How to comb your hair?

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Comb your hair: Haircare should be comprehensive. Even the comb is important because the process of combing activates the growth of hair follicles. Let’s talk?

The first step you need to determine the type of comb. For daily care use a comb with rare teeth, which should be sharp, so as not to injure the scalp.

The second option is to brush. It will massage the scalp and promote the growth of hair follicles. Please note that if you choose plastic material — it can trigger the electrification of the hair.

1. No need to comb wet hair

Many girls love to comb wet or damp hair. Do this before shampooing (helps to unravel the knots). Otherwise, such action may lead to injury of the cuticle and formation of split ends.

2. The universal technique of combing hair

The technique depends on the root length. If you are the owner of long hair, start with tips. For short from the root. No sudden movements!

The Universal Technique Of Combing Hair

3. Should not comb hair too often

Any comb or brush may injure the hair cuticle, so you should not comb your hair too often. Only two or three times a day!

4. Use oils and special sprays for hair

Oils soften hair and facilitate the process of combing. Use a tool that will restore structure and tips without weighting. Another cosmetic find is antistatic. The spray will remove electrified hair. Worth trying!

5. How to choose a comb?

To pick up a comb you need individually. One of the best options is a natural material tool. For example, from wood. Note rare the kinks. In order to improve blood circulation use massage brush and make a beautiful styling “helps” round brushing.

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