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For glowing skin: The top 5 foods with vitamin E


Top 5 foods: I do not want to upset you, but the fact is a fact: no matter how expensive makeup you use, no matter how you look after yourself, no matter how many patches you can make, you will never achieve perfect skin without proper nutrition. What exactly should be added to your diet to make the face shine, and the early wrinkles are absent – read on.

You have probably heard more than once: to get rid of skin problems, you need to get rid of something else – sweet, fat, milk, flour. That is, all the most delicious and loved. But today is not about that. Today, about the tasty and pleasant that is worth eating every day, pleasing yourself and healthier your body. Namely, about champions in the content of vitamins.

If there are few of them in the diet: you do not have enough energy, your skin is dull, your nails break, and dark bruises under your eyes do not disappear even after the 10th day of using patches. One of the most important of them, which provides shine to your skin from the inside and combats wrinkles, is vitamin E. Especially for you, we have compiled a short list of 5 products containing a shock dose of this vitamin. Make sure that they appear regularly in your diet and soon you will see the first results!



This is a storehouse of fiber, protein and proper fats. Use nuts for lunchtime snacks or chop and add to salad. Just do not overdo it – 5-6 nuts per day is enough not to overdo it with at least useful, but fat.



Spinach contains lots of vitamins that also improve vision and reduce General stress levels and blood pressure. Wonderful product, not otherwise.



Avocado has long won the title of superfood. It contains over 20 different vitamins and the healthy fats that are essential for healthy and radiant skin.


In addition to vitamin E, contains more essential A and C. Eat for strong immunity and stunning skin – baking or in the form of pumpkin soup.

Red pepper

Contains a loading dose of vitamin C (in addition to E, of course), which exceeds your daily intake in half! Add red pepper in a salad or in vegetable stews, especially now is the season.

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