The benefits of maturity in a relationship


Maturity: You can quietly do a facelift. Such that only you know about it. Prick the hyaluron and precisely know your working side, well, so that if you photograph, then only her. You can rehearse the voice, so as not to fall for some kind of nervous ringing hysteria, which active pensioners have.

You can take care of your hands and neck because it is already known that they, the traitors, are the first to give up and give away our age. In general, one can very consciously and persistently deceive the biological clock and even ensure that they do not tick or at least slow down their frantic race. But, you know, there are still a few moments when the age to face. Not even age itself, but the derivatives it gives.

For example, take the brain. The brain to the face the age is not cool. They, thank God, do not tighten. The mind can only be pumped. And that’s amazing, you only start to have bleeding of the brain, immediately understand that age has its charms. And it is not necessary so zealously to powder. After all, they can even be proud of. Because there are important moments that come only with experience. Only with life’s wrinkles and beaten from unnecessary races and drops knees you’ll realize: damn, but you can do differently.

For example, only wisdom will tell you that the woman as in the man, in fact, important maturity. Only with wit and wisdom born from experience, she will understand the value of maturity. And most interesting, you will know that maturity comes with age. It can manifest even at an early age, from passing days she does not. But it, in any case, you need experience. Then maturity is not strained hypocrisy, and perceived need.


A mature woman is a gift for men

I had cool men, all the men with whom I had a relationship were beautiful, says a mature woman. And this is an important sign of maturity. You are not yet ripe if you complain about it to your girlfriends.

A mature woman can appreciate. Because one morning she woke up with an important quality – she suddenly realized that she had learned to appreciate all the people she came across in life. Straight of all, because everyone taught her something.

A mature woman does not teach and does not nag. Do not blame or complain. A mature woman, as well as a mature man, do not present themselves as a victim to be pitied. With them, with mature people, it is always interesting to deal with: a working attitude or personal, because they are always partners. A mature woman is always on par with her man. If you want a man to always be with you, try to become friends. Becoming a friend is the best foundation for a strong relationship. And this is really possible only for mature individuals.

Mature woman

This is an extremely important skill to become a friend to your man

An important value of maturity in a relationship is the ability to be partners. Lovers of Mature personalities turn out perfect. The husband and wife of Mature individuals is exactly the kind of couple that “they lived happily ever after”. And if sold, has not ceased to be happy. This is an extremely important skill to become a friend to your man because of partner and friendly relations between a man and a woman have a number of advantages.

If not forever, then for a long time

Okay, first is the passion, without it anywhere. But the passion, love, and even love is emotion, a clear cocktail of hormones. We don’t know how they (emotions) come along, we have not learned to control them. As well as understand how they (emotions) lose weight. Part of hormones changes constantly. Today it’s crazy, tomorrow is already starting to get bored and think of some Vadim. Therefore, Mature people, having this whole cycle can protect their relationship. Emotions fueled by hormones, pass, friendship remains.

It is the freedom for two

Partners-friends have the most important for the relationship quality they can trust. If you become friends with your man, you will notice how quietly will cease hysteria on every occasion, they say, you promised to return before, where you were, who you were, are you sure that there were no women? You trust him, you casually learn this, and you’ll see how much easier it will become. Yes, and him too. Partners-friends know how important freedom is for humans. You will be given the necessary freedom. No more invented excuses and stupid reasons, you’re going to live your life too, while remaining in the pair.

Is growing together

With a partner-friend, there is always something to discuss. Because you don’t play gender roles, they say, he should always be smart and strong, and you’re stupid and feeble. By the way, it’s wrecking a lot of unions, because people suddenly get tired of playing the role imposed. With a partner-a friend, you can discuss everything. There are no reservations, you just know he’ll understand. In such a relationship don’t need to pretend, because it is the relationship between two Mature personalities.

This is not a roller coaster

Of course, if you want relations with anguish, then you are not yet here. Here this will not happen. Partners, friends practical open books for each other. They are aware of all the disadvantages, discussed bugs, confessed to the doorsteps of the past. Probably, they are comfortable together because they have nothing to hide. You’ll be ready for the reaction of his men if he honestly admits that his mood is shit, and when he’s in the mood, it is better not to touch. In relationships partners friends fewer scandals. Probably because they are more.

roller coaster

Maturity does not come at will. It must come, often come to her through the pain. You have to live somehow you think, strong love, to be left, abandoned, to cry, to suffer, to rise, to shake, and to finally find home support in his life. Mature you’ll be when you get back to yourself. This is the main condition of maturity. Because, looking back, you realize that the main love of your life is you.

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