Top 10 people with the longest nails in the world

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Longest Nails

Long, well-groomed nails are an indispensable element of the unforgettable image of many of the fair sex. However, some of them abuse the ability given to them by nature, growing marigolds, making them incredibly long. Moreover, so much so that seeing them can visit not only amazement or delight but also physiological disgust.

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It is interesting that there are men in the world who grow their nails to incredible lengths. For the most part, these people are driven by the desire to achieve fame in such a strange way and to become on a par with other Guinness Book holders. And many of them get their way.

We present to you a list of 10 people with the longest nails in the world on their hands and feet

1. Shridhar Chillal, 198cm (910cm-total length)

Shridhar Chillal

Shridhar Chillal from Pune is considered the record holder for the longest nails on one hand. An 82-year-old Indian man has been growing his nails since 1952 (from the age of 14) after a teacher scolded him for accidentally breaking his long nail.

When last measured, his fingernails had a total length of 909.6 cm (29 ft 10 in), about the same length as a London bus.

In 2015, media representatives asked the record holder quite a legitimate question about how his giant nails affect his daily life. Sridhar said that they were very fragile, so he had to put a lot of effort and create special conditions to avoid accidentally damaging them, especially with regard to sleep time. Besides, the man couldn’t afford to move much. At night, he had to Wake up every half hour to shift his arm to the other side.

Despite his parents ‘ implacable opposition to his strange idea of growing fingernails, Sridhar proved that he could work with one hand. And he proved that even with such nails, you can become a successful doctor.

Since the man has grown nails only on his left hand for most of his life, due to the large weight of his hand, it has undergone irreversible physiological changes, so now it can not fully perform its functions. For example, Sridhar cannot bend his fingers.

2. Lee Raymond, 89 cm (850cm-total length)

Lee Raymond

Lee Raymond is sometimes asked how she manages to cope with everyday tasks, including delicate ones related to personal hygiene, with such long nails. Redmond answers these questions: “With caution”.

In order for the giant nail plates to be strong and not thin, a woman 1 time in two weeks performs certain healing manipulations. And the rest of the time, she cleans her nails with a special brush and conducts other hygiene procedures.

For thirty years, a woman has not shortened her nails. Unfortunately, having suffered in an accident, the woman lost her nails, although later she admitted that she herself had long wanted to get rid of them. In addition, Lee’s spouse is seriously ill – his diagnosis is Alzheimer’s disease, and his wife’s extremely long fingernails prevented him from taking full care of him.

3. Melvin Booth, 85 cm (985 cm is the total length)

Melvin Booth

Another record holder for nail length is Melvin Booth. The total length of the marigolds is 9.05 m and 8.65 m, respectively. He has a lot of fans, but on many of them, the twisted nails reaching the floor make a terrifying impression.

4. Chris Walton, 91 cm (730 cm is the total length)

Chris Walton

47-year-old Chris Walton is the world record holder for nail length. She stopped cutting them in 1993. Now they reach more than 20 feet, twisting and turning in a way that seems to make even the simplest everyday tasks almost impossible to perform.

Walton’s strange, whimsical nails surprise and cause conflicting emotions in the audience, but the woman assures that” her property” does not prevent her from cooking, cleaning, even playing the piano, and using a computer.

By the way, Chris Walton is successfully engaged in pop vocals and is better known under the stage name “Dutch” in Nevada and California. However, her voice is not the first thing you will notice when you run into her on the street.

5. Loretta Adams, 89 cm (381 cm is the total length)

Loretta Adams

This resident of the United States could well claim the title of the owner of the longest nails in the world if they were not cut. She grew her nails for almost 25 years, and one day, in 1997, she cut them off at the root. Probably, they are terribly tired of his owner. Then the total length of Loretta Adams nails was 3.81 m.

6. Ayanna Williams, 63 cm (570 cm is the total length)

Ayanna Williams

In her native Houston, this woman is a real celebrity: complete strangers on the street ask her to take a photo with them. Ayanna Williams grew her nails for 20 years, during this period they reached a length of 63 centimeters.

Looking at her huge nail plates, many people ask the question: how does it feel to live with them and cope with everyday tasks? “It’s great!” the record holder assures me. With these nails, she manages not only to cook food, drive a car, do her hair, and apply make-up, but also manage the household.

In addition, some time ago, the woman decided to grow her toenails even on her feet. However, now she has to wear only open shoes, although the climate in her home state of Texas allows her to do this.

By the way, Ayanna has her own fan club. She even founded the group “Real Nails Qweenz”, which includes ladies inspired by her example, and decided to grow their nails just like Ayanna.

7. Ven Jean, 35 cm (315 cm is the total length)

Ven Jean

Someone stops cutting nails for the sake of fame or a line in the Guinness Book of Records, but this Chinese man had a completely different task. He just wanted to curb his pugnacious nature, so at one point he decided to grow his nails. Everything is logical – try to clench your hand into a fist with such long wriggling claws.

Wen Jean’s rather strange idea did bear fruit. He became known not as the main bully in the area, but as a rather emotional, but respectable citizen.

8. Louise Hollis, 24 cm (250 cm is the total length)

Louise Hollis

Louise is a 66-year-old great-grandmother and former hairdresser from salt lake city, Utah, who last cut her nails in 1979. She herself says that she began to extend her nails “on a whim”. When the nails reached the size of 3.5 inches in length, she met with a producer from Utah. And then Louise Hollis decided that her manicure would help her become famous.

Unfortunately, on February 10, 2009, a woman was involved in a car accident, as a result of which her “record” nails were damaged and could not be restored.

9. Anna Mikhailova, 14 cm (170 cm is the total length)

Anna Mikhailova

Anna Mikhailova is an international stylist, listed in the Guinness Book of world records as the fastest hairdresser in the world, who made 315 hairstyles in 12 hours, despite having 14-cm nails.

10. Elena Shilenkova, 12 cm (101 cm is the total length)

Elena Shilenkova

35-year-old resident of the Northern capital Elena Shilenkova spent four years growing her “babies” up to 12 cm in length to win a bet with a friend who doubted that Elena could do it. Now she has to give up swimming in the sea, playing tennis, wearing gloves, despite the low temperature in Russia. All this to protect her claws, which she calls her “babies”.

Elena says that she does not face any difficulties in her daily life, despite the fact that she has very long nails. According to the woman, she had long nails from her teenage years. Now, as an adult, she suffers from a constant fear that “babies” can be accidentally damaged and often she has nightmares that she wakes up with short nails.

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