How to choose concealer for the summer?

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Summer is the period when it is necessary to conduct an audit in your cosmetic bag. What kind of concealer to choose and what to look for? All the secrets – already in the material!

If you have already changed your nourishing cream for a light emulsion or fluid, it’s time to talk about tonal basics. Heat provokes sebum and inflammation. This leads to the rolling of your daily makeup.

In order to disguise minor flaws, make makeup more persistent, reduce sebum secretions and make a beautiful matte or glossy effect, you need to know some secrets. Beauty-crib is ready!

How to choose concealer for the summer?

The first thing you should pay attention to is the density of the consistency. Stake on lightweight basics. Of course, they will not completely hide the flaws, but you can even out the tone of your face. It is best to choose a matte effect because the glossy – can turn into a greasy shine. Many manufacturers add different degrees of SPF protection to their products. Which one to choose? The best option is about 15-20 units in the summer.

How To Choose Concealer For The Summer

If you have dry skin, choose a foundation with moisturizing ingredients and oils in the composition, but for owners of a fat and combination type, it is better to “bypass such ingredients.”

Tone cream Bourjois Healthy Mix

Tone Cream Bourjois Healthy Mix

The foundation contains extracts and vitamins that refresh the skin and give it a glow. The soft texture does not create a mask effect on the face, but it masks minor imperfections well. Another advantage is stamina because it will be needed on a hot day!

Concealer Clarins Skin Illusion

Concealer Clarins Skin Illusion

The tonal basis of Skin illusion is practically not felt on the skin (like a veil). You can control the degree of coverage yourself – it all depends on the application of the product. The structure has SPF 10. Optimal protection for the city. One of the interesting components is pink opal powder particles. They give the skin a delicate glow.

Perfect Teint Foundation from ARTDECO

Perfect Teint Foundation From Artdeco

The product hides imperfections and makes wrinkles less visible. The tonal framework is suitable for different skin types. The composition has hyaluronic acid, which moisturizes and ginger extract (has anti-inflammatory action). Don’t like creamy decorative cosmetics? Use masking pencils. It is very convenient!

NYX Professional Makeup Mineral Stick Foundation

Nyx Professional Makeup Mineral Stick Foundation

Beauty tools in the form of the stick are popular. You can take this product with you and fix your makeup at any time. A great option for the summer. You can apply a dotted texture or a brush.

Maybelline Dream BB Cream

Maybelline Dream Bb Cream

A great alternative to the usual tonal basis. BB cream easily tones and evens skin tone, but unfortunately, it cannot hide obvious flaws. This tool is suitable for prone to oily skin. The product contains SPF 15.

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