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Relationships: Not all guys like tall girls of model appearance. Model criteria have long been a thing of the past. Today, many are sympathetic to the miniature female person. But before deciding on a relationship with such an “inch” it is worth knowing all the features of such a union. And they, as it turns out, a lot.

Respect her as a person

Girls often complex about their small stature, so try not to focus on this particular of them. As a rule, low people compensate for the lack of a few centimeters in growth by the rich inner world. Showcase how you value her talents, character, and mind in every way.

If it works, then instill in her that low growth is more of dignity than a disadvantage. Never emphasize in everyday situations that she cannot reach for something, or merges with a crowd of teenagers without heels. It may seem to you cute and funny, but for her, it will be an extra reason for the complexes.

Respect Her As A Person

Do not give her offensive nicknames

If your girlfriend is sensitive to the theme of her height, then be especially careful in expressions. Avoid gentle nicknames, which she may regard as a hint of insufficient physical development. Do not call it tiny, petty, decently, and other offensive words.

Be her protection and support

Little girls subconsciously choose high guys as partners. On the one hand, they want their children to be tall and strong. On the other hand, they are seeking compensation for what they are deprived of because of their height. Try to help her in the household trifles that cause her difficulties: hang the curtains, take out objects from the upper shelves, sit her down on the steps in the transport or carry through puddles that she cannot jump over. Remember that you are for her – the support and the wall, the main assistant and protector.

Be For Her Protection And Support

Let her be with you sometimes as equals

Imagine what a short girl to communicate with you, constantly looking from the bottom up. Be prepared for the fact that you will often bend over to kiss her or whisper something in your ear. And in moments of quarrels, let her feel on a par with you, sit down on a chair or vice versa – put her on a stool so that she can express her complaints to you in the eyes. As practice shows, in such cases, both partners cannot hold back smiles and quickly come to a reconciliation.

Find the pros

Short stature does not make your girlfriend inferior or worse than others. You know, as they say – small spool yes roads. So in this case. Miniature ladies are not inferior to tall women. And in some situations, they can even give them a head start! For example, they can penetrate into hard-to-reach places, or easily put your hand into the bottle, taking out a pickle or tomato for you. Notice such advantages and do not stop talking about this to your darling. Let him know that you appreciate her and be proud of how special she is.

Find The Pros

Avoid long walks

It is no secret that small girls often wear heels to visually appear higher. When offering your favorite another walk in the park, do not forget that for her legs this will be a real challenge, even if she does not give a look. Remember this always and try to take breaks, sitting on the benches or in the cafe. Do not let a girl in heels stand for a long time – take care of her legs.

Carry it on hand

What woman does not love when her beloved is in her arms? Everyone thinks this gesture is incredibly romantic. If the girl is miniature, it will not be difficult to do it more often. Delight your baby with similar signs of attention. Take her in your hands more often, turn around, call her a fluff – such compliments will be very pleasant to her.

Wear It On The Hands

They say that in a perfect union opposites attract, therefore, if your chosen one is short and you are above average, then you have great chances for happy and harmonious relations. Less pay attention to the disadvantages, and more concentrate on the beneficial aspects of communicating with a miniature girl.

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