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Trendy haircuts 2019 which will suit everyone


We continue to reveal the beauty trends of 2019. Today we will talk about one of the fashionable haircuts, which will suit almost everyone!

All girls love to try something new, especially haircuts and coloring techniques. If you are tired of constant experiments and are ready to stop at the universal version, then pay attention to an even cut on the hair.

Everything about this fashionable haircut in 2019 is already in the material! We are sure that you will have no doubts because it is suitable for different hair lengths.

To suit clean cut on the hair

An even cut can be different. The main thing – a combination of correct geometric lines. Please note that the tips may not be processed (without filming). It is suitable for thin or thin hair. In other cases, you need to find a “balance” of length and thickness to make styling visually easy.

To suit clean cut on the hair

Some choose a straight cut in the shape of an arc. This is an option that is suitable for damaged hair.

To suit clean cut on the hair

Trendy haircuts pros

A haircut with geometric lines always gives extra volume and density to the tips. Another plus is universality for different hairstyles. Looks very stylish and fits any look!

Clean cut on the hair, adds the visual volume!

What techniques of staining to combine?

More recently, we talked about the fashionable colors of this season. It all depends on your length. Long hair looks great in natural color or in combination with air touch. For an even square (just below the shoulders) – it is better to choose a balejaz or shatush.

With some staining techniques to combine

Straight cut hair styling

You know when a beautiful hairstyle is done in the salon and the next day you absolutely cannot put on your hair. Haircut with an even cut has its own nuances. To ensure that the tips are neat and not sticking out in different directions – use texturing (styling) products and light oils that will prevent breakage and “smooth” hair scales. We told about different beauty products in the material: the best hair oils that will save your tips.

Hair styling with straight cut

Ready to try a fashionable haircut in 2019? Please comment below.

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