Bill gates success story

Bill Gates

Bill Gates, what do we know about him? The richest man on the planet, creator of the Windows operating system, eccentric and philanthropist. Bill Gates is the name that every modern inhabitant of the planet Earth knows. So who is he: a genius, a great programmer, a successful businessman?

There are people who go to their goal completely ahead, are ready to sweep various obstacles, competitors and other factors that impede progress, absolutely by any means, and Bill Gates is one of such a number of people.

About Bill gates

William Henry Gates III was born on 10/28/1955. in Seattle, USA, in the family of a corporate lawyer. The craving for computers appeared in a young Bill in childhood, especially with regard to interest in the program code and the creation of programs. After 2 years of study at Harvard University, Bill Gates was expelled and immediately began to create computer software.

Undoubtedly, Bill Gates is an excellent programmer who could fall asleep in his office so as not to waste time on his way home and then back to work, and when he wakes up, he continues to write code. But the way we know him, he was allowed to become his talent as a brilliant businessman.

Gates earned his first millions by selling the MS-DOS system, which was installed on computers sold by IBM. There were few players on the market, and cooperation with the Blue Giant could allow Bill to really earn money, especially because IBM needed a new operating system. At a meeting with IBM representatives, Bill Gates confidently stated that Microsoft was just finalizing an OS that would be entirely suitable for IBM computers, which was not true. Microsoft did not work on creating an operating system, but Bill knew a Seattle programmer from whom he could buy the necessary OS.

Tim Paterson sold Microsoft his QDOS operating system for $ 25,000, after which Bill Gates accepted him as a Microsoft employee, where Paterson recently developed his QDOS for the needs of IBM. Initially, Tim was completely unaware of the collaboration between Microsoft and IBM. The result of the work of Tim Paterson was the MS-DOS operating system. It is easy to notice that Microsoft did not have a direct relationship with the creation of MS-DOS.

The world expansion of the new operating system began when, following the conclusion of an agreement between IBM and Microsoft, the latter received a commission from each IBM computer sold instead of the fee for selling MS-DOS. In addition, under the cooperation agreement, Microsoft had the right to sell its operating system to third parties. These terms of the contract made Bill Gates a millionaire.

But few people remember that the graphical interface was first introduced into the operating system by Apple. Steve Jobs was angry to learn that Microsoft had created a similar product.

Is Bill Gates a great programmer and innovator? No. Bill Gates is a great entrepreneur, but it was his entrepreneurial abilities that made the computer accessible to the average user at an affordable price.

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