The 10 most beautiful Japanese girls

Although the Japanese entertainment industry is not developing as rapidly as the Korean one, Japan is a beautiful country with many beautiful by nature girls. 1 min

Japanese Girls

Therefore, Japanese actresses and singers are stunningly beautiful in their own way. The year 2019 was especially hot for the Japanese beauty industry.

Below are the 10 most beautiful and cute Japanese girls whose photos you want to see again.

  1. Reon Kadena

    Rounding out the list is Reon Kadena, known for her beautiful eyes and lips. In addition, there is no doubt about the incredible talent of the model. Therefore, over time, it has gained such popularity and fame. More importantly, Reon Kadena strongly exposes her beauty in public, whenever the opportunity presents itself.

  2. Karina Nose

    Karina is a Japanese model and actress. Her birth name is Karina Nose. She was born in Shōwa-Ku, Nagoya, Aichi Prefecture. She played the lead role in the 2008 TBS drama Daisuki!!

  3. Keiko Kitagawa

    Educated, charming, and talented model Keiko Kitagawa is one of the most stunning Japanese Actresses. There is no denying that her natural beauty and acting make her an angel. The most important achievement is the career of an elite model in a Japanese magazine "Seventeen." However, in 2006, she decided to leave the magazine.

  4. Nozomi Sasaki

    In 2013, Nozomi, being quite young, was already named one of the most popular and beautiful Japanese Actresses. This is a great achievement. First of all, she is an incredibly successful Japanese supermodel. Later, she decided to try herself as a singer. It turned out very well because Nozomi Sasaki has different talents.

  5. Ayaka Komatsu

    Komatsu Ayaka is not only one of the most beautiful Japanese girls, but also an extremely talented actress. Her career began with the role of Sailor Venus, a Japanese cartoon character. After such a brilliant appearance in public, Komatsu Ayaka opened up new opportunities and another interesting fact in his career was the appearance in the magazine "Sabra". This raised her to the very peak of popularity.

  6. Kurara Chibana

    Kurara Chibana is a Japanese humanitarian, actress, model, and beauty pageant titleholder who was crowned Miss Universe Japan 2006 and competed at Miss Universe 2006 where she finished as the first runner-up.

  7. Yukie Nakama

    Yukie Nakama is a versatile artist. First of all, she is a very famous singer, in addition, thanks to her cute and attractive appearance, she is considered one of the most beautiful Japanese girls. Like many Actresses on the list, Yukie Nakama has achieved a great deal in her career. At the age of 35, she looks just as young and beautiful as before.

  8. Maria Ozawa

    At first, Maria Ozawa was a super-model, then decided to become an actress. And this decision turned out to be the right one because she has achieved so much in her acting career. Due to her stunning appearance and incredible acting talent, she is one of the most attractive and beautiful Japanese Actresses.

  9. Rie Miyazawa

    Rie Miyazawa is a Japanese actress and former fashion model and singer. She has done glamour modeling too, having released four photo books. She is also well known as the former fiancé of sumo wrestler Takanohana, to whom she was engaged for two months, and for her years of fighting anorexia nervosa.

  10. Masami Nagasawa

    Born in 1987, Masami Nagasawa is a very young Japanese actress who has had incredible success. She has unique acting talent. It usually takes Actresses for many years to achieve such popularity. However, Masami Nagasawa achieved this in a fairly short time.

    She made her debut in the film "Godzilla ", which opened her way to success. After that, she starred in many other films. Thanks to this, she is deservedly considered one of the most beautiful Japanese girls of 2019.

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