Once your every party becomes similar to another: the social circle has not changed for many months, in the playlist, there are only the best tracks that everyone likes, and you have already become a real master of interesting treats. Even worse, if you prefer to go out on Fridays to your favorite bar, where everything remains unchanged from week to week. We have collected a few simple ways to diversify your meetings with friends, to make them more fun and brighter, without increasing the amount of alcohol you drink.

1. Turn your house into a casino


Add a bit of fun, purchase a pair of the deck of cards, roulette, chips, and a special field for the game. Ask the guests to dress up as they go to Las Vegas, deal entering their own Bank and get in the game.

2. Arrange home quiz

The game in the style of “What? Where? When?” are perfect for any house party where everyone is expert in something. Mix questions from General knowledge with questions about the present, for example, “what more than anything else is afraid of Lisa?”. Use different formats, for example, musical questions, or “black box”, both in the classical CPP.

3. Teach all the thematic dance

Teach all the thematic dance

Choose a playlist of a certain age and learn special movement, popular at the time. Make sure that every guest at your party was able to find a costume in the spirit of the time and show movement, which is easy to learn on YouTube.

4. Master Boardgame

Even if it’s been ages since the last time you played Scrabble or another Board game, it’s never too late to brush up on the rules. Even the classic, childhood friends, sets will help you to quicken the interest of its guests — some probably even will start to cheat!

5. Offer pizza to each

On purchasing unusual products, prepared pizza dough and offer everyone to experiment with fillings. Be sure to prepare a prize for the person whose taste combination was the most unusual and tasty.

6. Arrange an honesty bar

Arrange an honesty bar

Instead of having to determine who wants what to drink this evening, offer a separate bar, where every guest will be able to make their cocktail. Make sure in your mini-bar has everything you need to mix: cocktail shaker, sliced citrus fruits, glasses, salt and caramel, but also prepare some cards with recipes of unusual cocktails.

7. Organize the exchange of clothes

If you often go with friends for shopping, spend one night, not in search of something new in the store, and to exchange cool things from your cabinets. Try even those parts which are absolutely unusual for you to find new facets to your style. By the way, this pastime is a great habit for those who want to live greener.

8. Arrange a book club

Arrange a book club

Maybe in your company, you can meet avid book lovers? Try not only sharing your recommendations about recently read books but also analyze in detail one of those that each of you has read.

9. Collect club emerging artists

Get a few jobs, paint and tell their friends to draw an object that they see in their room. Forget about academic precision and smooth lines — if someone of you can draw brighter than Pablo Picasso?

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