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Orange essential oil – properties and application for face, hair and cellulite

Orange essential oil

Externally, the Orange essential oil looks like a fluid of a yellow-orange color, which has a sweet fruity aroma. Orange essential oil is one of the most affordable and accessible essential oils.

Get essential oil from fresh orange peel by cold pressing and steam distillation of the peel.

In many countries, especially in America and Brazil, the production of essential oils is combined with the production of orange juice. However, orange essential oil is not too high quality.

The best in terms of quality is considered to be oil from Spanish and Guinean orange.

The leaves of orange tree are used to produce petitgrain oil, flowers oil of neroli.

Need to know what orange oil is subject to very rapid oxidation. For this reason, usually, add antioxidant substances.

Essential oil can be obtained from sweet and bitter orange. This oil contained in the fruits, flowers, and leaves, but the highest number occurs in the peel of sweet orange. These two varieties differ in their composition and proportions of the active substances contained in the oil. Oil of bitter orange (Citrus Aurantium) has a more delicate flavor.

orange oil

Helpful information

Home to orange trees in the East – China and India.

In the European countries of orange essential oil for therapeutic purposes to use began only in the late XVII century. In those days it was a quite rare and expensive product. The first in Europe was the bitter orange. It was spread by the Arabs from Persia through North Africa. The juice of the fruit was described by Avicenna, who used it as a drug. In the XVI century by the Portuguese for the first time, the sea began to import fruit and seedlings of orange trees from China.

Today, orange trees are grown in many countries of the world: America (California), the Mediterranean, Mexico, India, Egypt, etc.

Use for skin and cellulite

The orange essential oil has an extensive application. Most often it is used to care for skin and hair. This oil also has excellent anti-cellulite properties.

What is the use of orange essential oil for the skin? First of all, we note that it is suitable for all skin types. It normalizes sebum production, makes the skin more supple and smooth, helps in the fight against wrinkles, relieves muscle tension. Also has a bleaching property that helps to lighten age spots. Removes toxins from the skin, softens rough skin, so it helps with calluses.

Use for skin and cellulite

Orange essential oil has a positive effect on dry skin, has tonic properties. Orange oil stimulates the regeneration of dry skin, hydrates it and increases blood circulation. It is particularly indicated for aging skin. Great for oily skin because it cleans and tightens pores, helps get rid of the scars that remain after acne.

Orange essential oil also stimulates lymphatic flow, reduces edema and swelling.

Orange essential oil is actively used for getting rid of cellulite. Helps dandruff, especially in dry hair.

Use orange essential oil for the care of the oral cavity. The oil fights inflammation and bleeding of the gums, cures stomatitis, helps with periodontitis.

Orange essential oil relieves eczema, psoriasis and other types of dermatitis. Relieves cold sores on the lips.

Due to its beneficial properties, in the cosmetic industry, the essential oil is included in lotions, creams, bath additives and deodorants. Perfume is a base for perfumes and colognes.

The therapeutic properties of orange oil

The same oil has many healing properties. We say only some of them: thanks to the anesthetic effect, orange essential oil relieves headaches, relieves muscle and joint pain, neuralgia, menstrual pain.

This oil improves the immune system. Has good antiseptic properties that can be used for colds, flu and upper respiratory infections.

Positively influences the essential oil of orange on the gastrointestinal tract: normalizes the stomach, helps to eliminate toxins, increases appetite. Has a diuretic and choleretic properties. It is useful to prevent the formation of gallstones. Helps in cases of poisoning and constipation.

Use orange essential oil for the purpose of prevention and treatment of diseases of the cardiovascular system. It increases blood circulation, normalizes blood pressure. Proven to cleanse the blood and lower cholesterol. The oil is also useful in obesity and edema.

The therapeutic properties of orange oil

The emotional impact of live orange

Orange essential oil improves mood, cannot only soothe but also to tone up. Relieves fatigue. Helps to eliminate insomnia and anxiety.

The orange essential oil has beneficial effects on the bioenergetics of man. The orange oil helps to relax, relieves stress and depression. It helps in the treatment of diseases that were caused by stress.


Do not apply orange essential oil on the skin in Sunny weather. This is because the orange oil is phototoxic, it accumulates the sunlight and can cause sunburn.

It is important to remember that the owners of sensitive skin orange essential oil long-term use in large doses may cause irritation and increase its sensitivity.

Need to know what the ingestion of orange essential oil may increase feelings of hunger. With caution, you should apply it to those who are allergic to citrus fruits.

Recipes applications and dosage

Now here are some ways to use essential oil of orange for skin and hair.

Recipes applications and dosage

  • Massage take six to ten drops per 10 grams. the basics.
  • For aroma lamp use 3-5 drops per five square meters of floor space.
  • For a full bath, enough 4 drops of orange essential oil with the emulsifier.
  • In the bath or sauna, you can add 3 drops of 10g of water.
  • For application on the gums should be mixed with vegetable oil (1:1). For regular care of the oral cavity, it is recommended that a drop of orange essential oil to a glass of warm water to rinse your mouth.
  • For the enrichment of face masks, creams, tonics, and shampoos need five drops per ten grams basis.
  • Inhalation: for 200 ml of water two or three drops of orange essential oil to the emulsifier. The procedure lasts 5-7 minutes.
  • For internal application can be added to tea one drop twice a day.
  • The orange essential oil is added to the alcoholic (liqueurs) and nonalcoholic beverages. Oil natural lemon. Orange oil is widely used in industry, it is often used as a Dietary Supplement.
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