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Reveal the secrets of how to cook Christmas dinner


Christmas dinner: Very soon will begin the coldest and most festive season of the year. Smell of pine, tangerines, garlands and gifts – New year is a much awaited holiday for every family, who all look forward to. However, for the lady of the New year can also be not a holiday, but hard work, because you need to cook and set the table for the whole family. Therefore we bring you simple and interesting recipes for Christmas dinner that will not take you a lot of energy and will delight the whole family.

New year crab salad with avocado

It is impossible to imagine a winter holiday without a variety of salads. Olivier, capital, crab – New year not a new year. We offer you to surprise your loved ones with an unexpected version of the beloved crab salad for Christmas dinner.


  • crab meat (boiled, canned or frozen) – 300 g
  • avocado – 1 piece
  • celery – 100 g
  • cucumber – 3 PCs
  • parsley – to taste
  • salt, pepper – to taste
  • mayonnaise or sour cream (for the filling) – 100 ml
  • lemon slices (for decoration) – to taste


The first step is to julienne slice the celery and avocado. Second step – remove the skin from the cucumber and dice. The third step is to add chopped vegetables chopped parsley. The salad is almost ready! If for preparing this salad you use frozen crab meat, then boil it in salted water for 5 minutes, pre-releasing the meat and Narva pieces. Mix the necessary ingredients and add salt and pepper to taste. The final stage of the season the salad with mayonnaise or sour cream. Before serving, garnish the dish with slices of lemon.


Quick aspic for dinner

Aspic is one of the most beloved Christmas dishes from the USA, but its preparation may take from 5 to 7 hours. So you could spend it on a nice Christmas hassle, we offer chilled ready meals from TM “Naturopath”. Their range of three kinds of meat – chicken, home-style pork and from beef and pork. All you need – just remove the film and put food in portioned plates, garnish with green peas and parsley. Voila, and a favorite of many generations, the dish is ready in 5 minutes.


How to cook the meat with the juice of cherries and berries

As a main dish for Christmas dinner, we invite you to abandon the traditional chicken and to try the unusual combination of baked meat with cherry juice and berries in the oven. And the recipe is not very complicated. Try.


  • beef – 500 g
  • cherry – 200 g
  • salt, pepper – to taste


For this dish, you can use frozen or fresh berries in their own juice. The main thing – to remove the bones. First step slice the meat into pieces. Then salt and pepper them. The second step in a baking dish put the cherries. Don’t forget to use the juice! Then put the meat and cover. Before baking preheats the oven to 200 degrees and places the dish in 1.5 hours. We recommend placing the meat on the holiday table with mashed potatoes or a light salad.


Mini-Apple pie white bread with pears and chocolate

One of the favorite dishes of many families is Charlotte. Most often it is cooked on the classic recipe, where you add the apples. Surprise your loved ones on New year and add new ingredients.


  • bread (preferably sweet) – 800 g
  • pears (preferably Bartlett) – 6-7 PCs
  • orange – 1 piece
  • dark chocolate (60% cocoa) – 100 g
  • butter (for greasing molds)
  • ice cream (to feed)

For the cream

  • cream (30% fat) – 300 ml
  • eggs – 4 PCs
  • brown sugar – 5-6 tbsp
  • vanilla – to taste


First of all, make the cream: whisk the eggs with the sugar until dissolved, add vanilla and cream and blend again. Before kneading preheat oven to 170 degrees. After greasing a metal or ceramic molds. Optional forms can be replaced by cups. For the dough, peel the pear from the skin and remove the core. The resulting cut the flesh into cubes. Then pour orange juice over it, sprinkle with zest and mix well. The pieces of fruit add chocolate. For this purpose, we recommend the use of a knife-blade.

Now take the bread and cut off the crust. The resulting crumb cut into large slices. After that, cut out circles of bread the same diameter as the used form. Then layer them in the ramekins and press down. Now you need to cut chunks of bread for the height of the form, to make bumpers. Secure them in the mold, so they did well. The remaining bread cut into small cubes and add to the fruit and chocolate mixture. The obtained dough is spread on the forms. Send the dessert in the oven for 55 minutes. After baking, cool mini Apple pie in for 15 minutes. The resulting dessert serves with a scoop of ice cream.


We hope that these dishes will make your Christmas dinner memorable and you magically mark the occasion with the closest friends and loved ones!

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