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Good morning wishes to your girlfriend: 115 variants


Good morning wishes: To show attention and care for your girlfriend is not only a direct male duty but also a joyful component of the relationship for both the girl and the guy.

If you want to make your girlfriend nice, show her that you value her, in which case the most unexpected manifestations of your love will have the greatest effect.

You can give a girl a gift or spend an incredible weekend together, but very often, it would seem, insignificant insignia can be the best proof of your sincere feelings.

And one of such ways to demonstrate your reverent attitude will be a text wish with a good morning to a girl.

This may be a short message that will allow your friend to feel how special she is.


115 Variants of Good morning wishes to your girlfriend:

1. This morning is as beautiful as you!

2. Good morning! I know what your date needs to be tight but I have no doubt that you will develop well! I believe in you!

3. Good morning! The time we spent together yesterday was awesome, and I hope that today you will have a wonderful day.

4. Good morning, beautiful! Want you to know that you are always in my heart!

5. Good morning! Can’t wait to see you tonight!

6. Good morning! Today I had the most incredible dream, because you were in it!

7. Good morning! I think about you. I hope you sleep well tonight.

8. Good morning! I want your day today was filled with only positive emotions!

9. Good morning! Waking up each day I thank the Universe that I have you!

10. I just want to remind you that in your life there is a person who always cares about you, and whom you can always rely on.

11. Good morning! Thanks to you, I feel happy!

12. Good morning! You’re amazing.

13. Good morning. Wake up, miss you.

14. The only remedy for morning cool – it’s your warm embrace and tender kiss.

15. To think of you, it requires only a moment. But your smile in my memories makes me happy all day.

16. Good morning. Wish you were near.

17. Good morning. I hope you’re smiling right now.

18. Good morning. You’re very beautiful when you sleep.

19. Good morning! Just wanted to say that the energy of your beauty energizes me better than the strongest coffee.

20. Good morning. I hope you’re doing well.

21. Good morning, the most beautiful girl in the world!

22. I like to wake up with the thought that in the evening we will see each other again.

23. My first thought today was the thought of you.

24. Good morning, my angel.

25. Even in inclement weather I’m never cold because you warm up my heart.

26. Don’t even know what excites me more: the idea that soon we’ll meet again, or recollection of last night.

27. Good morning! Your shining smile is my best motivation!

28. When it’s dark outside, your beauty illuminates my new day.

29. Good morning! My biggest dream is to wake up next to you!

30. Good morning! Recently realized that since I met you my days became really bright and the nights magical.

31. Despite the fact that now we share distance, I feel like we’re together because you’re always in my heart. Good morning!

32. Accept a good morning wish from a person who thinks about you when he wakes up and when he goes to bed.

33. An alarm clock becomes my best friend when I wake up next to you. Have a nice working day!

34. The only thing I miss when I watch you sleep is the sparkle of your beautiful eyes. Good morning!

35. Good morning. I would like to become the sun to gently caress your face every morning when you Wake up.

36. Stars can shine brightly only when you sleep. When morning comes, you become the brightest star in the sky of my life. Good morning!

37. Good morning! I wish you a wonderful day and promise that in the evening we will be covered by a wave of passion and love.

38. Good morning! I can’t wait for your kiss!

39. It would be nice for you to be in my arms now.

40. The only thing I am missing right now is the sensation of your hands on my body.

41. Good morning, the sexiest girl!

42. Good morning! I spent tonight thinking of you. I want you to spend tonight in my arms.

43. The rising sun reminds me of your beauty, dew drops – of the sparkle of your eyes, birdsong – of your beautiful voice, and the cool wind – of your unearthly kisses. Good morning!

44. Good morning, princess, who turned my life into a fairy tale!

45. You are my morning sun, your smile is my inspiration, and our relationship is the source of my life energy. Good morning, incredible girl!

46. I want to wish good morning to the queen of my heart.

47. When I think of you, a smile appears on my face.

48. Adoring to wake up next to you.

49. Your beauty, your voice, your kindness caress my heart. Good morning darling.

50. Every morning is a reminder of how lucky I am because I have you.

51. Each new dawn makes me fall in love with you more and more. Good morning!

52. To see you is the only thing I want right now.

53. Thanks to you, every morning seems amazing to me.

54. I want to wish good morning to a girl who makes my heart beat faster.

55. Do you know that the stars and the moon are hiding before you wake up so that you can not overshadow them with your beauty? Good morning.

56. My favorite tune is the sound of your voice. Good morning. Call me back when you wake up.

57. My most cherished dream came true that day when I met you. Good morning, mistress of my heart.

58. Good morning! I regret that today is not Sunday, and now you are not in my arms.

59. Good morning, my guiding light! Without you, I would be lost in the universe.

60. Good morning. On this rainy day you are my most pleasant ray of light.

61. Good morning! I did not wait for you to wake up, but managed to notice – you are just as beautiful, even when you sleep.

62. I am glad that yesterday’s romantic evening dance turned into today’s morning tale. Good morning, beauty!

63. I am glad that the brightest sun is always with me. Good morning, my sun.

64. You spoiled me with your care, and now it is difficult for me to be away from you.

65. Good morning! I wish you productive work and a wonderful day!

66. I want to wish the super-girl a pleasant morning, a joyful day, an unforgettable evening and a passionate night.

67. Good morning. You are fantastic.

68. Good morning. Despite the harsh winter, the thought of you awakens spring in my heart.

69. Tonight was amazing, the same as you.

70. Good morning. When the sun peeks in your window, it admires your beauty.

71. Right now I would like to feel the touch of your hair on my cheek.

72. You’re so cute in the morning. Lucky day!

73. Without your smile, the morning seems sad.

74. Every morning, opening my eyes, I want to see only you.

75. My favorite feeling is the goosebumps of your kisses and the touch of your hands.

76. You are the sun, which gives me warmth, the air that I breathe, and my heart, filled with love for you. Good morning darling!

77. The bright sun, the smell of coffee and your charming look are my favorite morning combination.

78. The only reason why I’m smiling is you.

79. The best feeling in the world is knowing I’m yours and you are mine. Good morning!

80. Good morning. If you’re still in bed, then know this: I’m jealous of your pillow, because it has the possibility of touching you.

81. Good morning. Not seeing you all day is a real torture.

82. The perfect way to start my day is to Wake up next to you.

83. Good morning. I can’t get out of my head the graceful curves of your body.

84. Every morning reminds me of the best day in my life – the day when we met.

85. Just wanted to remind you that you are my main secret of a perfect morning.

86. The best start to the day is the morning spent in the arms of a beautiful woman, so my morning was chic. I miss, until the evening.

87. Good morning! The sunrise fades into the background glow of your eyes! Have a nice day!

88. The bright light of the morning sun cannot be compared with the flash of those feelings that arise in me thanks to the memories of last night.

89. Good morning. For me, you are both a luxury and a necessity, so I already feel how I miss you.

90. Good morning! The weather, of course, is not super, but the only storm that excites me is the storm of my feelings for you!

91. This morning your kiss charged me with energy for the whole day. Thank you!

92. Good morning. How I wish now to lie in bed with you.

93. It was unbearably difficult for me to leave home today, because such a beauty remained there!

94. I wish your morning to be as bright as your smile, and today – as beautiful as your soul. Good morning, the most wonderful girl!

95. Today’s warm day caresses me, as if I were in your gentle embrace. I wish you a wonderful mood and only pleasant events!

96. Nothing could be better than your gentle whisper in the morning and the romantic look of your beautiful eyes.

97. You are my wildest, most desired and most passionate dream! Have a nice day, perfect girl!

98. Good morning! You look great today! How do I know? It’s just that you always look amazing!

99. My most beloved activity is to love you! Good morning!

100. Millions of sunrises cannot be compared with that bright flame of happiness that you brought into my life! Have a wonderful day!

101. Good morning! I really envy the rays of the sun, which today were the first to touch your delicate skin.

102. Every morning, I feel grateful for two things: for having my life and for having you in it.

103. Only your kiss can be better than your hugs. Good morning!

104. Good morning. I just wanted to say that I really appreciate everything you do for me.

105. Like the sun you warm me, like the wind you blow away all my sadness, like rain you cleanse my soul, and like the earth you do not let me fall. Good morning, my soulmate, and see you soon!

106. Good morning, the only reason for my happiness. I’ve been thinking about you all night.

107. The best thing that happens to me in the morning is YOU … and coffee.

108. Beautiful morning is when you Wake up in my bed. Have a good day!

109. Good morning. Sometimes when I Wake up beside you, I can’t believe it’s not a dream. You’re amazing!

110. If my life were a business, then the most profitable decision would be to love you. Good morning, my love!

111. As the morning sun illuminates a new day, you light up my life. Was getting bored tonight.

112. Morning without you is like the dawn without the sun.

113. I can start my day without coffee, but I hard to start it without a kiss. You’re the most important ingredient beautiful morning.

114. Good morning! Take a million kisses and one honest confession: I love you!

115. The best morning gift is to know that you’re okay. I wish you fruitful and at the same time easy day!

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