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The Professions, because of which many women get fat


You ask, what unites the director, the physician and the kindergarten teacher? A wonderful “chance” to gain weight during work. On the Internet, we found a selection of such professions, choosing which, women are at risk of recovering unnoticeably.

1. Accountant and manager

Accountant and manager

As practice shows, it’s enough to sit in the office for a couple of years after calculating the debits-credits, as the size of clothes “grows” for nothing. What is the reason for such metamorphosis?

Nervous overstrain.  Allow an accountant a single mistake – and you can not avoid troubles. And these constant reports, checks, audits. For nerves, it’s just “roller coaster”. And how do we act when we are very worried? That’s right – we eat.

Mental load. Accountants and directors have to react quickly and to think, and in this brain helps glucose, which we love to get from sweets.

Hypodinamy. The work takes a lot of time and energy, so for fitness and even elementary walks, there is neither strength nor desire.

Status.  It is curious that people “in office” sometimes tend to subconsciously gain weight, in order to appear more solid.

2. Teacher


These professions also fall into the category of superfluous kilograms.

A responsibility.  Teachers bear not only moral but also criminal responsibility for the life and health of children, while they are in school. From such anxiety, the hands themselves are attracted to something delicious.

Surrender. Teachers all day at school, in the evening – plans for the next day and endless notebooks. With such a tight schedule, it is very difficult to allocate time to take care of yourself.

The duty to be correct and to be kind.  This oh, how not easy, considering what kind of children are now and their parents. But teachers are not supposed to lose their temper, so regular “flashes” they often extinguish food, which is why they risk becoming fat in a literal and figurative sense.

3. Cashiers and nurses

Cashiers and nurses

Than patients often thank doctors for attention? That’s right, sweets and chocolates. In addition to sweet presents, excess kilograms are also favored.

Stress.  Constant communication with people, emerging conflicts and reproaches – all these bitter costs have to “seize”.

Money. The representatives of these professions, alas, not the highest earnings, so women can not afford healthy food (fish, quality meat, vegetables). In their diet a lot of flour, fatty and favorite mayonnaise.

4. Cooks and confectioners

Cooks and confectioners

This category naturally includes women of so-called “edible” professions.

The abundance of food. She is constantly in front of her eyes, and on duty, she needs to try what she prepares. There is a piece, a piece here. And so everything is delicious, that involuntarily you lick your fingers.

A busy schedule. Paradoxically, cooks who spend 12 hours a day at the stove do not have time to organize meals for themselves in time. Here and eat all the time that the arm will fall.

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