What to take to the sea? 9 Tips

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Regardless of whether you are going to the sea for the first time, or whether you are already an experienced traveler, it is always useful to have at hand a list of things that will be useful to you during the trip.

1. Select a travel bag

Select A Travel Bag

Wherever you go, choose a travel bag that is versatile, lightweight and large enough to hold everything you need.

The most important decision you should make regarding luggage is to purchase a large, reliable bag. Traveling with luggage in a bag that has a broken wheel, a broken handle, or a zipper is the worst thing that can happen to you.

It is also important to choose a travel bag that matches the nature of your trip, holds all of your belongings, and is easy to carry.

Which bag to choose

  1. Travel bag on wheels. If you face it, a wheeled bag will be your best bet. You do not have to carry all the things on your back, especially if you know that you are going to travel around a city where there are paved roads and sidewalks.
  2. Four-wheeled trolley bag. When you have your bag full of wheels on wheels, the weight of your luggage can become indecently huge, especially if you have to travel long distances on foot. Think of a four-wheeled bag to eliminate the effect of gravity on your wrist and move the bag without extra effort.
  3. Wheeled backpack. If you are “lucky” to cross various types of terrain, including those not designed for “driving on wheels,” then a wheeled backpack would be a great option.
  4. Backpack for travel. If you know that you don’t need excess weight, traveling with a tourist backpack will mark your freedom of hands and maximum versatility.
  5. Handbag (shoulder bag, small backpack). Such a bag (backpack) can be a great addition to the main baggage. You will be able to carry the most necessary things in it at the resort, as well as put the hand luggage in it on the plane.

2. What clothes to take on the sea

What Clothes To Take To The Sea

If you need to pack a large number of things in a travel bag, trying to fit them can be an issue for you. A great way out of this situation would be to use compression or vacuum bags, which can reduce the volume of your clothes by more than 50%.

Don’t forget that at airports there are regulations that establish the maximum weight of baggage for free transportation, usually not exceeding 20 kg. for one person. Therefore, when choosing things, proceed from the principle of the greatest necessity.

List of clothes for men at sea

  1. Swimming trunks.
  2. Underpants.
  3. Socks.
  4. T-shirts.
  5. Pullover.
  6. Cap.
  7. Shorts.
  8. Jeans (chinos).
  9. Slippers
  10. Sneakers.
  11. Shirts.
  12. Belt.
  13. Sunglasses.
  14. Watch.

List of clothing at sea for women

  1. Swimsuit.
  2. Underwear.
  3. Pareo.
  4. Socks.
  5. Skirt.
  6. Dress.
  7. Shorts.
  8. Mikey.
  9. Jacket.
  10. Tops.
  11. Hat.
  12. Jeans (pants).
  13. Slippers
  14. Sneakers or ballet shoes.
  15. Sandals.
  16. Belt.
  17. Sunglasses.
  18. Jewelry.

List of clothes at sea for children

  1. Swimming trunks or swimwear.
  2. Underpants.
  3. Socks.
  4. Shorts.
  5. Jeans.
  6. T-shirts.
  7. Dress (for girls).
  8. Skirt (for girls).
  9. Top (for girls).
  10. Panama (cap).
  11. Pullover (sweater).
  12. Slippers
  13. Sneakers.

3. Hygiene products

Hygiene Products

  1. Toothbrush.
  2. Toothpaste.
  3. Comb.
  4. Soap.
  5. Shampoo for hair.
  6. The shower gel.
  7. Shaver (for men).
  8. Shaving cream (for men).
  9. Loofah.
  10. Toilet water.
  11. Sunscreen.
  12. The face cream.
  13. Wet wipes.
  14. Cosmetics (for women).
  15. Towel.
  16. Personal hygiene.
  17. The toothpicks.
  18. Manicure set.
  19. Toilet paper.
  20. Sewing kit.
  21. Mirror.

4. What medicine to take to the sea

What Medicine To Take To Sea

  1. First aid (bandages, cotton wool, adhesive plaster bactericidal).
  2. Medicinal recipes.
  3. Painkillers and antipyretic drugs.
  4. Drugs against diarrhea.
  5. Allergy drugs.
  6. Activated carbon.
  7. Mezim.
  8. An antibacterial ointment is applied.
  9. Vitamins.
  10. Spray for mosquitoes.
  11. Seasickness medicine for you.
  12. Tools for healing wounds.
  13. Cardiovascular medications.
  14. Drops for the nose.
  15. The broad-spectrum antibiotics.
  16. Condoms.
  17. Drugs needed given the specifics of the region.

5. What kind of electronics to bring with you to the sea

What Kind Of Electronics To Bring With You To The Sea

  1. Mobile phone.
  2. Headphones.
  3. Camera.
  4. Chargers, power banks.

6. What documents to take to the sea

What Documents To Take With You To The Sea

  1. Passport.
  2. Visa.
  3. Discount cards (if available).
  4. Cash.
  5. Bank plastic cards.
  6. Medical insurance policy.
  7. Transportation ticket (plane ticket, train, bus, etc.).
  8. Contact information of the hotel or the travel Agency (it’s representative).
  9. Printout of hotel reservation.
  10. Information about your route.
  11. Emergency contacts and important addresses.
  12. Copies of the above documents in case you lose them. A copy of the passport is better to do more than one. It is advisable to send digital copies of documents to your e-mail, so that in the event of the loss of all things, without exception, you have access to the documents.
  13. Map, travel guide, directory.
  14. Consent to the export of the child abroad if necessary.

7. What else to take to the sea

What Else To Take On The Sea

  1. A pen.
  2. Books, magazines, crossword puzzles.
  3. A bottle of water.
  4. Playing cards.
  5. A plastic mug.
  6. An inflatable mattress.

8. Take safety precautions while traveling

Take Safety Precautions While Traveling

In most large cities, tourists often have to pickpockets. The easiest way to keep your values safe is to keep them hidden closer to your body.

One way to do this is to hide your valuables under clothing. Another way is to lock your bags.

Security features

  1. Wallet belt or hidden pocket.
  2. Wallet around the neck.
  3. Luggage lock.
  4. Reflective clothing and luggage accessories.

9. Prepare your home before going to sea

Prepare Your Home Before Going To Sea

  1. Organize the care of pets, plants, lawns.
  2. Make a prepayment of your bills.
  3. Get school activities for kids at home.
  4. Leave the refrigerator empty.
  5. Unplug the appliances.
  6. Turn off the air conditioner (heater).
  7. Turn off all the taps.
  8. Close all doors and Windows.
  9. Store your valuables in a safe place.
  10. Leave the key to the house and information about the route of your trip to a reliable friend (relative).

Good luck and have a great vacation!

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