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How many cats live and how to prolong the life of your pet?


For those who want a pet cat to live happily ever after.

How long can my cat live?

Life expectancy of domestic cats is much higher than living in natural conditions. If wild cats live about 5-7 years, then the domestic average reach the age of 14 years. Under different conditions of detention, their lifespan can vary from 8 to 25 years. How long your cat will live depends on different factors and in many ways – from you.

How does the life expectancy depend on the breed and heredity?


There is an opinion that thoroughbred cats and cats live much longer. As a rule, this is not so. It is necessary to take into account the influence of selection: sometimes it can cause diseases. Therefore, to choose a pet is worthwhile with experienced breeders and it is advisable to study its pedigree to determine the life expectancy, as well as the period of activity and the risk of possible diseases.

It is believed that cats of the British breed can reach the age of 15 years, Persian cats live on average to 20, and Siamese – up to 30. But do not forget that each case is individual: sometimes even mongrel pets can live happily ever after.

What can I do to prolong the life of my pet?


1. Watch for the well-being of the pet

Have noticed the absence of appetite, lethargy, allocation from eyes or an ecdysis – urgently address to the veterinarian. Any disease takes away the strength and vitality of the cat.

Sometimes a visit to a feline doctor should be done without a certain reason. So you can discover the hidden course of the disease in time and prevent its development, to inoculate. The veterinarian will help to choose the right food, which corresponds to the age, physical features and health of the cat.

2. Provide the cat with an opportunity to lead an active life

Invent her games, make her move. In pets spending time on the couch, life expectancy is significantly reduced. Support for good shape cats will help special toys or outdoor walks.

3. Do not let the cat walk unattended

A domestic cat on the street can fall into the clutches of dogs, get under the wheels of a car, catch anything from street cats or even poison yourself. Acquaintance with the street can become a stress for the pet, which also has a negative impact on his health.


4. Sterilize your pet

Sterilized cats and cats live an average of 2-3 years longer than their counterparts. Pregnancy and childbirth for a cat – a big load, so cats often live a longer life. In addition, sterilization protects from a variety of diseases and stresses, helps to normalize the hormonal background.

5. Correctly choose a diet

A balanced diet will prolong the life of your pet and protect against colitis, kidney failure, allergies, obesity and other diseases. Feed your pet three times a day, making sure that the animal does not overeat.

Do not combine natural products with industrial feeds. Quality dry food, as a rule, is balanced enough to supply the cat with all necessary substances.

6. Pay attention and give love

Cats with whom the hosts spend time and are taken care of, feel much better. Lack of attention, indifference or regular punishment can cause neuroses and shorten the life of the animal. Excessive noise and fuss can lead to cardiac arrest.

Remember that the lifespan of your pet is in your hands. Give him love and care, and he will please you for many years!

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