Who is henpecked: 12 signs

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Henpecked Husband:  Family life is nominally beautiful, but its actual manifestations can be quite diverse.

And if the classical scheme of relationships between a man and a woman assumes that a man is at the head of the family, this state of Affairs does not always happen, and some men don’t need it.

And yet, when a woman plays the dominant role in a relationship, the man is called henpecked.

Well, everyone has their own way, but if this situation makes a man feel depressed and unhappy, it’s probably time to change something.

Considering the main signs of henpecked:

Henpecked Husband

1. He agrees with everything the woman says

A man has no right to express his opinion. He always has to agree to whatever his wife says, even when his heart and mind tell him to do something completely different.

He believes that it is better to nod in the affirmative than to listen to insults or moralizing.

This is the main sign of henpecked.

2. All strategic decisions are taken by a woman

In such a house, the owner is the wife. She makes decisions, and unanimously.

The woman speaks, the man listens. She orders and the man fulfills.

In family matters, a man does not have the right to vote.

Blaming a woman, in this case, is not necessary, because, most likely, he lost the right to take an active part in joint family plans on his own initiative.

3. Men have no desire to go home after work

The male mind works out various unpleasant scenarios of the likely course of events after his foot crosses the threshold of the house.

The wife acts as the master, and he is like a helpless slave, completely cowering in hopeless frustration.

What is the best way to avoid unpleasant emotions? Stay late at work or work overtime, even on a day off.

4. Man is subjected to abuse by women

In a sense, this can be called emotional and mental violence.

A woman insults a man by comparing him to relatives, friends and colleagues, saying that he is a pathetic loser.

Insults are also used in the presence of other people, and the man does not even think to contradict, just smiling stupidly and burying his head in his shoulders.

5. He chooses his words and tone

A man thinks several times before saying anything to his wife. His self-control, apparent calm, and apparent composure are somewhat to be envied.

Even when his heart is full of anger, the situation does not change at all. And who cares if his opinion in the house does not matter at all.

6. His money doesn’t belong to him

On the day of receiving the salary, all the money goes to the disposal of the wife, because only she decides what to do with it.

A man does not have the right to fulfill any personal desires of his own free will.

7. A man does not leave an unhappy state

Depression and other unpleasant emotions become the norm of his life.

He does not often smile, and in the rare moments when a smile appears on his face, the man pretends that it is sincere.

The art of real joy and fun is completely forgotten, remaining somewhere in the past.

8. He has no Hobbies of his own

An energetic, contented man, as a rule, has different interests. These include, for example, sports, yoga, tourism, or even modeling airplanes.

A man draws energy from these small joys in life that help his marriage stay strong.

Henpecked in this regard, however, solid white spots.

9. A man is limited in communicating with other people

And it’s not just about meeting friends. Restrictions may also apply to communication with relatives and even with parents.

10. He is terrified of losing the woman

He constantly humiliates himself and asks for forgiveness for no reason, because he cannot imagine life without his wife and her instructions.

11. He relaxes when the woman is not around

As soon as the wife leaves the house, the man can have a snack or relax in front of the TV, thereby letting off steam in timid solitude and feeling a whiff of freedom.

And a sparkling joke from his lips at a visit from neighbors can only be heard when the woman moves into another room.

12. He begins to cheat or lie

Often a man does not tell the truth to his wife. For example, a delay at work can become a screen for meeting friends.

A man begins to think that it is better to lie than to become a victim of anger on the part of a woman.

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