winning a Super-man contest.

But what about bad news, such as being fired or losing money in business?

This is a conversation you probably don’t want to have with your spouse. However, if you are married to a suitable woman, discussing this topic with her will not be unpleasant, but will serve as a calming tool for you, and perhaps as a way to find a solution to the situation.

5. Trust

Trust is the foundation of any harmonious relationship.

A man should never completely hang his ears and completely relax, but it is also not necessary to turn on the mode of suspicion, especially when you are next to a woman whose priorities are respect, honesty, openness and loyalty.

6. Physical manifestation of a tender attitude

Couples who are more physically attached to each other experience greater satisfaction from their partner and the relationship in general.

Touching, hugging, and kissing increase mutual trust, reduce stress, and improve mood.

7. Your disagreements are productive, not destructive

Many married couples who seem at first glance ideal are able not only to indulge in love but also to become the epicenter of high-profile scandals, being far from prying eyes.

In a healthy relationship, quarrels are not about finding out who is right and who is wrong, and ultimately only strengthen the marriage.

This is due to the desire to listen, understand and respect each other’s points of view, as well as to find a common language.

8. It shares your goals and values

If a man and a woman are too similar, the relationship may start to seem quite bland and boring, but the lack of common interests will become an even bigger problem.

As for strategic life goals and values, the existing differences, in this case, are very likely to lead to separation, because there is no question of any understanding in this case.

9. You help each other to become more successful

Spouses can provide indirect support for each other’s salary increases, career advancement, and other indicators of a successful life, by giving the partner positive habits and maintaining a productive work-life balance.

The good wife is the most active supporter in achieving your goals and will do everything possible to help you overcome any obstacles that arise, sincerely rejoicing in your success.

10. You can make each other laugh

This is very important because joy, humor and laughter have an undeniable positive impact on human health and well-being.

They reduce tension and stress, increase mood and creativity, provide a powerful energy boost, bring people together, help smooth out existing differences and manage their lives more effectively.

A sense of humor can be called the secret component of a happy marriage.

11. She listens as much as she talks

Strong relationships imply the ability of partners not only to support communication but also to listen to each other, thereby expressing a sensitive attitude to the opinion of their other half.

12. She is your biggest supporter and best friend

Your companion is your best friend and is always ready to help you in a difficult moment, as well as share with you the joyous moments.

She believes that you can achieve what you doubt yourself, and she is always on your side.

13. You have no financial problems or disagreements

Even the best relationships can end in a breakup due to financial difficulties.

Of course, earning money is a direct male responsibility. However, a careless attitude to the family budget on the part of a woman or existing disagreements related to finances will necessarily create a tense situation between a man and a woman.

14. It’s easy for you to get together

There is an opinion that a happy relationship begins also happily, easily and at ease, and in a relationship that is doomed to failure, from the very beginning, much goes awry.

The mass media likes to Refine not the smoothest beginning of a relationship, trying to add an element of drama or unrestrained passion.

But in reality, most often the barriers of misunderstanding that arise at the Dating stage or the initial stage of the development of a relationship are obvious signs of a lack of compatibility.

If it is difficult at the beginning, then it will get even worse. On the other hand, when you are psychologically and financially ready to start a family, the right woman for you will not create any problems, but on the contrary, it will only improve the quality of your life.

Together, it will be simple, easy and good for you.

15. You love her exactly as she is

Most people don’t change. If you think that you really love a girl, but you want her to become smarter, kinder, less talkative, more accurate, a little prettier, etc., then your dissatisfaction will only grow over time.

There are no perfect people, but when you find the right woman for you, you will definitely not feel irritated, forcing you to think about philosophical topics, while all other aspects of your life will become easier.

If you have problems at work, your wife will help you get through them. If you are planning a serious project, she will support you. If you are unhappy, she will calm you down and help you regain a sense of self-confidence.

16. You can go on a trip together and not even quarrel

Have you spent a wonderful and long enough time together away from home and never even had a fight? That says a lot.

17. She is proud of you

She truly believes that you are the best man she has ever met.

This is already known to her relatives, friends and colleagues.

18. Your friends are really genuinely happy for you

After all the strange girls that have come and gone in your life, people close to you have started to say approvingly that you have finally found something worthwhile, something as cool as you are.

19. Honesty, openness, sincerity, loyalty and decency

No matter how excited, worried, happy, or romantic you are, you can say almost anything to her and she won’t judge you.

Her honesty and sincerity are shown even when disagreements arise: she doesn’t get angry, raise old issues, or resort to sneaky punches just to hurt you.

As for loyalty, a truly strong family Union is not conceivable without it, and it is always better to stay away from people who don’t possess decency, regardless of their role in your life.

20. Mutual respect

It is better to marry a girl who not only respects you but also whom you respect in return.

Mutual respect is the key to happy family life.

21. You protect her

Even though she doesn’t need any protection at all, you have this urge inside of you, just because she is a very close person to you.

22. You really miss her

You tell her that you miss her when she’s not around, and she does.

23. She is patient, hardworking, economical and practical

With a patient woman, it will be much easier for you to succeed in life because such a wife will not expect you to give her everything at once.

Instead, she will support and help you on your way to achieving your goals.

Women’s laziness, as well as men’s laziness, can be a destructive quality for your family. Therefore, if you don’t strive for endless life problems that arise out of the blue, it is better to link your fate with a girl who is not alien to hard work.

In addition, a hardworking woman is also an excellent housekeeper, and the presence of practicality means that your family’s financial corridors will not be walking dangerous drafts that unreasonably weaken your family budget.

24. She is neither violent nor hostile

An irritable wife is sure to turn your home into a noisy and chaotic source of stress, not only for you, but also for your children, and even your neighbors.

25. Liability

A girl thinks one thing, says another and does a third, or does nothing at all… And why do you need all this?

26. Sexual attraction

If you and a girl have completely different sexual temperaments or there is no obvious mutual physical attraction to each other, it is unlikely that the situation will change for the better after 5 years.

27. Her relatives don’t bother you

Apple doesn’t fall far from the tree. There are exceptions to all the rules, but if the behavior of her relatives causes you sincere perplexity, this nuance should definitely be taken into account.

Also, a revealing moment will be finding out who is the main one in the relationship of her parents, and if the furrows of government are in the hands of the mother, there is a high probability that either the story will repeat itself, or your life together will not become smooth.

With girls from defective families, you should be especially scrupulous.

28. No bad habits

Decide whether a girl who has any bad habits is suitable for family relations?

29. Children from previous relationships

Make a conclusion for yourself, whether you are ready to tie your fate with a woman who has children from a previous marriage.

30. Social status and level of education

It will not be easy to maintain a harmonious relationship if there is a significant gap in your cultural, educational, and intellectual level.

How to know that you want to start a family

How to know that you want to start a family

1. You are tired of being alone

If you feel that your time alone has dragged on for quite a long time and you are bored enough, it’s probably time to change this situation.

You can try to communicate more with your friends or have short-term relationships with different girls, but sooner or later you will still realize that you want something different.

Marriage will allow you to feel connected to another person on a deeper level, and when you choose the right woman, it will add new meaning to your life.

2. You are ready for the responsibility

First of all, you must understand that marriage is not only fun.

Of course, it is not necessary to say the word “marriage” while taking a sad expression on your face, but without a serious attitude to family responsibilities, it is better not to enter into them.

You will have to take responsibility not only for yourself but also for your spouse, as well as for your children. Therefore, it is very important that the pranks of young life are already left behind, and your psychological readiness, and ideally your financial situation, don’t cause complaints.

3. You look at girls as candidates for the role of your spouse

Your family life is not far away if when you look at an interesting girl, you imagine how you will look together, how she will look in a wedding dress, how your daughter will look like her.

4. You want to have children

If you are thinking about children, then you definitely want to get married.

You may not have fully realized this yet, but thinking about raising your children is another step in the direction of starting a family.

All that was left to do was find a good wife.

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