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The world’s only glowing clam with a solar-powered effect

glowing clam

What a glowing clam, like a cartoon character, looks at us and amazed with its extraordinary brightness! This is a rare mollusk that differs from its other counterparts in its ability to produce photosynthesis. The sea lamb or Leaf slug has such a scientific name called Costasiella kuroshimae that the tongue can be broken.

Know a little more about this cute glowing clam (Leaf slug)

Luminous Clam

This cute little sea lamb eats so many algae that it can glow in the dark. The mollusk is very small and reaches a maximum of 5 millimeters in length. That is why very few people knew about it before! After all, only ultra-modern underwater photographic equipment is capable of increasing the picture at times, while transmitting every little thing and every detail in the best quality.

Glowing Clam

This outlandish animal is found in warm waters near Japan, Indonesia, and the Philippines. Eating on algae, the mollusk digests them only partially, and the chloroplast obtained from them accumulates in its body. This function is needed by the animal to protect itself from predators. Only single-celled ones can boast of such abilities.

Leaf slug

The Leaf slug clam can be compared to a solar cell. All its life it also does nothing but save up and accumulate chloroplast, in order to then pose in front of underwater cameras (illuminate divers in the dark).

Leaf Sheep Clam

Beady eyes, pink blush, and funny tentacles can melt even the most callous heart. I wish I had one in the aquarium! Isn’t it an exotic pet?

Funny Tentacles

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