How to get rid of insomnia: 7 Powerful tips

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Bad sleep periodically occurs in the life of each person, while the causes of sleep disturbances can be different.

These include excessive overstrain, both emotional and physical, depressed mental state, including depression, a strong concentration on the problem, life event, lack of sleep and wakefulness system.

On the other hand, the cause of insomnia can serve as idleness, lack of physical activity and vivid emotions in life.

How to get rid of insomnia?

  1. The easiest way to restore sound sleep is to exercise. Sports work wonders, but remember that the best time to train is 3-4 hours before bedtime. A good addition to active exercises is a bedtime walk and a contrast shower.
  2. To get rid of sleep disturbances, it is necessary to limit the use of coffee or tea. The causes of insomnia also include smoking before bedtime, and if you think that smoking relieves stress, this is an erroneous opinion. British scientists have concluded that smoking increases nervousness and makes you want to smoke another cigarette.
  3. Before you go to bed, do not listen to loud music with headphones. Fresh air has a positive effect on sound sleep, so in addition to walking, you should ventilate the room before going to bed.
  4. Going to bed should be moderately well-fed. Do not eat right before bedtime, but falling asleep on an empty stomach is not an easy task. If nevertheless, the feeling of hunger does not give rest, you can drink a glass of water or kefir.
  5. Equally important for sound sleep is inner self-satisfaction, so give all your best every day and fill your life with pleasant and vibrant events. Falling asleep with a smile on your face is much easier.
  6. Often thoughts that can flood insomnia can be triggered by a flood of waking consciousness. Do not concentrate on thoughts and even more so to single out one of them, let them go through you, remaining unnoticed, just relax.
  7. Before going to bed, it is recommended to yawn, unless of course, you have already done so, so you will remind the body that the time to stay awake for today has passed.

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