Organizing a wedding in record time is not an easy task. In the race over time, you need to take care of everything that a normal wedding requires: a large number of guests, stylish decor, a delicious banquet, and much more. Even worse, if you are organizing a wedding for relatives or friends, and on the day they have chosen, you also have a very important event planned! Of course, you can perfectly cope with all the barriers and create a charming celebration. It is important to know all the secrets and subtleties of organizing a wedding in 30 days.


At the moment, the wedding ceremony continues to create more and more new professions that a few years ago were unthinkable. We are talking about those wizards who can design, plan, and organize a wedding at the best level.

Of course, if you have 12 months to prepare, if you know a lot of companies for organizing wedding activities (wedding dress salons, restaurants, car rental, etc.), if you are planning a wedding in the same city in which you live and you don’t demand a lot from the celebration, then the help of a professional is not required. But if you dream of some special place, you want to invite a DJ to dance until the morning and, in addition, prepare all this in record time, then, unfortunately, it will be very difficult to cope on your own.

If you still decide to hire a wedding organizer, believe me, that this will be a better option than 2 years of self-preparation and listening to advise from all friends and relatives. Arm yourself with a notebook and pen to write down the most important points for organizing your dream holiday. Here are a few details that you should know when organizing a holiday with the help of a professional.

The most important is the venue

The most important is the venue

Not only because it is one of the key components of the wedding (of course, apart from the love of the newlyweds), but also because it is the most difficult issue that requires careful selection and preparation. Especially if you want to find a very beautiful and photogenic place outside the city.

Such a place is difficult to find because of the theme of the wedding, wishes for the location, the desired date (there may not be free places on your day), or the size of the budget. In choosing a venue, rely on the wedding organizer, a professional who will offer a lot of options, show photos of objects, choose a DJ, catering, and even makeup artists and a hairdresser for the bride. Thus, the preparation will pass quickly, efficiently, and effectively.

Number of guests

Number of guests

The first thing that takes our thoughts during the organization of the wedding (if we are talking about a traditional ceremony) is how to find a place where 200 people can be accommodated and, of course, it should be beautiful. In fact, the number of people is not such an important issue when organizing an express wedding.

The number of guests then matters when you want to have a wedding on Saturday, in the midst of all the celebrations. In this case, a small wedding greatly simplifies the work, as the choice of places increases and there will be no problems with arrangements at the last minute. Therefore, if you have the opportunity, organize a celebration on one of the weekdays. Thus, there will be no problems with celebrating in your favorite country corner, and the owners of the chosen place may even make a discount since they practically do not receive income on weekdays.

What to forget about?

What to forget about

The wedding organizer can greatly facilitate the work and achieve those results that, because of the short time, seem unrealistic. But this does not mean that you hire a wizard who can do a miracle for you. If you want to get a wonderful wedding in a short time, you must be very receptive and flexible to new proposals.

Get down from heaven to earth, trust your organizer, and understand the real possibilities for organizing your wedding. Here are a few things that, unfortunately, will have to be forgotten due to the short preparation time:

  • The wedding is Saturday between May and September
  • Forget about a large space, country estates, or hotels before rejecting the options offered by the organizer.
  • About the vagaries of the fact that you do not want to hire an organizer and can handle it yourself.
  • About doubts in decision making and constant change of options.
  • What do experts think about organizing an express wedding?


If you hired the person responsible for the design and organization of your holiday, then there should be no failures on the most important day of your life. It doesn’t matter how much time is allocated for the organization, because professionals will do everything to make you remember this happy holiday for life. Remember that if you put the organization on your relatives and friends (at the same time, each of them will be responsible for the guests, decor, location, or catering), many problems can arise due to the discrepancy of the work done to your wishes.

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