How to find yourself in life, seven simple and effective tips

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Since ancient times people have been asking themselves how to find themselves in life. After all, from how early a person realizes his destiny, and his life depends. This article shows seven simple ways how to find yourself and save time, which is better spent for the realization of your main life goal.

Remember your childhood dreams

Trying to find themselves in the gray whirlpool of everyday life, people very often slide into a depression, completely forgetting the bright colors of life. But, there was a period of carelessness, dreams and fairy tales. Childhood! And each of us in those years wanted to become someone when he grows up. Represented himself as a specific hero, while playing with peers.

Perhaps in children’s dreams and laid down a hint that will help everyone find themselves in life. In those years we still did not know much, and, dreaming of becoming an astronaut, did not even imagine the existence of an otolaryngologist or merchandiser, but the main interests were laid just then. So, there is a rational grain in trying to remember your childhood dreams, talk with your parents or those people who took the main part in education. Perhaps this conversation will make key adjustments and prompt how to find yourself true and true.

Analyze your skills

Instead of constant sadness and philosophizing, like “I can not find myself in life,” it’s better to spend much less time just trying to find out for myself. Select at least one evening or any other time of the day for introspection. Walk in the park, go fishing or stock up on biscuits and wrap yourself up in a blanket. The main thing is that it helps to relax and tune in to a dialogue with yourself.

Ask yourself the question of your life’s vocation and try to hear the answer of your subconscious, in which, probably, lies the information that can help people find themselves. What kind of work is of interest? What is nice to do? What to do? Analyze the representatives of what professions most often appear in your favorite movies and TV shows. About whom is interesting to read and learn something new? And most importantly at such a moment, a person must be honest before himself! It is important to answer the question, what does he know how to do? After all, any of us necessarily knows something better than others.

To understand in what environment it is comfortable to be

No wonder there is a saying “tell me who your friend is and I’ll tell you who you are”. After all, all the space surrounding us, every person with whom we have to communicate, forms us as a person. Therefore, trying to find oneself, it is desirable to apply not only introspection but also to look at those people who are nearby. First of all, it concerns friends, because relatives and colleagues are not chosen by work, but those with whom to be friends – a conscious decision. Analyzing others is emotionally easier than yourself, so you should look for yourself in life through the knowledge of others.

Think about what you like to do in your spare time

Work, study, household duties are not always chosen by us voluntarily. Sometimes people are forced to do something not by their own will, but by coincidence. But, sooner or later there is free time and how a person will spend it, depends on himself personally. At such times, you should listen to your desires. Where do you want to be, where do you want to be? In a noisy campaign at a party, or in a secluded place with a cup of tea. Read a book or at the speed of the wind to ride a bike somewhere along the country road?

Perhaps understanding your hobbies and hobbies will help you to better know and find yourself. By the way, the majority of really well-off people achieved success when they started doing their favorite thing, turning their hobby into work. So the world learned many great writers, artists, artists, and representatives of other creative professions.

Do yourself self-education, expand your worldview

New knowledge is one of the best ways to find yourself and your place in life. For example, how does a person determine that he wants to become a marketer, even if he has not heard the words of such a monster? And perhaps, on the contrary, when you hear about a village in the Himalayas, someone will decide to sell their entire business and go there in search of universal harmony and pacification. And there will find real happiness, far from city vanity, imperfect laws, and daily duties.

To arrive at such decisions, it is necessary to find out that they generally exist. And without constant self-education, this is not possible. And sometimes “I can not find myself,” say people who simply do not know much about all the opportunities open to them in this world.

To understand what causes a sense of joy

Another reliable way to find yourself is to understand what exactly in this life causes a feeling of joy, helps to become happy. After all, your internal microcosm cannot be deceived. By the way, there is a term called “syndrome of procrastination”, simply – laziness! This concept is a kind of evolutionary device that does not allow us to waste time on unnecessary things.

It is worth pondering why people are taken with pleasure and pleasure for some tasks, and they are too lazy to think about others. Perhaps, it makes sense to exclude from your daily list of cases those that bring negative emotions. Or, just try to change your attitude to such work.

Draw Your Own World

The original way to find yourself is to draw your own world, in which I would like to live. Think about the desired environment, work, friends, hobbies, and in general an ideal self! Calmly let the flight of fantasy in any direction, without any restrictions and rules. The condition is desirable to fulfill only one thing – a person needs to feel happy in a fictional world! Then you should compare your fantasy with reality. See what is missing in real life for the embodiment of their desires.

Perhaps not so much? Identify the main benchmarks that a person not only would like but could improve. As a result, instead of fantasies and dreams, an approximate plan of action will appear. Then it will remain to revise it once more, leaving the most important and starting to implement it. It is important to remember that the real world is also created by ourselves, our thoughts, words, actions. And no one else has the right to prevent a person from finding himself in life, nor is he obliged to help him in this! This is a personal task of everyone and therefore a person must deal with it himself, first in his head, and then in reality.

In this article, seven ways to find yourself, understand your purpose and the meaning of life are considered. The main thing in this search is to rely on your heart and mind, as well as your intuition. Listen to your inner voice, take a closer look at the people around you, realize what exactly is causing a feeling of joy and happiness. If someone does it all, then finding yourself in this world will not be difficult for him. And having found this understanding and everything else will be much easier to put on their seats.

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