Top 10 Payment Gateways for Your Business

Payment Gateway

The importance of payment gateways has now increased a lot, as more and more businesses are going online day by day. The potential customers usually get away if a site doesn’t offer online payment options.

1. Authorize.Net

Authorize.Net is the most commonly used payment gateways. Compared to the other available options, Authorize.Net charges a fee of up to $0.1 for the credit card transactions. Smaller businesses mainly opt for this payment method. For technical support, you can contact them by live chats, phones or emails. The only limitation is that it cannot be used during the weekends.

2. PayPal

Being the most versatile among other similar options, it suits both large and small businesses. It does not have any service charges. This makes PayPal ideal for small businesses that yet have no idea of transaction volumes to be expected.

3. Google Checkouts

This payment mode is given by Google, so you do not have to worry about its reliability when you use it. It is quite similar to PayPal but needs to work on customer support.

4. CyberSource

It is also ideal for all types and sizes of business. It is available in 190 countries from all over the world. Hence payments for overseas businesses can be easily carried out by this payment mode. Fast and accurate detection of fraud transaction is offered by CyberSource.

5. Amazon Payments

Amazon Flexible Payments and Amazon Simple Pay Service are two variants provided by the Amazon Payments. Flexible Payment allows set up of merchant accounts in multiple numbers while Simple Pay enables easy pay.

6. SecurePay

Proprietary software based SecurePay is now Australia’s largest payment gateway. It is a very secure gateway, as it provides PCI-DSS compliance.

7. Stripe

It is quite new in the market but already competing with Google Checkout and PayPal. It does not have any set-up fee but has a fixed fee of $0.3 and transactions fee of 2.9% which is quite high. It does not provide the merchant server and the details of your credit card.

8. Braintree

Acquired by PayPal, Braintree concentrates mostly on medium sized business. It has successfully taken up all the voids that are present in PayPal.

9. WorldPay

The set-up fee of WorldPay is very high and thus is difficult to be used by both medium and small businesses. It is supported by the Royal Bank of Scotland and thus has extremely high security and reliability in all its transaction.  Its only drawback is that it cannot be used worldwide.

10. Dwolla

Similar to PayPal, Dwolla charges very low; in fact, even lesser than PayPal. For any transaction that is less than $10, it is free and 25% charges are implemented on other transactions. It is also faster than PayPal.


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