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The best ways to clean the eggs


Eggs are the source of the best protein that can only be found in foods. It is easily digested, contains a balanced range of essential amino acids, well, in general, eggs – it’s very tasty. It is known that in order to preserve all useful substances, one must eat boiled eggs.

But even if you prefer an omelette or scrambled eggs, you have to face the most unpleasant thing that eggs contain – cleaning them. Not only can the process itself become a culinary pain, so also the ubiquitous shell can involuntarily become another ingredient in the dish. Such problems are known to everyone, but there is a cunning decision to any problem. Our list of tricks will help to easily clean the egg, whether it is raw or boiled.

1. Desktop Method

A simple way to which you can go and yourself, but video from the Internet is much more visible, is not it? The cooked egg should be cooled in cool water and rolled on a hard surface. The crushed shell will easily separate and give a perfect boiled egg.

2. Water and a glass

This trick is as simple as it is popular on the Internet. YouTube users watched a video about an unusual way of cleaning eggs more than 15 million times. The comments speak for themselves: “All these years we have cleaned the eggs wrong! Down with the fingers attached to them. ”

3. Spoon for help

Use the spoon. Whether boiled egg or raw – a teaspoon is your best helper in the aesthetic cleansing of eggs. The boiled egg can be cut into two halves and after that pull them out with a spoon, or you can do as a guy does on a video – clean the egg by clearing a small patch with a blunt side. A spoon will also help if you want to protect yourself from pieces of shell in a dough or other dishes.

4. Vinegar and soda

Stock up with soda and vinegar. Adding a little to the water when cooking, at the output you will get a softened shell, which will easily depart from the insides of the egg, even when cleaning in the usual way.

5. Tennis ball mixer

This method will not help in cleaning ready eggs but opens up new horizons for culinary prospects. By simple manipulations with a tennis ball and a rope, you can make an improvised mixer for raw eggs, which mixes the yolk and protein. In the end, you get an unusual dish that will surprise the inexperienced eaters.

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