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Profession “copywriter” – the creator of marketing texts


Copywriter: Journalism in the USA began as a humble affair and became a political force in the campaign for American independence. Following independence, the first article of the U.S. Constitution guaranteed freedom of the press and speech, and the American press grew rapidly following the American Revolution.

The main tasks of the copywriter are the creation of advertising texts, writing of script clips, the development of slogans, and naming.

Unlike a journalist, a copywriter is a rather narrow-minded specialist whose scope of activity is, as a rule, purely commercial: the copywriter writes texts to order – for websites, brochures, presentations; creates, including, and voluminous review articles on a given topic, but always before the copywriter is the goal – to create text not only quality but also selling. Hence – the nature of the work process, the need to fit exactly in time in accordance with the needs of the client, the conceptual features of the construction of texts, and even stylistic features.

How does the copywriter work?

The basis of all – the technical task, created for the copywriter in accordance with the goals and requirements of customers. TK only outlines the essence of the task, the creative component – in what format it will be submitted, what style is set forth, what techniques will be used to create the text – depends entirely on the abilities of the copywriter. The more interesting and fresh ideas, the more appreciated the work of the copywriter.

So, unfortunately, happens in practice. Why “Unfortunately”? Because the work of the copywriter should (ideally) be evaluated not according to the personal preferences of the customer.

Only the market, the demand, the buyer should evaluate this work. Did you increase the number of orders? Have your managers processed more calls? Has the demand for your services increased? Do not be lazy, make an accurate analysis of your sales before contacting copywriters and after. If the conversion has increased – it means a copywriter, to which you turned, not in vain eats his bread.

In this profession, there is always a risk to skip to the templates – use proven formulas, standard techniques. After all, the copywriter has to work with a huge number of orders, sometimes, in a time trouble situation, immediately with several clients a day – and the desire to give the head a break, to use the old beaten receiver, checked repeatedly, sometimes gets the upper hand.

Today – largely due to the books of Victor Pelevin and Frederic Begbeder – the myth about the copywriter as a man who “works little and receives a lot” has developed. We want to debunk this myth. A professional copywriter is, first of all, a thinking specialist, each task is individual and non-standard, not allowing himself to think cliché. At the same time, he is busy with his work always – on vacation, on the way to work, and from work. Because any creative concept takes time to comprehend, and it is not always good that first comes to mind.

Stylistic features of texts of copywriters – a separate topic. Unlike articles created for a wide audience by journalists – columnists, reviewers, correspondents, etc. – the text of the copywriter clearly obeys the given structure, the digressions and descriptions here can not be random, everything in the “selling” text of the copywriter must be verified to the smallest detail, each phrase is honed, the style is laconic, maximally informative, and if the client requires “beauties” the task of a good copywriter, even these “beauties” to work for one single purpose – to sell a service or product. Your service. And your product.

We also touch on one of the most unpleasant problems in the work of copywriters – these are “difficult” clients. Such, thank God, not much, but still, they are. Sometimes it is difficult to prove to the customer that its edits are not only biased, but also openly harm the text and, as a result, damage the promotion of a service or product. And this is already a matter of professional ethics: should the copywriter “adjust” to the client if he sees that the intervention of the latter is harmful, or, nevertheless, he must honestly tell the customer that his opinion is that of the layman, and to achieve the result, one must trust the specialist?

We believe that it is fairer to warn the customer about all the consequences of his wrong decisions. And then his business is to work with our copywriters or not.

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