Davey face it: most of the lessons and tips for stylish hairstyles helps only women with long hair and obedient, ideally straight, sometimes wavy. And although we all know how best to straighten hair or spin, why not have a tutorial for a natural texture.

1. French twist

Do you want to repeat the image of Grace Kelly – follow this simple video tutorial. You will need small gum and a lot of invisible, as well as bright decorative hairpins to complement the hairstyle.

Do not forget that curly hair is more in need of moisturizing, which means that curls are obedient – do not neglect good conditioners and hair masks.

2. Feminine curls

In summer, as never before, you want to lift your hair up, and this charming hairstyle will help you cope with the heat and add to your image of gentle features.

If the high humidity reduces the overall volume of the hairdo, use protective products with a light texture that protects the hair from damage to the cuticle due to moisture.

3. Bottom twist

We are accustomed to seeing hair buds from girls with long hair, but curly hair can also be put in a neat shape, and all you need for this is a special roller.

4. Half-lifts

Do not want a magnificent hairdo, but also sleek ringlets cause depression? Look for the average version that diversifies your daily image.

Specialists recommend paying more attention to the very washing of curly hair it makes sense to take each strand separately, lubricating it with conditioner and moisturizing under water. It takes a lot of time, but only then your locks can get enough useful elements and restore your structure.


5. Fantasies for short hair

Studios specializing in working with curly hair, emphasize that the regular use of styling products, ironing and plaque does not help to make your hair soft and obedient. So forget about the traumatic procedures, be more creative and do not be afraid to experiment with the forms: in this tutorial, you will meet 10 other great ideas for how to put your hair in an unusual position.

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