How social networks ruin your relationship?

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Enough to sit out in the “cozy” social networks! Turns out it could ruin your relationship!

According to a study in which 581 Twitter users participated, spending a lot of time on this social network is associated with an increase in quarrels in the relationship. At the same time, even those couples who are in a long relationship are hit. Misunderstandings and disagreements, in turn, increase the risk of betrayal and even breakups.

How social networks ruin your relationship?

“The active use of social media has negatively impacted the relationship with the couple, increasing jealousy between partners,” said Dr. Scott Krakower, a psychiatrist at Zucker Hillside Hospital, New York. Thanks to social networks, you lose a huge amount of time that you could spend with your loved one or beloved.

To assess the impact of Twitter on love bonds, experts created an online questionnaire of 20 points, which was sent to more than 3.4 million users of this blue social network with a bird. The research, in which 581 volunteers ultimately agreed to participate, was published in the journal Cyberpsychology, Behavior, and Social Networking.

The questions were aimed at determining the amount of time spent on Twitter, as well as its impact on interpersonal relationships.

It turned out that on average, users spend on Twitter 52 minutes a day, 5 days a week.

It turned out that the increase in the amount of time spent on this social network was associated with an increase in conflicts in the couple, betrayal and separation. Quarrels arose no matter how long the partners met.

According to Krakower, this can be explained by two reasons.

Firstly, the active use of social networks distracts the user from the partner, who, in turn, feels forgotten. The active user has less time for recreation and entertainment.

In addition, the information that is posted on Twitter may be misinterpreted by the partner, which gives many reasons for misunderstanding, quarrels and jealousy.

“However, we are inclined to believe that these Twitter-related issues are not the root of evil, but merely symptoms of a relationship breakdown,” said Paul Hockmeier, New York-based family and marriage specialist. – I do not think that it is social networks that lead to breaks in relations. The reason for the breakup is usually mistrust and insufficiently honest relationships between partners, which are manifested, including on social platforms. ”

In troubled relationships, an unhappy partner will be disturbed and annoyed by any hobby of his half, even if it is embroidery or golf, in a word, any activities that take time from love.

“Twitter is not at all a matter of disagreement,” says Hokmeyer. “Social networks help you get away from real problems.” So do not rush to scold your husband for spending too much time on social networks, because the cause of this may be problems in the family.

It is shown that one for two accounts in social networks helps to reduce the number of conflicts. To solve the problem, you can set a time limit for using the Internet for entertainment purposes.

You, in turn, should not delve into the analysis of the pages of your half. Some manage to think for hours what this or that repost can mean. If you find yourself logging in to your beloved tenth time a day, tell yourself to stop.

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