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Leonardo Dicaprio
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We bring to your attention the best films of Leonardo DiCaprio. Each year a talented actor pleases us with new masterpieces of cinema. It’s no secret that if Leo is present in the tape, then the film is doomed to success. Enjoy watching.

1. Start


Year: 2010

Genre: fiction, thriller, thriller

Director: Christopher Nolan

Running time: 148 minutes

A film about Cobb – a successful thief, the best of the best in the unusual art of theft. He does not steal things or money or even documents – he steals information from the head of his victim. Advanced research has shown that in a dream, the human brain is the most vulnerable, thus, having penetrated into the victim’s dreams, one can find out any information. These abilities made Cobb a very important player on the chessboard called world industrial espionage. But they, in addition to huge money, made him an outcast and a fugitive, who already has nothing to lose. The family he loves so much cannot be seen anymore, because as soon as his footsteps into the territory of the USA he will be immediately arrested.

However, Cobb finds a chance to influence the situation and correct all his mistakes. The only thing is the best opportunity in his career, which can return everything. But now he needs to do the impossible – implementation. He needs to instill in the person’s head a thought, an idea that will destroy the whole empire.

The plan is prepared and calibrated to a millisecond, but what happens is that no member of the team was ready. How to resist the enemy, who foresees all your actions?

Cinema Search: 8,665

2. Catch Me If You Can

Catch Me If You Can

Year: 2002

Genre: drama, crime, biography

Director: Steven Spielberg

Duration: 141 minutes

The plot is based on the history of Frank Ebegnail. The boy had time to visit the role of doctor, lawyer, and pilot – all this until the age of 21. A professional in forging documents and scam, he masterfully deceived entire corporations, which ultimately brought him millions.

Of course, for such a fugitive, the FBI was hunting. Agent Carl Hanratty, as a bloodhound is on the heels of Frank and is ready to grab him at the earliest opportunity. What will end the confrontation of young criminal talent and the experienced wolf from the FBI?

Cinema Search: 8,515

3. Island of the Damned

Island Of The Damned

Year: 2009

Genre: thriller, detective

Director: Martin Scorsese

Duration: 138 minutes

The film tells us the story of two bailiffs. They will arrive on an island in the state of Massachusetts, which houses a psychiatric clinic for mindless criminals. The bailiff’s task is to find the missing patient.

The tangle is gradually unraveling and it turns out that the clinic is covered with a huge web of lies that swallowed up everything.

Cinema Search: 8,492

4. The Departed

The Departed

Year: 2006

Genre: thriller, drama, crime

Director: Martin Scorsese

Duration: 151 minutes

The film tells us the story of the two most successful graduates of the police academy. One of them is a representative of the mafia, which should confuse police traces and help the Mafia do its dark things. The second is the “expelled” from the academy, the deceased Cossack into the mafia. His task is to uncover the gang. Each of these two is very smart, strong and wants only one thing – to reveal his opponent. What will come of this confrontation?

Cinema Search: 8,459

5. Titanic


Year: 1997

Genre: drama, melodrama

Director: James Cameron

Running time: 194 minutes

The film tells us the real story of Jack and Rosa, who fell in love with each other in the last voyage of the Titanic. Jack won a ticket to the ship in the cards and went with an open mind and an empty pocket to a new life. Rose – just swam with her family. Who from them could assume that due to the captain’s mistake the “unsinkable” liner will face an iceberg. The liner slowly goes to the bottom and passionate love has developed into a total struggle for one’s own lives.

Cinema Search: 8,369

6. Django released

Django Released

Year: 2012

Genre: drama, western, adventure

Director: Quentin Tarantino

Duration: 165 minutes

We learn the story of “Dentist” – he is a famous bounty hunter, famous for his eccentric temper. His work is simple – sending to the light of the most notorious criminals. Age already gives it and it would not hurt a reliable assistant, because in this case negligence is not acceptable. But where to get such a person, and even cheap enough?

The solution was found – a runaway slave, whose name is Django, an ideal proposal. One nuance – Django his motives, because he needs someone to figure out.

Cinema Search: 8,174

7. What’s eating Gilbert Grape?

What'S Eating Gilbert Grape

Year: 1993

Genre: Drama

Director: Lasse Halstrom

Duration: 118 minutes

History revolves around a certain Gilbert Grape, who lives in Iowa. Ordinary life in the outback is a small town with a population barely reaching one thousand people, two sisters, a brother suffering from dementia and of course a fat mother. Gilbert has no choice but to pull everything on himself. He keeps a small shop and tries to romance with a married lady. It would seem that even Grape himself was used to such a life. However, everything changes with the arrival of a charming woman named Beki.

Cinema Search: 7,942

8. Great Gatsby

Great Gatsby

Year: 2013

Genre: drama, melodrama

Director: Baz Luhrmann

Duration: 143 minutes

The adaptation of the novel by Francis Scott Fitzgerald. The film will tell us about the events of the times of the “dry law”. Spring of 1922 – morality at the bottom of the cesspool. Many are copious in alcohol smuggling. We learn the whole story, from the face of Nick Carraway, who moves to New York in search of a better life. So it turns out that he lives next to a famous American millionaire, named Jay Gatsby (played by Leo). He is famous for his parties. Nick is involved in a series of fascinating events in which love and deceit reign, because in all his cousin Daisy, who lives on the other side of the bay, is involved. The story unfolds systematically and over and over again we are convinced that all events happen for a reason.

Cinema Search: 7,941

9. Diary of a basketball player

Diary Of A Basketball Player

Year: 1995

Genre: drama, crime, biography

Director: Scott Calvert

Length: 102 minutes

It’s funny, they say drugs can wait. It’s true and soon Jim will be in their power. He will have to steal, sell, do terrible things. All in order to get the next dose. But, it all happens someday because drugs know how to wait.

The film will tell us about the history of a famous musician, named Jim Carroll. He will sink to the very bottom of society and will do everything for the next dose. The film is shot tough and sometimes even cruel because the picture will show the true face of drugs.

Cinema Search: 7,85

10. The Wolf from Wall Street

The Wolf From Wall Street

Year: 2013

Genre: drama, comedy, crime

Director: Martin Scorsese

Duration: 180 minutes

The film is based on the real history of Jordan Belfort. History takes us to 1987 and we are watching the main character who makes his way into brokers in a successful investment bank. However, the joy does not last long, because the bank closes after the unexpected collapse of the Dow Jones index.

Teresa, Belfort’s wife, advises him to get a job in a small firm that sells small shares. His style of communication and charisma very quickly bear fruit.

Working at the company life begins to improve, there is a lot of acquaintances, long-awaited financial security. However, Jordan gets acquainted with his neighbor Donny, who is ready to give up all his old life for the sake of cooperation with Belfort. Surprisingly, but a little further, they together open a firm called “Stratton Oakmont”. The first employees are friends of Belfort.

Now Jordan is bathing in money – he can buy anything. In his spare time, he simply enjoys life and leads a wildlife – traveling from one party to another, regularly leads prostitutes to work, and is constantly “smothered” by all available types of drugs.

But, as it usually happens, through time his income became interested in the FBI.

Cinema Search: 7,835

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