Jessica Cocker from Florida loves animals very much. She has a dog in her house, marsupials and a few reptiles. But her most famous pet is the fox Juniper. He has his own page in the Instagram, which is regularly viewed by thousands of subscribers. Recently, Juniper had the comrade-fox Fig. Jessica is happy to tell people about her pets, as well as about what it’s like to keep foxes in the house.

“I am often asked whether Juniper and Figs were caught in the forest or taken out in captivity,” Jessica says. – I tell everyone that both my foxes are the descendants of those foxes that a man has been growing in captivity for more than 150 years for the sake of fur. They cannot be released into the wild: they already have much more modest behavior than their wild relatives. “


“Juniper prefers to sleep with me on my bed,” Jessica says. – However, the night begins at about 4 am and ends at about 8.30. The rest of the night he scours the house, not letting me sleep. “


“I would not recommend an unprepared person to start a domestic fox,” warns Jessica. “After all, they are wild animals, and they behave accordingly, especially by the end of the day.”

fox 2

“Lisam needs an element of taurine, which is contained in raw meat,” says Jessica. – Therefore, we mainly feed Juniper and Fig with raw meat, adding vegetables and fruits. But if Juniper was allowed to choose the food himself, he would eat only chewing marmalade and beef! “

fox 3

“Foxy urine smells just awful!” – Jessica admits. – This smell is somewhat like a skunk. Fortunately, both Juniper and Fig are accustomed to the fact that when they stay at home, they must go to the toilet on absorbing a disposable diaper. This, at least, helps to keep the smell in one room. We are constantly cleaning to get rid of the smell, but we can not do it, because foxes constantly mark corners. But what can you do – they are not to blame, it’s just an instinct. “

fox 4

“Foxes like to be ironed,” Jessica says. – But they agree to this only under strictly defined conditions, which they choose themselves. So, Juniper almost every day wants to be stroked, and exactly when I sleep. And it does not stop him: he will scratch my blanket until I wake up. “

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