Best movies with Edward Norton.

Edward Norton

Edward Norton is a genius of reincarnation! A very scandalous actor who has a special disposition, Of course, this does not always work for him, because of the changes in the script, he is not often invited to shoot. Nevertheless, Edward elegantly enters into any role and makes each film a masterpiece! We have prepared the best films for you with Edward Norton!

1. Fight Club

Fight Club

Year: 1999

Genre: thriller, drama, crime

Director: David Fincher

Duration: 131 minutes

David Fincher has long established himself as a talented director. The screen version of the work of Chuck Palanica is no exception. Even Chuck himself admitted that the ending in the film is better than in the book. The story itself will tell us about the clerk who suffers from chronic insomnia and an unusually boring life. It’s funny, but the clerk himself will tell us the story. We learn the crucial moment of his life – a meeting with the charismatic soap trader Tyler Durden. He has a very unconventional philosophy and is a supporter of self-destruction. In his opinion, self-improvement is a lot of the weak. It takes literally one day and the main characters sit in a bar, talking about life. After a short time, they are already fighting in the parking lot of the same bar and just enjoy it. So the fight club was born. But it seemed to the heroes that this was not enough and they began to involve more and more men, and the club began to enjoy great success. All this gradually evolved into a new project that could possibly change the life of all America.

Cinema Search: 8,657

2. American History X

American History X

Year: 1998

Genre: drama, crime

Director: Tony Kay

Length: 119 minutes

The film will tell about Derek Vinyard. He is the leader of the skinhead gang, who firmly holds his district. Faith in their work is motivated by young people who are mercilessly cracking down on those who do not have white skin. His boldness and onslaught are fully reflected in Danny’s younger brother, who wants to follow in the footsteps of his brother.

However, Derek is in prison because of the brutal murder of two blacks and the ways of the brothers diverge. In prison, there is a different alignment of forces and Derek has to put up with this. Danny remains at large and tries to fully comply with the ideals of his brother and continue his work. Everything changes when their paths cross again.

Cinema Search: 8,298

3. Illusionist


Year: 2005

Genre: thriller, drama, melodrama

Director: Neil Börger

Duration: 110 minutes

It’s about Vienna at the beginning of the 20th century. In the city comes a mysterious man, who is called the great illusionist Eisenheim. His incredible tricks completely amaze the audience. No one can logically explain how he does it, and everyone thinks of him as a real wizard.

Glory quickly spreads and reaches the Crown Prince Leopold. He, in turn, condescends to the visit of one of his views. Also with him comes Sophie – the future bride of the Crown Prince. It’s funny because it’s her appearance that causes the beginning of a series of events, the root of which goes back to the distant past.

Cinema Search: 8.02

4. Painted Veil

Painted veil

Year: 2006

Genre: drama, melodrama

Director: John Curran

Length: 125 minutes

The beginning of the twentieth century – a young doctor with his wife Kitty go to China. There he will have to fight the outbreak of the most dangerous disease – cholera. The work goes on and it would seem all right, but Kitty does not love her husband at all. This breeds one conflict after another and the heroes are at a dead end.

However, it is in China that the girl is struck by the dedication to work that her husband demonstrates. She begins to evaluate him on the other side and falls in love with him, but will their love grow stronger among the village affected by cholera?

Cinema Search: 7,92

5. Frida


Year: 2002

Genre: drama, romance, biography

Director: Julie Taymor

Duration: 118 minutes

The film introduces us to Frida. The twenty-year-old girl at a young age went for the most famous artist in Mexico. Diego Rivera took Frida to his wife at the age of twenty. Funny, because he himself is far from young, but devilishly rich and corrupt. The girl knows herself the price and in a few years the whole of Paris will know about her, and her scandal with Rockefeller will fly around the whole world!

Surprisingly, their numerical novels do not stop them from conquering the world, but can they conquer one another?

Cinema Search: 7,909

6. Grand Budapest Hotel

Grand Budapest Hotel

Year: 2014

Genre: comedy, detective, adventure

Director: Wes Anderson

Running time: 100 minutes

The film tells us the fascinating story of the concierge named Gustav, as well as his friend porter Zero Mustafa. It would seem that routine work consists entirely of different adventures and unusual situations. Employees were given the opportunity to witness the theft, as well as the search for priceless paintings from the Renaissance, as well as the struggle for the legacy of the rich and various changes in Europe between the bloodiest wars of the 20th century.

Cinema Search: 7,859

7. Primeval fear

Primeval fear

Year: 1996

Genre: thriller, drama, crime

Director: Gregory Hoblit

Running time: 130 minutes

The main theme for the judicial drama will undoubtedly be fear and lie. We will learn all the details about the murder of the archbishop. There is a suspect – a very young guy, to whom all the evidence indicates. However, he stubbornly denies his guilt and tries to convince his lawyer. A haughty lawyer is ready to send the boy to prison. He simply does not care, but in the course of numerical interrogations, he discovers something. What can completely change the course of the investigation? Now their already strained relations have become completely confused. In addition, the case complicates the prosecution – in fact, the prosecutor Janet Venable and the lawyer Martin Vale were lovers.

Cinema Search: 7,832

8. Red Dragon

Red Dragon

Year: 2002

Genre: thriller, drama, detective

Director: Brett Ratner

Duration: 124 minutes

The events of the picture take place shortly before what is described in “The Silence of the Lambs,” and also before the appearance of Clarissa Starling. We have to find out the man who could catch Hannibal Lecter himself. His name is Will Graham and he is a special agent in the service of the FBI. The arrest of Lecter is very tough and almost deprives Graham of life. Will understands that playing with fate is no longer worth it and leaves the office in the Bureau.

Everything changes with the advent of a new serial killer. As if Will did not want this, but he has to return to the Bureau and look for him. This monster was nicknamed “The Tooth Fairy”. He makes his way to the houses to the victims at night and cuts out entire families. It becomes obvious that the case is a freelance case and consultation with a specialist in mental abnormalities is necessary. He goes to Hannibal himself because before they were arrested they communicated well and maybe find a common language again.

Cinema Search: 7,769

9. The people against Larry Flynt

The people against Larry Flynt

Year: 1996

Genre: drama, biography

Director: Milos Forman

Length: 129 minutes

We learn about Larry Flynt, the hero of the seventies. This is the time of the sexual revolution, as well as various cultural cataclysms. Larry was well aware that people needed something more than just television and picnics on weekends. People need spectacles!

Having an excellent intuition, he decided on a fateful step for him – he published a porno magazine “Hustler”. Surprisingly, such a simple thing split the then society into two camps: those who are against him and his supporters. It was a real challenge to society! Those who considered themselves insulted decided to punish Larry Flynt.

Cinema Search: 7,611

10. Robbery in Italian

robbery in Italian

Year: 2003

Genre: action, thriller, crime

Director: F. Gary Gray

Length: 111 minutes

The film will tell about a team of successful robbers led by John Bridger. John was always on top and planned the perfect deal. However, sooner or later everything ends and the team decides that it is necessary to crank one last thing and go to rest.

Bridger has a difficult business – stealing gold bars, which involves the best specialists: an insider, a driver, a demolitionist and a technician. A beautiful plan was drawn on the notes and millions of dollars were in the hands of friends. However, they did not have a lot of fun and splendor with such wealth in their hands. The perpetrators were shattered by the betrayal of one of the members of their team.

Cinema Search: 7,593

Extraordinarily powerful films that tell us different life stories and shed light on love, pain, truth, and betrayal. Particular attention should be paid to the philosophical cinema, which is likely to change your whole life.

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