Most popular pets: Scientists still can’t figure out when a person first got a pet. Several thousand years ago, our ancestors tried to domesticate wolves. They understood that animals could be of great use in hunting.

Of course, there are very few such daredevils now. People choose more harmless animals that have long adapted to live next to humans.

The most common animals are dogs and cats, but it is not necessary to choose them all the time. Other pets can keep you company and save you from loneliness.

These are the top 10 most popular pets.

1. Cat


Cat is the most popular pet. You can say that cats do not do any good (except for catching mice), but people love them very much.

Despite their independent and freedom-loving nature, cats can also be friends. They become very attached to their owners.

There is an opinion that fluffy pets positively affect human health and the nervous system. The average life expectancy is 12-18 years.

A cat will not require a significant investment. It would be best if you had a tray, filler, food, and toys. Animals are pretty unpretentious. In many ways, care is due to the breed of the animal. Most cats need combing and cutting of their claws.

2. Dog


It seems that we know everything about dogs. People have them for various reasons. Someone needs a dog for protection or hunting, someone for friendship and love, someone for prestige.

In any case, a dog is the most loyal friend who will bring many joyous moments to any person’s life. The average life expectancy is 10-13 years.

Dogs are easy to care for. You will not have to spend money; you must buy ammunition for walking and toys. Quality food, a visit to the vet, hygiene procedures (depending on the breed) – this is all a dog needs.

The owner should prepare for long walks and provide the dog with an active lifestyle. Even representatives of most miniature breeds can not do without walking.

3. Goldfish


Of course, fish are unlikely to be able to cheer up their owner, but they have many advantages over other pets. They calm down; doctors even recommend starting them for people with unstable minds. In addition, the aquarium contributes to creating a favorable microclimate in the apartment.

There will be no problems with them: you do not need to walk or take care of your hair, and they are silent. Perfect pets. Their life span depends on their size.

Fish need an aquarium. It is not necessary to buy a huge one, you can limit yourself to a budget option, but you should make sure that the fish will have enough space in it. You must regularly change the water and take care of aquarium plants and fish.

Mandatory procedures include feeding and monitoring. It is better to count your pets every day and pay attention to their appearance and behavior.

4. Parrot


Not everyone will like living near a parrot, although, at first glance, it may seem that they do not cause any trouble, this is not the case.

Parrot communicates by shouting; you’ll have to forget about silence. They are not very clean; they have a lot of dirt. They quickly cause damage: they spoil things and other household items.

But next to them will never be boring. Parrots are friendly, easy to train, and can be taught various tricks.

In addition, they are long-lived pets. Life expectancy can range from 10 to 100 years, depending on the species.

Parrots are easy to care for. Before buying a pet, you must prepare a cage and toys and stock up on high-quality food. The only difficulty is cleaning.

Owners of parrots will have to clean the cage and wash the bird regularly. Parrots are not very fond of swimming; this can also be difficult.

5. Hamster


Hamsters are unpretentious, friendly, and quick-witted. They attract people with their low cost and ease of care. Hamsters are nocturnal, so it may seem that these animals are inactive and sedentary. They quickly get used to the hands and even give in to training. But they do not live long, no more than three years, depending on the type and state of health.

Care for the animal should begin with choosing a suitable cage and equipping it with everything you need: a drinking bowl, a feeder, and a toilet. You can provide the hamster with an active lifestyle with the help of a wheel, a maze, and a particular ball for walking around the apartment.

Otherwise, hamsters are not pretentious. It is enough to provide the pet with food and water, trim its claws and regularly change the litter in the cage.

6. Rabbit


This cute animal will bring a lot of joy to its owner. Usually, they have a light character, are happy to accept affection, and are playful. Children very much love rabbits.

If your child is still young, it is better to wait a little longer with the purchase. These animals are very fragile, painful, easily injured, and die. By the way, the rabbit will not like the neighborhood with a dog or cat. The average life expectancy is 5-7 years.

Rabbits are tough to care for. They need a spacious cage and preferably an aviary. The pet will be able to monitor the cleanliness of the fur coat independently, but the owner will have to monitor its health. And very carefully. They are afraid of drafts; a fall from a small height can result in a spinal injury.

7. Turtle


A turtle is an exotic animal. It is not very popular, although it is ideal for busy people. The turtle does not need to be combed and walked; it will not scream and get in the way or spoil furniture and things.

These cute creatures are a pleasure to watch. Although some turtle owners disagree, you won’t be able to play with them. Animals can be picked up, but remember that they don’t like it. Turtles are long-lived (depending on the species), with a life span of 20 to 80 years.

If you decide to get a turtle, prepare to spend money. A spacious terrarium, an ultraviolet lamp – the pleasure is not cheap. Many people prefer not to buy a terrarium; the turtle lives on the floor. In such conditions, this doesn’t seem right; the animal will not live long.

Turtles need to perform hygiene procedures depending on the species: trim the claws and beak (only on land). Detailed information on how to care for each species is best obtained from a veterinarian.

8. Guinea pig

Guinea Pig

A good option is a guinea pig. These animals have a calm, easy-going nature and love to play. Guinea pigs can’t live without companionship, so if you’re often away from home, consider keeping your pet company.

The animal spends most of its life in a cage, but it is necessary to take daily walks around the apartment. If there is a lack of movement, it may have health problems. The average life expectancy is 4-8 years.

Guinea pigs are unpretentious; their maintenance does not require significant financial investments. You will have to spend money on a cage; if there are several animals, it is better to choose a more spacious one. You should provide your pet with toys, so it does not get boring. Mandatory procedures for caring for the pet are cutting claws and bathing as it gets dirty.

9. Rat


Rats are called ideal pets. They have many advantages. They quickly get used to any mode and adapt to the person. They are fascinating to watch. They are affectionate, intelligent, and clean. They will help to relieve stress, and what is essential, they are easy to maintain and do not require significant material costs.

Rats love socializing. Busy people should choose another animal or buy two rats at once. Perhaps their only drawback is their life expectancy. Rats live for 2-3 years.

As already mentioned, rats do not require special care. They only need a spacious cage, bedding, water, and food. Owners of rats should remember that “walks” around the apartment should take place only under supervision. Your pet can ruin your personal belongings or chew on the wires.

10. Ferret


In India, ferrets became pets relatively recently, only 10 to 15 years ago. The domestic ferret is no different from its wild counterpart. It leads a nocturnal lifestyle, shows activity, frolics, and sleeps during the day. But these animals are very charming, easy to learn, and playful.

Do not forget that the ferret can harm its owner. Another reason why this pet is not suitable for everyone is its specific smell. Life expectancy is 8-10 years.

Caring for a ferret is not as easy as it may seem at first glance. The first step is to prepare the apartment and ensure no cracks and holes in the floor and walls. The animal is fond of getting into a secluded place and can get stuck. Limiting the ferret’s freedom to a cage or at least one room is better.

We’ll have to train it to the tray and trim its claws. The ferret is a very fragile animal; it must be protected from cold, heat, and falls. If you are not ready to treat it like a crystal vase, it is better to choose something else.

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