How to make money on Twitter: 11 powerful methods


Twitter is one of the most popular network among all social networks. Twitter is used by a large number of people around the world. Moreover, strangely enough, In India Twitter is not as popular as in the whole world (it is also relevant only for megacities). Nevertheless, it is still included in the four popular networks.

As for earnings, Twitter again somehow ignored. Not in the sense that you can’t make money there. On the contrary, you can. But only if most users have figured out how to do this with Facebook and Instagram, then with Twitter there are still questions.

Therefore, let’s understand. And first of all, you need to focus on what are the advantages of earning in this social network.

  1. There are no big posts. (Large posts often the user simply scrolls up without reading).
  2. According to statistics on Twitter, they often use search, even by hashtags.
  3. The Twitter audience is about 400 million users.
  4. Twitter allows you to earn money even with minimal investment and traffic to your page.

Ways to make money on Twitter

Method 1. Commercial microblogging

Even without the functions of an online store, in this social network, you can receive money by selling your own goods or services. In order to make your account as selling as possible, you need to fine-tune the look. Make a heading that indicates achievements, awards, etc. that could indicate that you are an expert in the business. Promoted accounts are very much appreciated by eBay users.

Method 2. Sale of commercial blogs

Yes, a commercial blog can serve not only as a sales tool but in fact a commodity. Any promoted a thematic account can attract buyers from among the business owners. For example, if you maintained a blog about the trips, where he always talked about what kind of tents used, what sports clothes to buy, and thereby was able to sign on a lot of people in this thread interested, your account will easily be interested in, for example, a sports store.

Method 3. Promotional header

The method is suitable for those who do not want to clog the feed with advertising posts and unnerve their own subscribers. Making such a header is easy. Moreover, even if you order a design, it will cost you more. You can do it without an order by drawing a header yourself using a graphical editor. The main thing is to reflect the wishes of the advertiser. But naturally, in order for the advertiser to appear at all, an untwisted account is required.

Method 4. Selling block of personal data

Yes, on Twitter you can even monetize a block of data with personal information, which is under the avatar. The principle is the same as in the header, although the functionality is smaller. There you can insert links that will lead to a specific page with the services.

Method 5. Monetization of the background

Nowadays it is a popular tool. The bottom line is that the background has to be ordered special design with advertising. And if, for example, you have the same travel blog, you can advertise hot tours or a sports store in the background.

There is one significant minus point in this method. Users accessing the page through the mobile version will not see this ad. Because they simply cannot be displayed. And the audience of mobile phones is now very wide.

Method 6. Promotional tweets

One of the most simple and common methods in this social network. In fact, as in other social networks. Sponsored posts bring good profit to the owners of promoted accounts. As always, a page with a large attendance is a very attractive advertiser.

But let’s not get tired of repeating – you need to be very careful with the number of advertising posts because the audience reacts sharply to any changes in the feed. And if you suddenly wrote about something interesting, for which you earned popularity among users, and then you suddenly started to constantly publish ads, then do not expect a kind word from your subscribers. Most likely, the part will unsubscribe from you immediately.

Method 7. Affiliate program

As elsewhere, affiliate programs from various companies also operate on this social network. You can meet both the small and the largest. The bottom line is that you advertise in a link format, but the advertiser does not pay you for the placement, but for the useful action performed by the user. For example, following the link, or even selling. Actually, that’s why such things are also called affiliate programs – you help to realize a product or service to a company.

Affiliate program

Method 8. Sponsorship

This method is suitable for promoted accounts of a semi-professional type. To make it clear, let’s draw an example. Take tourism again. You are a professional tourist who knows everything about hiking and has a blog on Twitter. You give recommendations to your subscribers, evaluate the latest camping equipment and clothing, and generally make your blog professional.

A good idea, in this case, would be to increase the interactivity of your blog. And what’s more – holding some kind of competition in real life. But how can a blogger organize a massive event? The answer is with sponsorship. And finding sponsors will not be so difficult. In our case, these will be sporting goods stores. They will be able to allocate money and a prize fund in the form of their own goods. The essence of all this is a sharp increase in quality, professionalism, volume, status, user interest and the benefit for advertisers in cool advertising.

Method 9. The business account

Twitter is good because it has better conversion compared to other social networks. And if, for example, you have your own offline store, and you want to sell online as well, but without making your own website, you can use the tools of social networks. Functions for the sale of goods are in other social networks (for example, Facebook). But on Twitter it is implemented more interesting and often more effective.

Method 10. The design of the accounts

Above, we talked about the fact that making a good design for the decoration of your own Twitter account, you can configure it on the sales function. The same method is used on the reverse side. If you can draw, why not meet the demand for the design of accounts. In India, people will not pay much, but to earn such freelancing is quite possible.

Method 11. Simple actions

Like on any other social network on Twitter, there is a demand for user buying activity. This refers to all kinds of actions from the audience – likes, comments, reposts and more. All this can be done for money with the help of special services, like exchanges. Payment for such services is not high, so you have to spend a lot of time in the same actions, however, the method is different in that it does not require any skills and financial investments, it is great for a beginner.

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