Beautiful words for girls: 270 pleasant and affectionate phrases

Beautiful words

Don’t you enjoy hearing beautiful words addressed to you? The same thing happens with your girlfriend.

Only for any woman, beautiful and affectionate words are even more important and desirable attributes of a relationship, thanks to which a girl will definitely feel happy, loved, desired and special.

Pleasant, affectionate and beautiful words for girls:

  1. I can’t stop thinking about you. You have all the time in my thoughts.
  2. Your smile out of my head.
  3. I really liked how we spent time together today.
  4. I am very happy when you’re around.
  5. Only with you, I feel truly alive.
  6. Thank you for what you are.
  7. Your infectious laugh is like a beautiful melody that caresses my ear.
  8. I like the way you smile.
  9. I like you.
  10. You’re the only thing I want to think.
  11. You’re incredibly beautiful.
  12. I can’t describe the feelings of being with you.
  13. When I’m with you, I feel like in a perfect world.
  14. Thank you for all that you do for me.
  15. Last night I was thinking about you.
  16. My first thoughts every morning are thoughts of you.
  17. How you slept today?
  18. You changed my life for the better.
  19. Without you, my life was not bright.
  20. Can’t wait for the moment when I again Wake up next to you.
  21. You’re awesome.
  22. Every day I love you more and more.
  23. You’re perfect.
  24. The only thing I need is you.
  25. I want to be with you.
  26. Thank you for helping me to understand what love is.
  27. Come on out tonight to watch a movie and cuddle.
  28. I’ll cook dinner tonight for the two of us.
  29. You make me feel like the happiest person in the world.
  30. I appreciate how well you treat me.
  31. Thank you for supporting me.
  32. Thank you for taking care of me.
  33. I want to always take care of you.
  34. I want to kiss you all night.
  35. I will never forget the moment when we first met.
  36. You’re cool.
  37. You always know what I need.
  38. I want to hear your voice.
  39. Your voice makes my heart beat faster.
  40. You always make me smile.
  41. I miss you.
  42. You get prettier every time I see you.
  43. My favorite color is the color of your eyes.
  44. I want you to be happy.
  45. You are my soul mate.
  46. My soul shines every time you smile.
  47. I want time to stop when you’re near me.
  48. You make me become the best version of yourself.
  49. I am extremely happy that I met you.
  50. You’re my inspiration.
  51. Loving you is my greatest pleasure in life.
  52. You are always present in my thoughts about the future.
  53. You’re my only one.
  54. When we are together, everything else is irrelevant.
  55. A day without you seems like a year, and with you passes like a flash.
  56. You have no idea how wonderful it is to Wake up every day knowing that I have you.
  57. You brighten my day every time I see you.
  58. You take my breath away.
  59. I want to spend my whole life holding your hand.
  60. I can’t wait to see you again.
  61. Every time I say goodbye to you, your beauty prevents me to open arms.
  62. You are the flame that always warms my heart.
  63. When in my life there are difficulties, your smile gives me the strength to overcome them.
  64. The proudest moment in my life is when I embrace you.
  65. After our meeting, I began to believe in fate.
  66. You are so beautiful that I just can’t tear his eyes from you.
  67. You are the best.
  68. You look amazing.
  69. When you’re sad, it’s like the whole world is filled with sadness but when you smile, the whole world seems to be smiling at me in response.
  70. When you’re around, I realize that my best reflection in the mirror, but in your loving eyes.
  71. The only thing I can’t stop doing is thinking about you.
  72. Your presence makes the world beautiful.
  73. Since I met you, I began to believe that dreams come true.
  74. For me you’re like home, where I always return, my heart never left, and which is entire.
  75. Whenever I want to smile, I close my eyes, imagining your smile, smile back.
  76. You understand me so well that sometimes I feel like you can read my thoughts.
  77. I like your voice, your eyes, your smile, your gait. I like in you absolutely all.
  78. Your eyes like the rising sun, because thanks to them my day becomes bright, warm and joyful.
  79. The most difficult thing at every meeting with you is what we have to say goodbye.
  80. Your absence creates in my life the silence which I filled in, closing his eyes and thinking about you.
  81. It was nice to see how you sleep. You look like an angel.
  82. I’ll have to arrest you for stealing my heart.
  83. Doctors are terrified – my heart is not visible on x-rays. I reassured them by saying that I gave it to you.
  84. Our love is like coffee: strong, hot, and filled with an unforgettable aroma.
  85. No flower in this world cannot compare to your beauty.
  86. I get depressed if you are not with me.
  87. Good morning, beautiful.
  88. The best thing about my awakening is when I look at your beautiful face.
  89. Wake up, sleeping beauty.
  90. I can’t wait to spend another beautiful day with you.
  91. I can conquer the world with one hand if you keep me for another.
  92. You’re the best thing that ever happened to me.
  93. Your smile shines brighter than the stars.
  94. Of all the stars, you are the most beautiful.
  95. This dress fits you perfectly.
  96. In any dress, you look gorgeous.
  97. You’re the last person in this world that I wish to offend.
  98. You are the center around which revolves my world.
  99. When you’re with me, everything goes as it should.
  100. Thinking of you makes my heart full of happiness.
  101. You have the most beautiful eyes I have ever seen.
  102. You are my lucky charm. Every time I think of you, something good happens.
  103. After meeting you, I realized that I have everything in my life that I need.
  104. How can you be so perfect? How can you be so beautiful? You’re beautiful.
  105. Happiness is when you close your eyes to kiss me.
  106. Before meeting you, I did not believe in love at first sight.
  107. Beauty is your middle name.
  108. The best day of my life is the day when we first met.
  109. You look so good that I’m ready to eat you with my eyes.
  110. You are the reason I wake up with a smile, spend my day happily and go to bed waiting for the next morning.
  111. The three best things in my life are You, You and You. In my life, there is nothing better than you.
  112. My love for you has changed me forever.
  113. My favorite place is where we’re together.
  114. Your blue eyes are an ocean in which the ship is sinking my love for you.
  115. All my aspirations and achievements arise only because I have you.
  116. You’re not just my sun, moon and stars. You’re my entire universe.
  117. At the moment I’m starting to count down the minutes until our next meeting.
  118. Fall in love with you is the second best event in my life, and the first day we met.
  119. I dream that we will always be together, creating as many shared memories as possible.
  120. You are the most beautiful girl I’ve ever seen. I like our nightly conversations and the way you fall asleep on my chest. I like the way you laugh, because thanks to your smile, my day becomes bright and special. You’re perfect.
  121. You are my most precious gift.
  122. I will always be there to protect you from any trouble that may arise on your path of life.
  123. Every time I look into your beautiful eyes, I melt and fall in love with you more and more.
  124. Never change, because I love you the way you are.
  125. To say goodbye is my least favorite class.
  126. I feel such a strong connection between us that sometimes I feel like we knew each other in a past life.
  127. A moment without you seems like an eternity.
  128. Your femininity and beauty never cease to amaze me.
  129. I cherish every moment spent with you.
  130. I would like to go back and spend with you every day of my life.
  131. I will always love you, whatever happens.
  132. I can’t help smiling when I think about you.
  133. I am intoxicated by your beauty.
  134. I love to feel the touch of your hair.
  135. Your smile is the sun that shines on a dark day through the clouds.
  136. I could watch you all the time.
  137. I will hug you all weekend.
  138. Your kiss has a touch of magic.
  139. You are more precious to me than all the treasures in the world.
  140. I feel good with you.
  141. You’re the reason and the meaning of my life.
  142. Because of you, my life has turned into an incredible adventure.
  143. Your kisses are my addiction. Your hugs are my medicine.
  144. My soul was looking for you all my life.
  145. I like the feeling that occurs when I touch your velvet skin.
  146. Every time I see you, my heart is trembling from happiness.
  147. Your eyes are so expressive and beautiful that I was lost in them.
  148. If you go to a mirror with nine roses, you will see ten of the most beautiful wonders of the world.
  149. My life is a puzzle, and you are its most important piece.
  150. I am ready to give up everything in the world for the sake of your kisses every morning.
  151. Your sweet lips are all I need.
  152. Never thought I would meet such a beautiful girl like you.
  153. Fire burns in my heart, and it burns only for you.
  154. Your smile can change the whole world, and your laugh can turn my life into a fairy tale.
  155. You taught me two things: how to trust another person and how to love someone more than yourself.
  156. My heart is in captivity of love for you, but I absolutely do not want to get out of it.
  157. Look into my eyes and you will see me. Looking into my heart, you will find yourself.
  158. Before meeting you, I did not know what it means to smile for no reason.
  159. My love for you is like a circle that has no beginning and no end.
  160. The brilliance of your eyes is more precious to me than an ocean of precious stones.
  161. You are my most cherished dream, embodied in reality.
  162. I lose control of myself when you’re so close.
  163. You have a perfect figure.
  164. Your touch caressing my heart.
  165. I love that we can talk to you about anything.
  166. You are a very interesting and special girl.
  167. When we are alone, it seems to me that I am taking the most beautiful from the whole world.
  168. I’ve never met such a perceptive intellectual like you.
  169. Your beauty and mind conspired to make me fall in love with you.
  170. Your smile fills you with joy every morning.
  171. I feel uneasy when I think that we might not meet.
  172. Your beauty is a force that I cannot resist.
  173. Your voice is as sweet as honey.
  174. All rights reserved: I am only yours, and you are only mine.
  175. You are a treasure and the light of my life.
  176. You are a living work of art that I can admire forever.
  177. Is it legal to be so pretty?
  178. Your voice makes me forget about everything that is happening around me.
  179. I am so lucky to have you.
  180. I love that you understand me even when I don’t utter a word.
  181. You even look beautiful when you’re angry.
  182. You are my angel.
  183. When I’m with you, it’s hard for me to believe that this is not a dream.
  184. You are the balm that heals my soul, and the medicine that relieves me of any pain.
  185. You are my wings you make me fly.
  186. You dance well, you have great plastic.
  187. I can’t concentrate on anything else except your smile and your mesmerizing eyes.
  188. If you cry because of me, it will be only for joy.
  189. If you could see yourself through my eyes, you would have a better idea of how beautiful you are.
  190. Your beauty blinds me because it comes from your heart and reflects in your eyes.
  191. The blush on your cheeks is just adorable.
  192. I want you to know – you will never be disappointed in me.
  193. I like the way you look at me.
  194. I like how we can sometimes stay awake all night.
  195. You’re very gentle.
  196. I love it when we look at each other, knowing that others are watching us.
  197. You cook very tastily.
  198. I like to lie in bed at night with you in an embrace and just keep quiet.
  199. I appreciate your ingenuity.
  200. With you, I realize that anything is possible.
  201. You have a great sense of humor.
  202. I like your spontaneity.
  203. I love to shower with you.
  204. You have a very nice voice.
  205. Thank you for always find time to show me how much you love me.
  206. I love your beautiful hair.
  207. I believe that you were meant for me and me for you.
  208. You have impeccable manners.
  209. You’re the most beautiful girl, terrific lover and best friend.
  210. Come to the mirror, and you will see the world’s most beautiful girl.
  211. You always know how to surprise me.
  212. I love how good you smell.
  213. My life is beautiful because of you.
  214. You’re the only reason for my happiness.
  215. In your eyes, I see my whole universe.
  216. I love it when you Wake up next to me.
  217. I believe that we were born to meet once and be the perfect couple.
  218. I will always support you.
  219. You’re the only person that I think of before sleep.
  220. Last night was incredible.
  221. Your image for me is something between a dream and magic.
  222. I believe in us and our happiness.
  223. I always tell everyone how amazing you are.
  224. I am very proud of you.
  225. The main ingredient of the perfect date is you.
  226. Only with you, I feel absolute comfort.
  227. You’re very precious to me.
  228. You have sensual lips.
  229. I miss your kisses.
  230. In the morning you are especially sweet.
  231. I love the way your eyes shine when you smile.
  232. My favorite thing is to love you.
  233. Every day with you is a gift that I greatly cherish.
  234. Life becomes beautiful when I hold your hand.
  235. The whole world stops when I hold you.
  236. I miss you, even when you’re around.
  237. You make my life meaningful.
  238. If beauty was time, you’d be an eternity.
  239. I need a map because I’m lost in your eyes.
  240. If stars would fall every time I think of you, the sky will soon be empty.
  241. If beauty would be a crime, you would be held accountable.
  242. Your father must have been involved in the war because you are just a bomb.
  243. I feel wonderful for you.
  244. You mean a lot to me.
  245. You are a gift to others.
  246. You’re awesome.
  247. You are inimitable.
  248. On a scale of 1 to 10, you deserve 11 points.
  249. To spend the weekend with you, like to go on vacation.
  250. People who believe that nothing perfect happens are just not familiar with you.
  251. Today’s dream was magical because I dreamed of you.
  252. Your opinion is very important to me.
  253. My heart always leads me to you.
  254. You’re turning me on.
  255. You’re amazing.
  256. I’ll never let you go.
  257. Everything reminds me of you.
  258. I smile every time I receive a message from you.
  259. For me, there’s only you.
  260. In a crowd my eyes always trying to find you.
  261. Parting with you is the worst part of my day.
  262. My life began in the moment when you entered it.
  263. Your smile not only brightens but also warms my heart.
  264. I forget about all the problems when I look at you.
  265. You’re unpredictable.
  266. I brought you these flowers to let them see what real beauty is.
  267. You have a perfect body.
  268. I can’t stop kissing you.
  269. I’m jealous of myself because I have you.
  270. You’re the most important person in my life.
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