8 causes of chronic loneliness

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Chronic Loneliness

Chronic loneliness: There are women who attract men like a magnet. Others on the contrary push away. If you have a chronic order of no relations, then, there may be several reasons. Try to understand.

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1. The lack of feelings

No matter how hard you try and no matter what efforts are made, but if the heart is locked, all efforts are in vain. To create a pair, a prerequisite is mutual feelings. “Sustained love” in this case does not work.

2. Overpriced bar

Create in the mind an ideal image of its second half is typical for many of us. But let’s face the truth. You meet a guy, talk to him, and understand that he is not the hero of your novel. So it is with the other candidates: none of them fits your idea of the perfect man. But man is not the hero of the movie and not a fairy-tale Prince. Think about it, maybe your requirements are too high, and it’s time to lower the bar?

Overpriced Bar

3. The unwillingness to compromise

To create a strong tandem, it is important to be able to negotiate and make mutual concessions. If you are not ready for this, then all attempts will be doomed to failure. Unless you meet a weak-willed man, ready to submit to your authority in everything. But do you dream about such a partner?

4. Unhealed Mental Wounds

Have past relationships been painful and failed? Forget it. Release the situation. A new acquaintance is not to blame for the fact that you could not find mutual understanding with a former young man. It is not worth projecting your mistakes from the past onto new relationships.

Unhealed Wounds

5. Attempts to change yourself

In the desire to keep a man, you try to match his ideal and gradually begin to lose your individuality. However, this cannot go on forever. Time will pass, and he will find flaws anyway, and maybe it will leave you “imperfect”. Do not lose yourself, let you love the way you are.

6. Unwillingness to relationship

Failures in past relationships prevent you from building new ones? Are you afraid that with the new guy the negative will repeat, from which you relatively recently got rid of? Do not dwell on the bad. Try to erase bad memories as soon as possible and visualize dreams of a happy future. After all, thoughts are material, remember?

Not Ready For A Relationship

7. Unrealistic expectations from love

Remember that our life is real. You should not expect that the elect to conquer Everest for you, go into space or jump from a thirty-meter bridge. You want to see a person next to you who will be a support and protector – so live earthly joys and appreciate what you have.

8. Fear of losing independence

There is nothing wrong with independence. And if you are not ready to share your living space with someone else, listen to his desires, take into account the needs of a nearby person, do not torture yourself. Wait, when you really want it.

Fear Of Losing Independence

If you blame fate for chronic solitude, this is not the right tactic. It is worth admitting to yourself that loneliness is your conscious choice or a consequence of the factors listed above. If you want to change the situation – start with yourself: correct your behavior and correct views on some things, and changes for the better will not keep you waiting.

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