Hair comb: is there any difference between expensive and cheap

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Hair Comb

Hair comb: Haircare requires an integrated approach. We spend our time choosing beauty products that are able to reanimate dry tips, but we forget that even a hairbrush affects their condition.

A hairbrush is a simple thing in every home. They have a different shape, length and thickness. Manufacturers offer a wide range of different functionality. But is there any difference?

The first thing you should pay attention to is material. Approach the choice in the same way as the selection of cosmetic products (their composition). Your styling will depend on it. The most budget option is a plastic comb. It is not so bad, but with frequent use, it is able to electrify hair. Wood – a good effect on the structure, but it will have to change more often.

Let’s analyze about hair comb:

Massage brush

Massage Brush

This brush is in great demand. It not only unravels the hair but also massages the scalp, which activates the penetration of any components of cosmetics. Also, note the thickness of the teeth.



This type of comb is used in salons. And for good reason. Between the teeth, it has small air holes. Ideal for creating volumetric styling to any length. The longer the hair – the greater should be the amount of brashing. By the way, with its help, you can not only make beautiful waves but also straighten them.

For the fleece

For The Fleece

Hard teeth allow you to make a fleece for any length of hair. A couple of movements and you are ready to go. The final chord – applying nail Polish.

Tangle Teezer

Tangle Teezer

Brush from the brand Tangle Teezer has large teeth, which unravel even wet hair, without hurting them. Removes static electricity and is suitable for a bouffant. One of the universal options, which is interesting to try!

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