How to maintain a relationship: 9 important tips for guys

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Maintain A Relationship

How to maintain a relationship? A man is a versatile and self-sufficient person. As a rule, he has many interests and hobbies that occupy a huge part of his life.

And yet, no matter how busy and self-sufficient a man is, sooner or later he will have to become part of a serious relationship with a woman. The path to long-term relationships is dictated by nature itself, which is pointless to resist, it remains only to follow its manifestations.

Despite the presence of a certain inevitability of a long-term relationship with a woman in your life, you can control this process.

Of course, you should not go in cycles and completely concentrate on how your relations with a girl develop, to be a fatalist – that’s all.

However, there are certain rules that you must follow in order to maintain a relationship with a girl.

Give the girl what she needs (do not confuse with what she wants), and she will never leave you.

How to maintain a relationship?

1. Your full responsibility

Your full responsibility in the relationship means that you make all decisions.

A large number of women note that many men do not know how to take the initiative, do not have confidence, and are also unable to make decisions.

Simple examples of when you have to make decisions:

  1. Where you will spend the weekend
  2. What time and where you will meet.
  3. Which table in the cafe you sit, etc.

In principle, a woman is quite simple: know what you want, and go to your goal. The woman, in turn, will follow you. It is not necessary to ask the girl what to do if these issues relate to your area of expertise.

If in a relationship you can’t make decisions and are not responsible for your woman, options for the development of your relationship a bit:

  1. She will leave you.
  2. The girl will make decisions for you, and you will turn from a man into a boy.

The prospect is gloomy, so remember that as a man, you must bear total responsibility for yourself, your life, and also the life of people close to you.

2. Dominance

In order to maintain relations with a girl, you should know that relations are important for you.

You are both the shield and the sword of your relationship. You lead, she follows. You conquer this life, and the girl helps you and is a motivator.

What else is your dominance in relations with a girl manifested: it is you who decide where, when and how you will have sex with the girl.

3. The buildup of emotions

Undoubtedly, for a girl, you are both a king and a god, but even this is not enough. To keep a girl and fall in love with her even more, you must be different.

You need to show not only your strong and courageous qualities. You are a person, and you may have different emotional states. A girl should know that you are not a stone, that you are the same as she – from flesh and blood.

Within the reasonable show the girl your different qualities. Become a fun adventurer and a serious, thoughtful man. Be persistent and courageous, but sometimes ask her to hug you tightly and dissolve for a moment in her tenderness.

In short, nothing complicated.

4. Interaction with 4 components of women

  1. Female-female. What awaits you is a manifestation of female permanent quality sex. Once you have decided to pursue a serious relationship with a woman, moonlight impossible.
  2. Woman-child. You have to take care of his girl, to protect her, pity her and, whenever possible, to be close. In General, you “Mr. strong man’s shoulder”. However, don’t forget to indulge in children is impossible.
  3. Mother woman. Women are so arranged that they like to take care of someone, and you need to let her take care of yourself. For some reason, it seems to me that this will not be difficult for you.
  4. Woman friend. A woman is the same wonderful person that you are. In this world, there are women with whom it is really very interesting to spend your time. Such girls can give not only the satisfaction of primary male needs but also interesting, pleasant communication. Study the girl, her qualities and features, and also let her know herself.

5. You must be ready to drop everything and leave

Yes, man, it is at such moments that the girl begins to realize that you have eggs. Only now she is confident in this, and not when you had your first sex.

Women are skilled manipulators. Sooner or later, any girl will try to subordinate you to herself, and it depends only on you whether this treacherous plan will pass or not. He commanded himself – he became a rag and was automatically transferred to the role of a temporary patch until the moment when a real man appears in her life.

If you are sure that you are being manipulated, if it is absolutely clear to you that a girl has gone too far in a given situation (for example, she hangs up the phone without any obvious reason during a conversation or calls you an obscene word), you must explain to the girl that such an attitude towards yourself you will not endure.

In order to maintain a relationship, a girl should be afraid of losing you. This can only lead her to realize that you are ready to quit and leave. If the woman has left the fear of your loss, consider that the trigger for breaking your relationship has already been cocked.

6. The girl needs to be a certain lack of you

This can be explained by this: she must want to see you a little more often than you she actually sees. For this you have to have their Affairs and interests, plunging into which you periodically shut off from the zone of her immediate attention.

Such matters and interests include:

  1. Work (business).
  2. Sports.
  3. Hobby (Hobbies), etc.

To be honest, from the break in relations, no one is immune. But if that happens, your life will be other important things that you will be able to shift their focus. Even based on this position, you must have their Affairs and interests.

7. No jealousy

If you want to learn how to maintain a relationship, then jealousy is definitely not an assistant in this science.

If you are jealous, you show the girl that you are afraid of losing her. To love, to tremble and to be afraid is the position of a woman, and you should not take her. If you are afraid of something or someone to lose, you will lose it.

It’s better to say with the words: “You are very dear to me, I would not want to lose you.” But do not arrange hysteria and jealousy.

In addition, the presence of jealousy is a question for your self-esteem. If you are a self-sufficient and self-confident guy, you know that you are the best for your girlfriend, and therefore send such a manifestation of emotions in the form of jealousy to hell.

8. Common goals, interests and values

Common goals and values are the foundation on which relationships are built.

Expand your common interests. Start playing sports (not necessarily in the same gym), get involved in some kind of art, go fishing together. Nothing unites people like common interests.

The development of harmonious relations is possible only when people do not look at each other but in one direction.

9. Do not forget about the existence of other girls

Please do not apply to title this paragraph as to the call of committing adultery.

Anything can happen in life. There are not a few cases when a family breaks up after 15 years of marriage, and it is a woman who abandons a man. And what will such a man do? How will he find himself another worthy woman, if the skill of dating girls is completely forgotten.

That is why, and also so that your girlfriend is aware of the interest in you from other women, sometimes say compliments to other girls, flirt with them. It can be either colleague at work, or just a girl walking by who is worthy to be told how good she looks.

Feel the interest in yourself from women, but do not go too far.

How to keep the relationship? Become worthy, and let your girlfriend ask a similar question.

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