What men like in women other than looks?

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Women: It is naive to believe that in order to fall in love with a man, it is enough just to look attractive. Appearance, of course, matters, but for the birth of stronger and deeper feelings, much more is needed than just a pretty face, a slender figure, and feet from the ears. What do men find attractive in us, besides looks?


Friendly girls always enjoy the attention of the male. Between the stylish bitch and the good-natured simple guy, they will choose the one that will be cute and take off, with their loved ones and friends. Good people make the world around them better and with it all those around them. One smile and a gentle look can melt a man’s heart.


Optimism and sense of humor

It is much easier to overcome the hardships that every now and then gives us fate if there is a person who is able to defuse any situation with a joke. Good mood to everyone, and if a girl knows how to create this mood for herself and for a man, then this is a big plus for her. Do not try to be a comedian and entertain your partner tirelessly. A rather elementary sense of humor and an optimistic outlook on life.

Rich inner world

Men are not interested in pacifiers – women without internal content. No matter what you are passionate about in life, the main thing is that this occupation makes your eyes burn. With a person who is spiritual, inspired, and passionate about something, it is always interesting to spend time and talk for hours on end.

Rich Inner World


In addition to beauty, men appreciate in their companion the ability to find contact with people. If you can find an approach to his friends and relatives, become the soul of the company and a welcome guest in their society, you will win the heart of your boyfriend forever. Each of the men dreams of such a friend of the days.


If a woman knows her worth, does not hide her inner self for masks, and knows how to defend her opinion and honor, she will always be attractive in the eyes of any man. Do not try to pretend to be who you are not. If you respect yourself, then those around you will meet and see you off not according to your clothes, but according to your mind.


Not many women can boast of flawless beauty by nature, but men also have different tastes, so they need to be conquered not by their appearance, but by their personal qualities and special style that will set them apart from the general mass and make them special.

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